This’n’That; February Thirteenth #1; SOTU Blather

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I Agree!!

    I agree more with Sarah Palin:

….than I do with “Clown Princeobama:

I’m far more closely aligned with the Marco Rubio “truths:”

….than I am with obama‘s ‘schemes’ coupled with his father’s dreams:

I’m closer–philosophically–to Senator Rand Paul‘s “Tea Party” response:

….than I am with The Bilderberg Group‘s governance as delivered by the fraudulent occupant of barackingham Palace:

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….


This’n’That; January Thirtieth #1; Who’da Thunk It?!?

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Actually, All HIGH Information Voters!

    Remember back on November Seventh, when the low-information voters propelled “Clown Princeobama into his–clearly unexpectedsecond term as The Bilderberg Group Ruler for America, remember that?!?  Well, somebody forgot to inform his highness, the “Clown Prince!”  Not only has he not stopped campaigning, he’s started his 2013 Apology Tour way early!  The 2009 Tour concentrated on the Middle East, this one’s for the Far East, Pacific areas.  Here’s just part if his itinerary:

November 6: [a pass] Chicago for unroyal-family voting.


November 15:  Staten Island, NYC to promise all kinda crap in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (it’s now Jan 30; victims STILL WAITING!]


November 18:  Bangkok, Thailand to kick off the apology tour.

November 19:  Rangoon, Burma.

November 20:  Phnom Penh, Cambodia


November 30:  Hatfield, Pa., for non-campaign blathering; fundraising.


December 6:  Northern Virginia for non-campaign blathering; fundraising.

December 10:  Redford, Mi., for non-campaign union meeting; blathering; fundraising.


December 16:  Newtown, Ct., for non-campaign reclamation of the camera lens and “the front page.”


December 19:  Michelle Antoinette and the princii depart for Hawaii on their annual $4 Million Christmas vacation.

December 21:  “Clown Princeobama departs on #29000 BY HIMSELF for his ultra-expensive Hawaiian Christmas vacation.  When all is said-and-done, this family tour will cost just short of $10 Million.

December 26 (unnecessary RETURN TO D.C.):  “Clown Princeobama makes unnecessary return to the mainland for the Fiscal Cliff signing.  The ‘signing’ was done via autopen, which could have easily been done from The Bilderberg Group‘s digs in Hawaii.  The “Clown Prince” found the trip necessary to show the republicRATics that The Bilderberg Group is definitely in charge.

January 2:  “Clown Princeobama makes unnecessary return to Hawaii to continue his $10 Million vacation.


January 29:  (Del Sol High School) Las Vegas non-campaign stop to promote his latest “scheme-to-scam,” this time involving illegal aliens.


    Every time the “Clown Prince” decides to go for ‘a airplane ride’ it costs upwards of a half-million bucks just to “light the fires” on the clown-plane.  If obama stays in ‘the lower-48,’ travel and security expenses can be kept to a cuppla-million, more-or-less.  Hell, it costs around $150,000 just for “Clown Princeobama to visit on of those D.C. grade-schools he’s fond of campaigning at.  Those in-city visits equal nearly 6-years’ (2011) wages for those earning the national median annual wage-FOR JUST ONE TRIP TO VISIT JUST ONE SCHOOL!!

    This guy–“Clown Princeobama–is so out of touch; so inept; so uncaring, that not only is he not aware of the near-depression he’s caused, HE DOESN’T CARE!!

Let’s make it a point to do this itinrery check-up every month or so, ok?!?

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Research “Lie-Barry:”

This’n’That; January Twenty-Fifth #2; Trust, Honesty

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Why Do YOU Not Know This?!?

   Your knowledge is purposefully censored so as to embed and promote the socialist agenda desired by The Bilderberg Group and their various world-wide minions.

Such as….

Did you know that for financial reasons Mitt Romney was not promoted as a viable presidential candidate by the national pamphleteer corpse?

Did you know that financials are not being considered as Senator John Heinz Kerry is promoted as the next Secretary of State?

Did you know that Mitt Romney‘s personal wealth is in the neighborhood of $275 million?

Did you know that John Heinz Kerry‘s personal wealth is in the neighborhood of $320 million?

Did you know that Mitt Romney donated his entire inheritance from his father to charity?

Did you know that John Heinz Kerry donated nothing to charity from the FOUR FORBES TRUSTS (his mother’s side, not the magazine people) he inherited?

Did you know that Mr and Mrs Mitt Romney‘s combined personal wealth is in the neighborhood of $240 million?

Did you know that Mr and Mrs John Heinz Kerry‘s combined personal wealth is in the neighborhood of $2.2 BILLION?

    Apparently, the combined wealth of both John Heinz Kerry and Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões Ferreira Heinz Kerry is not a problem for the Bilderbergers or the nation’s socio-facists as Senator Heinz Kerry testifies before the Senate. 

See how the national pamphleteer corpse slants or completely ignores the available information the public gets?

How differently would the most recent presidential election have turned out, had the public had an honest appraisal–with references–of the current liar-in-chief?!?

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; January Twenty-Fourth #2; I Like It!

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Finally, A RepublicRATic With Testicles!!

    I kinda doubt that anyone has EVER had a “Michelle Antoinette” -like grip on Senator Rand Paul‘s nutsack as we saw from the photo of the “Clown Prince” et al, on The View:

Is a “Nut-Crunch” really that pleasant?!?


    During Senator Paul‘s questioning of Hillary Rob’em Clinton at the Senate’s Foreign Relations proceedings, he said she’d be unemployed if he were president!! To quote Senator Paul, through Dr Tim Stanley, through the U.K. Telegraph:

“I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility [Mrs Clinton]. I think ultimately with your leaving that you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11. And I really mean that. Had I been president and found you did not read the cables from Benghazi and from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post. I think it’s inexcusable.”

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky

    Now, I gotta tell ya: I both enjoy and respect Senator Paul‘s firm stand on policy, on ‘the right thing to do,’ on ethics, et al.  How nice it would be if far more republicRATic senators–and ANY republicRATic representatives–would stand up to The Bilderberg Group and it’s sycophantic obama Regime!! Senator Paul has mentioned on several forums that he’s very interested in running for the presidency in 2016.  I’m all for that; quite possibly a happening as great, as important as the election and re-election of Ronaldus-Magnus;” President Ronald Reagan!















Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”

Senator Paul‘s statement/questions regarding the Clinton incompetentcy:

This’n’That; January Twenty-Fourth #1; New Slogan?

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Who’s the Author?!?

    Who actually decided that Hillary Rob’em Clinton‘s primary response to the various questions from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?  Was it Hillary herself or that prose whiz-kid from the most recent Bilderberg Group campaign, Stephanie Cutter?!?  Which one came up with the Hillary utterance:

“What difference does it make?”

    There are ‘tons of questions’ on the Benghazi murders which will never be answered!!  Care to hazard a guess as to why?  It’s because the ruling class is “circling the wagons” to protect their own.  No matter the party, this asinine class will protect any fellow member with respect to his-or-her position on The Bilderberg Group‘s hierarchy roster!!

    What actually “makes a difference” is the Bilderberg-installed “Clown Princeobama Regime has abused it’s power with respect to choices of cabinet secretaries and others of increased power.  No one seems to have the ability to tell the truth; to actually take responsibility for something…. anything!!  Ms Clinton took credit early on in the Benghazi murders, long before anyone realized that members of the non-ruling classes might actually give a shit about the lives of the four murdered Americans! 

    In reading the ‘blow-by-blow’ reports from The UK Guardian (**) one will find twits from various members of the American National Pamphleteer corpse; far more revealing than an American paper would print!!

“The Bilderbergers appeasing the ‘low-information’ voter!!”

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”


This’n’That; January Twenty-First #2; Relevant?!?

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….Jis ‘Cause He Can!

    By law (the Twentieth Amendment), “Clown Princeobama was re-immaculated yesterday, January Twentieth in a private ceremony for family, donors, supporters and others who could afford the exorbitant cost of admittance.

    Today’s re-immaculation ceremony is just forHis Royal Clown-ness;” although his minions were able to sell less than 50% of the tickets they sold for the 2009 photo and blather ops required by law.  Today’s festivities are neither required by law, nor feasible given the sorry state of obamanomics, the general economy, the dismal jobs market, the “four-time” lack of a federal budget, the continued–both civilian and military; both domestic and international–loss of AMERICAN life!!

    Sidebar:  “plugbiden was swarn in by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, tho’ not at the same time as the “Clown Prince.”  Seems the Justice was out beating the bushes at a local Barns and Noble in support of her new book.  I’m guessin’ $208,100 per annum ain’t quite enough for Ms Sotomayor!!  Wouldn’t ya think Sotomayor could–and would–hire a staff smart enough to realize that the swearing in would have to be on the Twentieth; and not have scheduled a ‘meet-and-greet’ on her book tour!!

    Get ready:  For more Constitution-shredding; more money pissin’-away; more federal ‘fiddling’ with statistics to make a continually failing obama Regime Bilderberg Group Regime appear to be improving; more obama-ride (green-energy subsidized vehicles); more obama-Fo(phones, in the negroid vernacular); more increased taxes that weren’t supposed to go up; more promises of reduced size of government that WILL NEVER HAPPEN; more financial ‘overhaul.’  We hoped for reduction–obama institutes huge-and-constatly-growing TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS annual federal deficits; likely another obama Apology Tour where our “Clown Prince” bows-and-scrapes to every asshole dictator in all the third-world ratholes on the planet; more obama Stephanie Cutter-generated worthless slogans like “Hope-and-Change” and “Forward,” and on and on and on!!

We’re getting what the Low-Information Voter demanded!!

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; January Tenth #2; SoS!

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As Usual, State of the State ‘Barks up Wrong Tree

    As with his father; as with his fraternal brothers–the obamAlinskyitesYoung Andy is only giving half of his subjects half of the story during his reading of the “State of the State” blather!  Not only that, Cuomo-The-Youngeras is the norm–routinely only speaks to New York City concerns, problems, solutions; to hell with upstate, to hell with Western New York…. possibly excepting the Finger Lakes wine industry. 

    Let’s have a look at just some of the points Young Andy brought up:

Gun Control–As is most of the rest of the nation, Governor Cuomo (pron: kwoo.MOO) is providing us with his usual knee-jerk reactions and knee-jerk legislative proposals.

A.  The governor wants the toughest gun control laws in the country.

B.  The governor wants to eliminate multi-round magazines.

C.  The governor wants background checks on every individual involved in every sale/purchase, even when I sell my rifle to you.

D.  The governor wants enhanced punishments for various classes of miscreants.  This’ll sure deter those like Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook); like William Spengler (West Webster, N.Y., fires; murders), aye?!?

E.  The governor wants to end ‘lifetime’ pistol permits; revert to bi- or tri-annual subsequent checks.

    The governor fails to realize the true purposes of the Constitution’s Second Amendment:

1.  To “correct the thought processes” of a tyrannical federal government;

2.  To defend the individual ‘hearth and home;’

3.  To defend the homeland against foreign miscreants.

Using the governor’s logic–or lack thereof–one or two or three or four bullets will be legal, the next on will not!  Where will the state’s incursions stop?!?

Governor Cuomoif allowed–will follow in The Bilderberg Group‘s footprints through “Clown Princeobama.  Said clown has “plug” biden studying how to further limit the individual American’s liberties while members of his regime are buying 450,000,000 rounds of 40 cal, jacketed, hollow-point ammunition!! 

That’s enough ammo to shoot every resident of any age in the United States, Canada and Mexico, once!! 

But…. there’s a bit of “poop-in-the-puddin’” here:

the 40 caliber round is not standard military issue;

by international agreement, a jacketed bullet cannot be used in an organized, armed conflict;

by international agreement, hollow-point ammunition cannot not be used in an organized, armed conflict.

But–dear friends–we constitutionalists can use any caliber, any type ammunition to protect our rights; we’re–currently–not an organized military unit!!

I digress; let’s get back on topic:

State Minimum Wage–The governor is whining that New York State’s minimum wage is below 19 states with higher wage laws.  The governor is forgetting–or better yet, ignoring–the fact that increasing the wage employers are forced to pay will undoubtedly reduce the number of jobs currently available; will reduce the number of jobs created in the future.  Cuomo wants the forced hourly-wage raised from $7.25 to $8.75!!  The proven way to increase a standard of living is to allow market forces to establish the level of pay, NOT a particular level of government.  The subject employee can aspire to a higher level of pay with experience, education and performance.

Stop and Frisk–The governor is kinda pissed that statistics show most “open view” whacky-weed arrests are centered around the negro and the hispanic miscreants; 82% (versus 18% ‘other races’).  To make his statistics look better, he’d like to reduce the requirements for arrest for these various amounts of ‘weed.’

Education–In this category, Governor Cuomo does have some–rather, few–positive proposals.  The governor wants to lengthen the daily and annual amount of learning time:  full-day kindergartens and increasing the length of the school day; of the school year by 25%.  The problem is he wants to use state grants as the primary brigery reward.

    Additionally, he wants to throw more and more money at teachers and principals.  These funds–likely to fail as before–will reinforce–bribe–those individuals’ desires to enhance the success levels of the students under their care; their instruction.  These silly incentives will include a “bar examfor teachers as well as $60,000 bribes (4X$15,000) for “master teachers.”  The better path is to emulate Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and his actions to reduce the taxpayers’ liabilities, redirect the saved funds toward the aformentioned bribery rather than burdening New York’s property-tax payers ever further!!

The reader can check out the full transcript for other points the governor addressed.

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference Lie-Barry:

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