Mitt’s Tax Returns

    I say, not no, but Hell NO!!  Just look how the ever more desparate obama re-immaculation campaign has continued to malign Governor Romney over his HONEST employment with Bain Capital, a company he founded which provides hundreds of jobs.  Now some republicRATs as well as the national pamphleteers want him to feed the obama incompetence with even more ‘meat.’

    We’re still waiting for the expected vetting of our current ruler, “Clown Princeobama, which should’ve happened well before the 2008 elections.  With The Bilderberg Group‘s nazi-esque control over the national media; the Bilderbergers‘ attempts to channel both political thought and dialogue to the left, chances are really, really good that we’ll never know obama‘s true birth-place and his college transcripts will continue to be as ‘opaque’ and highly protected as the tens-of-thousands of ‘Fast and Furious’ documents.

    It’s not only the leftists demanding to see Mr Romney‘s tax records but self-important republicRATics, like:

George Will-RINO blatherer, and

Bill Kristol-another RINO blatherer, and

Michael Steele-former RNC Chair; so good at this job he got bounced, and

Ana Navarro-an advisor to the McCain presidential campaign; we know how well that worked out, and

Rick Tyler-an advisor to the Gingrich presidential campaign; we know how well that worked out, plus a bunch of congressmen, and a bunch of governors.

    After The Bilderberg Group finds another area with which to take pot-shots at Governor Romney, the governor should suggest that upon the Bilderbergers‘ release of the obama grades from three colleges as well as the methods of payment, amounts of payment and any “Clown Prince” scholarships; Mr Romney would then release the same information.

    As for the tax returns:

“Mr Romney, here’s wha’cha do….  take the couple years’ returns obama released during the 2008 campaign and release selected information from the same years of your returns.  By selected information I mean:

  • The actual dollar amount you paid in taxes and contrast obama’s, for each year.
  • The actual dollar amount you donated to charity and contrast obama’s, for each year. 
  • The percentage of AGI you donated to charity and contrast obama’s, for each year.

This release must be done with the bullshit the leftist anarchists pull on their adversaries, in mind.  Absolutely NO REDACTED TAX RETURN PAGES for the leftist thuggery to manipulate, only a written statement with the aforementioned information.  Remember Axelrod and “the two divorces?” No? Lem’me tell ya:

     During the 2004 Illinois U.S. senatorial campaign, obama was an ‘also-ran,’ at the bottom of the primary polling.  Strangely enough David Axelrod released–to the Chicago Tribune where he surprisingly enough, used to work–the sealed divorce records of the front runner, Blair Hull, who subsequently dropped out of the race.  Funny thing, huh?!?  Not only that, during the run-up to the general election, the republican opponent–Jack Ryan–found that HIS sealed divorce records had been released to the same Chicago Tribune.  In the interest of protecting his son, Mr Ryan dropped out of the race and–at the last minute–Alan Keyes was substituted as a significant underdog.

    That’s how “Clown Princeobama became a U.S. Senator just four years after a bruising congressional loss (61%-30%!) to Bobby Rush!!  Seems Mr Rush had never been divorced!!  Mr Romney, this is the type of dirty, underhanded, despicable thugs you’re up against–the same sub-humans who run our government!!  Be ever so cautious!!

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….