This’n’That; August Twenty-Third #1; ‘Palace’ Hyprocrisy?

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obama Chooses Carlyle Group Over Bain Capital

    After vilification attempts fail to ruffle Governor Romney‘s “feathers,” the “Clown Prince” chooses the Carlyle Group–over Bain Capital–to brow-beat into propping up a failed management model at Sunoco’s ‘Marcus Hook’ Refinery in Philadelphia.  Well, ‘propping up’ may be the wrong phraseology in this case; the Carlyle Group is in it for only one evil reason: PROFITS!!  Much like any other ‘vulture capitalists,’ Carlyle wouldn’t be in the deal if there were not a profit potential.

    If history holds true, we can expect large–to massively large–donations to the obama Re-immaculation Campaign coffers by Carlyle itself as well as individual management team members.  EVERYTHING “Clown Princeobama does has a profit potential all it’s own, primarily into the campaign’s warchest. But–this whole deal begs the question–what’s in it for the “Clown Prince?” Cash, under the table?  That could come in the form of negative, inflammatory PAC ads favoring said “Clown Prince.”  Voter support/intimidation?  The deal does save 800+ UNION jobs; Philadelphia is the site of the ‘obama Voter-Intimidation Unit‘ activities by the New Black Panthers thugs.

    Do we need further evidence of weakening obama voter support?  The re-immaculation campaign grasps at straws anywhere it finds them.  Don’t forget to get your political ‘equipment’ at!!

Til Nex’Time….


This’n’That; August Eighth #1; Worm’s Part-Time Work?

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Nevada Nose-Picker Author Of Campaign Ads?

    I’m beginning to think that Senator harrypinkyreid is authoring tv campaign ads for The Bilderberg Group!  With the “Nevada Nose-Picker‘s” penchant for lying out-his-ass as he did with the

“Mitt Romney didn’t pay any income taxes in the past ten years”

lie, he’s got to be the author of the latest blatant lie to come out of the Bilderbergers‘ re-immaculation campaign on behalf of “Clown Prince obama.

pinkyreid deep in thought about his next lie!!

    Has anyone seen the latest attempt to slander and defame Governor Romney?!?  If you had, you’d remember; it’s full of gross exaggerations and outright lies.  The crux of the ad is a guy who used to be employed by GST Steel (in Kansas City, Mo.,) but was laid off due to a bankruptcy filing.  The guy in the ad says (and I’ll ‘chop-it-up’ cuz the guy ‘Joe Soptic‘ continually repeats himself):

“When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant I lost my health care, and my family lost their health care… a short time after than my wife became ill.  ….and then one day she became ill and I took her up to the Jackson County hospital and admitted her for pneumonia.  And that’s when they found the cancer.  And by then we were stage 4.  There was nothing they could do for her.  and she passed away in 22 days.”

    While I–and most who are subjected to the ad–am sorry for his wife’s untimely passing, we have to look at the facts of–and surroundingMr Soptic‘s blatherings:

1984:  Mitt Romney co-founded Bain Capital.

1990 through 1992:  Mitt Romney was not associated with Bain Capital‘s day-to-day operations. 

1993:  Bain Capital invested in the steel company.

1995:  Bain Capital merged GST with a S.C. steel company.

1999:  Mitt Romney left Bain Capital to profitably run the 2002 Winter Olympics.

2001:  The merged company filed for bankruptcy, laying off the remaining 700 employees.

2003-2007: Mitt Romney was the 70th governor of Massachusetts.

[Date Unknown]:  Joe Soptic found employment as a school janitor; didn’t get health insurance that covered anyone other than himself.

2006:  Soptic‘s wife Ranae was hospitalized with advanced lung cancer; passed away.

    There are several ‘facts’ in the tv spot that have to be amplified.  Why should Governor Romney be expected to just leave–or ‘cash-out’ fromBain Capital?  50% of the start-up money was his;  he made a wise business decision to stay invested in the company even though he’d turned the day-to-day operations over to others.  Mr Soptic admitted that he only lost $383 per month from his pension after the steel company’s bankruptcy.  Mr Soptic had over $12,000 in an IRA; why not buy basic health insurance for his wife prior to her pneumonia and subsequent lung cancer diagnosis?  Ranae Soptic died of advanced lung cancer.  Was she a smoker?  Did Mitt Romney suggest or force Mrs Soptic to smoke?  Mr Soptic should have realized that federal law precludes anyone being denied hospital health care regardless of their ability to pay.

    Given “pinkyreid‘s penchant for outright, unfounded lies, this has all the earmarks of his authorship!  Is secretly working for The Bilderberg Group the way he’s amassed his $10,000,000 ‘nest egg’ as recounted here, a previous blog?  We’ll probably never know, but we can make the same assumptions the ‘Nevada Nose-Picker‘ does!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; July Twenty-Fourth #1; More Straws

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obama Continues To “Grasp (and Gasp)!”

    For the past three-and-a-half years, “Clown Prince obama has eroded America’s respect, worldwide.  At the recent G-20 conference in Mexico City, the “Clown Prince” garnered all the respect of a confused junior partner in a law firm going down for it’s third bankruptcy!  Even the worldwide communist and muslim leaders have little respect for obamaand by extension–the United States.

   Not only has obama made a complete travesty of foreign policy, he can’t even get all his followers to attend the largest blather opportunity of his reign!  Many obamacRATics are choosing to not attend the DNC convention at the “New Black Panther Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.  Those like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin (Senator), Nick Rahall (Representative) and Earl Ray Tomblin (Governor), as well as Senators Claire McCaskell (Mo), Jon Tester (Mt) and Rep Jim Matheson (Ut).


    Of ‘grasping at straws,’ the most blatant illustration in recent weeks is the Stephanie Cutter (the Regime’s Deputy Campaign Manager) statement that Governor Mitt Romney is a felon.  This statement would be laughable if it weren’t such an outright lie!  From the Romney Campaign, the accusation deserves no defense.  Particularly in the face of obama‘s–or maybe barry soetoro‘s or maybe Bill Ayers–admission in print that obama/soetoro smoked ‘whacky-weed,’ used cocaine as well as his family’s prescription drugs.  This makes him at least a three-time felon candidate; marijuana use and possession with intent, marijuana distribution, using drugs not prescribed to him and cocaine use and distribution.  I have (with no affiliation) suggested the Romney folks to ‘make hay’ of the Stephanie Cutter statement but it would appear they chose not to.


    The most recent ‘straw’ is the re-immaculation campaign equating “Bain (Capital, LLC)” with “Bane (the archvillian of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises‘)” as being dastardly, capitalistic, villianous! This, just the latest in the obama Regime‘s and campaign’s attempts to paint Governor Mitt Romney as evil and villianous.  What a sad, unfunny joke the obama campaign staff is becoming.  This latest ‘straw’ is far beneath the dignity of the presidency, IF said president had any dignity or even a modicum of presidential bearing!!


‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arscholch!?!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; July Twentieth #2; Should He? Shouldn’t He?

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Mitt’s Tax Returns

    I say, not no, but Hell NO!!  Just look how the ever more desparate obama re-immaculation campaign has continued to malign Governor Romney over his HONEST employment with Bain Capital, a company he founded which provides hundreds of jobs.  Now some republicRATs as well as the national pamphleteers want him to feed the obama incompetence with even more ‘meat.’

    We’re still waiting for the expected vetting of our current ruler, “Clown Princeobama, which should’ve happened well before the 2008 elections.  With The Bilderberg Group‘s nazi-esque control over the national media; the Bilderbergers‘ attempts to channel both political thought and dialogue to the left, chances are really, really good that we’ll never know obama‘s true birth-place and his college transcripts will continue to be as ‘opaque’ and highly protected as the tens-of-thousands of ‘Fast and Furious’ documents.

    It’s not only the leftists demanding to see Mr Romney‘s tax records but self-important republicRATics, like:

George Will-RINO blatherer, and

Bill Kristol-another RINO blatherer, and

Michael Steele-former RNC Chair; so good at this job he got bounced, and

Ana Navarro-an advisor to the McCain presidential campaign; we know how well that worked out, and

Rick Tyler-an advisor to the Gingrich presidential campaign; we know how well that worked out, plus a bunch of congressmen, and a bunch of governors.

    After The Bilderberg Group finds another area with which to take pot-shots at Governor Romney, the governor should suggest that upon the Bilderbergers‘ release of the obama grades from three colleges as well as the methods of payment, amounts of payment and any “Clown Prince” scholarships; Mr Romney would then release the same information.

    As for the tax returns:

“Mr Romney, here’s wha’cha do….  take the couple years’ returns obama released during the 2008 campaign and release selected information from the same years of your returns.  By selected information I mean:

  • The actual dollar amount you paid in taxes and contrast obama’s, for each year.
  • The actual dollar amount you donated to charity and contrast obama’s, for each year. 
  • The percentage of AGI you donated to charity and contrast obama’s, for each year.

This release must be done with the bullshit the leftist anarchists pull on their adversaries, in mind.  Absolutely NO REDACTED TAX RETURN PAGES for the leftist thuggery to manipulate, only a written statement with the aforementioned information.  Remember Axelrod and “the two divorces?” No? Lem’me tell ya:

     During the 2004 Illinois U.S. senatorial campaign, obama was an ‘also-ran,’ at the bottom of the primary polling.  Strangely enough David Axelrod released–to the Chicago Tribune where he surprisingly enough, used to work–the sealed divorce records of the front runner, Blair Hull, who subsequently dropped out of the race.  Funny thing, huh?!?  Not only that, during the run-up to the general election, the republican opponent–Jack Ryan–found that HIS sealed divorce records had been released to the same Chicago Tribune.  In the interest of protecting his son, Mr Ryan dropped out of the race and–at the last minute–Alan Keyes was substituted as a significant underdog.

    That’s how “Clown Princeobama became a U.S. Senator just four years after a bruising congressional loss (61%-30%!) to Bobby Rush!!  Seems Mr Rush had never been divorced!!  Mr Romney, this is the type of dirty, underhanded, despicable thugs you’re up against–the same sub-humans who run our government!!  Be ever so cautious!!

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; July Eighteenth #1; Cutter ‘Opened The Dance!’

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obama Hatchetwoman Expanded Dialogue:

    Stephanie Cutterobama‘s chief hatchetwoman–stepped in a bucket of shit this time!!  She’s given the republicRATics an opening through her dialogue expansion that should last through election night!!  With Ms Cutter‘s false accusations that Governor Romney committed some felonious act relative to his term of employment at Bain Capital, the “felon dialogue” has now been expanded to include the multitude of felons that work for, worked for, bundled for, shilled for, the now highly vulnerable “Clown Princeobama

    Just SOME of the felons that have helped, funded, fundraised for, bundled for, advised, promoted “Clown Princeobama throughout his political life (in no particular order-they’re all crooks!):

1.  Former Ill Governor Rod Blagojevich: 14 years for political corruption.

2.  Tony Rezko: 10 years for corruption, political kickbacks.  Arranged for obama to buy a Chicago house for 25% under market value, then paid $625,000 to satisfy one of the ‘conditions of sale.’

3.  Courtney Dupree: An obama fundraiser and bundler; convicted of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and two false statements.

4.  Willie Shepherd: An obama fundraiser and bundler; convicted of negligent child abuse.

5.  Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine: A ‘highest level‘ obama fundraiser and bundler; “our Wall Street guy;” under FBI investigation for mishandling investors’ funds by reckless investment strategies resulting in bankruptcy.

6.  Shervin Neman: An obama fundraiser and bundler; Ponzi scheme operator, under investigation for defrauding his California Persian-Jewish community.

7.  Abake Assongba: An obama fundraiser and bundler; under investigation for defrauding a businessman ($657,000), under investigation for criminally impersonating a bank officer, consciously and vigorously avoided creditors.

8.  Alberto and Carlos Cardona: obama fundraisers and bundlers; associates of Mexican drug lords, assassins and a multitude of other Mexican fugitives.

9.  William Ayers: An obama fundraiser and secret advisor; a convicted domestic terrorist; directed, participated in or attended the NYPD Hq bombing (1970), an accidental Greenwich Village townhouse bombing (1970), the U.S. Capitol building (1971), the Pentagon (1972).

10. Bernadine Dohrn: An obama fundraiser and secret advisor; as William Ayers‘ wife, an active participant in the various acts of domestic terrorism attributed to, and admitted by Ayers.


    Now that Stephanie Cutteropened the dance,’ Governor Romney has ‘cannon fodder’ to last all through the campaign season.  Now we just need to push Romney to get as aggressive as The Bilderberg Group is.  Rather than ‘chasing the rabbits’ released from barackingham Palace, Governor Romney must settle on three or four topics and just keep hammering every day on every tv, in every state, at every gathering of ‘two or more’ supporters!!

ronald reagan billboard 450.jpg


Lest we forget, “Clown Princeobama, his own self, is a self-confessed felon, having both consumed and distributed ‘wacky-weed,’ cocaine and various perscription drugs throughout high school and college.

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; January Twenty-Fourth #1; Soros Memo

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Buffett Got ‘The Memo!’

    Warren Buffett got the George Soros ‘memo’ to vilify any GOP presidential candidates he can, but he failed to read it to the end:  Make the complaints feasible!  While Mr Buffett agrees that both he and Mitt Romney earn their money the same way, Mr Buffett attempts to put a negative connotation on the process; he’s acting like said process should somehow be illegal.

Mr Buffet laments that most rich guys make their money by shuffling it around.  As seems to be the norm, ‘eggheads’ do not see the entire picture!  How many jobs would ‘go away’ if the venture-capital companies like “Bain Capital;” if the Buffett-esque and Romney-esque investors, just put their money “under the mattress?!?”  It’s the investments by those like the aformentioned–including that evil Soros–which fuel the engine of job growth; of economic growth!!  If each of these guys were to pull their investments, major sector economic collapse would be certain!!

Til Nex’Time….