This’n’That; February Twenty-Sixth #1; Better!

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Don’t We Deserve Better Than This?!?

    The “Clown Princeobama (CPo) designed sequestration plan is suddenly not a plan that will work, even given that CPo can pick-and-choose those line-items he wants to cut.  Of course CPo is choosing those items that will damage the American integrity and security while causing the greatest consternation among those who actually fund the government!  Added among these cuts CPo is threatening, he’s dragging out the Stephanie Cutter concept of a ‘balanced approach!’

    The republicRATics–those folks taking all the ‘CPo heat‘–have never put forth their version of a plan of what or where to cut the budget this miniscule amount everyone is whining about!! 

It’s all obama; all the time!!

Let’s look at this CPocreated finance problem another way:

let’s say you take-home $100,000 annually, and

let’s say your boss says he’s gotta cut your pay by the sequestration rate of 1.36436% [$85 Bln divided by $6,230 Bln], and you’ll find that you’re giving up $1,364.36 in take-home pay, annually [344.5 gallons of gas or 623 pounds of ground beef-Rochester, N.Y.];

which is $113.70 per month [28.7 gallons of gas or 51.92 lbs of ground beef-Rochester, NY];

which is $26.24 per week [6.6 gallons of gas or, 12 pounds of ground beef-Rochester, NY];

which is 66 CENTS per hour which will buy 1/6th of a gallon of gas in Rochester, N.Y., which at 30 mpg, will carry you all of FIVE MILES!!

On average,  few ‘Rochester workers’ earn $100,000; more like $35,000, so let’s look at the obama created sequestration cuts from that perspective:

pay cut: $477.53 annually [120 gallons of gas; 218 pounds of ground beef];

which is $39.794 per month [10.05 gallons of gas; 18.171 pounds of ground beef];

which is $9.183 per week [2.32 gallons of gas; 4.193 pounds of ground beef];

which is $1.84 per day [less than 1/2 gallon of gas; just over 3/4 pound of ground beef];

which is $0.229 (23 CENTS) per hour [less than 1/2 PINT of gas; about 1.6 OUNCES of ground beef]!!

This means–by the hour, here in Rochester–the hourly loss equals about 1.88 miles of travel; equals less-than-a-quarter of a McDonaldsDollar-Menu hamburger!!

Like I said: Don’t we deserve better from ALL politicians than arguing over the value of a Dollar-Menu hamburger every half-day?!?

    Not only the actual cuts in expenditures, what about all the taxpayer money wasted with the “Clown Princeobama flying all over the country (at $180,000.00 per hour, or 45,455 gallons of gas PER HOUR; 82,192 pounds of ground beef PER HOUR!!) to denegrate anyone and everyone who does not or will not agree with him and his ludicrus financial/economic policies.  Recently, TFI, CPo (That Fuckin’ Idiot, Clown Prince obama) has instituted a cross-country, 100 city, “Connecting To Your Community” bus tour.  I’ve tried to find which cities, which routes, but can’t so we don’t know how much taxpayer revenue TFI, CPo is wasting on this propaganda tour!!  So, let’s just say that this bullshit trip will cover 20,000 miles in one bus.  One bus is doubtful; TFI, CPo has to have his yes-men as well as his ARMED guards with him so I’m guessin’ he’s using all three of the federal busses purchased for one of his thousands of campaign trips.  But we’ll just consider one diesel powered bus covering the aforementioned 20,000 miles:

The national average for diesel fuel is $4.169 per gallon.

Most heavy busses and trucks average 5-8 mpg.

This means ONE bus will consume between

2,500 gallons [@$10,422.50 which equals 2,632 gallons of gas (78,960 miles!); equals 4,759 pounds of ground beef]


4,000 gallons [@$16,676.00 which equals 4,200 gallons of gas (126,000 miles!); equals 7,615 pounds of ground beef].

    Remember if more than one bus is used, the expenses will rise accordingly.  We’re also not considering the wages and accommodations of two drivers and one ‘porter’ on each bus.

All the flying and bus travel-time considered, soon TFI, CPo will have consumed the same “sequestration-level” funds with his worthless, useless theatrics!!

With the figures provided, you can make your own determinations as to better uses for the money; as to how many poor and/or homeless folks that could’da been fed with all that ground beef!!

Comments, anyone?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”

Rochester, N.Y. Gas-$3.96/gal; diesel-$4.34/gal; 80% ground beef-$2.19/lb


This’n’That; January Twenty-Fourth #1; New Slogan?

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Who’s the Author?!?

    Who actually decided that Hillary Rob’em Clinton‘s primary response to the various questions from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?  Was it Hillary herself or that prose whiz-kid from the most recent Bilderberg Group campaign, Stephanie Cutter?!?  Which one came up with the Hillary utterance:

“What difference does it make?”

    There are ‘tons of questions’ on the Benghazi murders which will never be answered!!  Care to hazard a guess as to why?  It’s because the ruling class is “circling the wagons” to protect their own.  No matter the party, this asinine class will protect any fellow member with respect to his-or-her position on The Bilderberg Group‘s hierarchy roster!!

    What actually “makes a difference” is the Bilderberg-installed “Clown Princeobama Regime has abused it’s power with respect to choices of cabinet secretaries and others of increased power.  No one seems to have the ability to tell the truth; to actually take responsibility for something…. anything!!  Ms Clinton took credit early on in the Benghazi murders, long before anyone realized that members of the non-ruling classes might actually give a shit about the lives of the four murdered Americans! 

    In reading the ‘blow-by-blow’ reports from The UK Guardian (**) one will find twits from various members of the American National Pamphleteer corpse; far more revealing than an American paper would print!!

“The Bilderbergers appeasing the ‘low-information’ voter!!”

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”


This’n’That; January Twenty-First #2; Relevant?!?

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….Jis ‘Cause He Can!

    By law (the Twentieth Amendment), “Clown Princeobama was re-immaculated yesterday, January Twentieth in a private ceremony for family, donors, supporters and others who could afford the exorbitant cost of admittance.

    Today’s re-immaculation ceremony is just forHis Royal Clown-ness;” although his minions were able to sell less than 50% of the tickets they sold for the 2009 photo and blather ops required by law.  Today’s festivities are neither required by law, nor feasible given the sorry state of obamanomics, the general economy, the dismal jobs market, the “four-time” lack of a federal budget, the continued–both civilian and military; both domestic and international–loss of AMERICAN life!!

    Sidebar:  “plugbiden was swarn in by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, tho’ not at the same time as the “Clown Prince.”  Seems the Justice was out beating the bushes at a local Barns and Noble in support of her new book.  I’m guessin’ $208,100 per annum ain’t quite enough for Ms Sotomayor!!  Wouldn’t ya think Sotomayor could–and would–hire a staff smart enough to realize that the swearing in would have to be on the Twentieth; and not have scheduled a ‘meet-and-greet’ on her book tour!!

    Get ready:  For more Constitution-shredding; more money pissin’-away; more federal ‘fiddling’ with statistics to make a continually failing obama Regime Bilderberg Group Regime appear to be improving; more obama-ride (green-energy subsidized vehicles); more obama-Fo(phones, in the negroid vernacular); more increased taxes that weren’t supposed to go up; more promises of reduced size of government that WILL NEVER HAPPEN; more financial ‘overhaul.’  We hoped for reduction–obama institutes huge-and-constatly-growing TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS annual federal deficits; likely another obama Apology Tour where our “Clown Prince” bows-and-scrapes to every asshole dictator in all the third-world ratholes on the planet; more obama Stephanie Cutter-generated worthless slogans like “Hope-and-Change” and “Forward,” and on and on and on!!

We’re getting what the Low-Information Voter demanded!!

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

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This’n’That; September Seventh #2; Biden Blather

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Mostly Painful; Very Little Truth

    I found the pain of the Biden Blather to be an exercise in self-abuse; I certainly didn’t have to do it…. but…. that “know your ‘enemy’ thingie” came into play.  I do have a suggestion, though, for the attendees of future national political conventions: Wear Long-Sleeved Shirts and Blouses, P-L-E-A-S-E!!  The single thing that keeps coming back to my mind’s eye: a sea of flapping arm-fat!!

    I expected–as did most other conservatives–the vilification of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and in that, there were few new untruths.  So not much to dwell on there.  I was impressed though, the way Bidenas opposed to his normal ‘gaff machine‘–stuck to the socialist playbook.  It was more than apparent the he’d listened to “Slick-Willie‘s” lies in that blather of the day before.  Biden said that the obama regime had created 4.5 million jobs in their first 29 months of rule.  This is such a load’a’shit!!  On “Clown Princeobama‘s first day at work, the U.S. economy supported 133.56 million jobs; today’s job total is 133.24, actually a NET LOSS of 320,000+ jobs!! 


[Blogger Note:  In the interest of truth here, I must admit that Stephanie Cutterthe obama re-immaculation campaign first-deputy-assistant-underboss-and-mouthpiece–is actually telling the truth here, as obfuscated as that truth might be.  The obama regime DID create 4.5 million jobs, but only after they’d driven the private sector jobs number down to 106.77 million jobs by February, 2010.  Miraculously, the same sector’s jobs numbers came up to the THEN-current 111.31 million jobs.  So, all-in-all, it’s a truth embedded in an obfuscation wrapped in an enigma!!]


    Biden did the expected ‘crowing’ about the Government Motors takeover and subsequent 37% give-away to the very supportive auto union management!  As expected, Biden essentially claimed that Mitt Romney doesn’t get it; that Mitt Romney doesn’t understand the whys and wherefors of political economics.  No Mr Biden, I would hope that he doesn’t; that’s exactly the mindset we–the rightwingers–are fighting against!!  Econ-101 teaches us… well, teaches conservatives…. that bankruptcy is a viable option in the business world; that it allows company reorganization; that it demands the rewriting of a failed business plan; that it demands FIRING an inept management team!  None which happened during or after the government take-over.


    Biden continued to obfuscate the big deal over “Clown Princeobama‘s mother fighting with ‘the insurance company’ on her death-bed.  What he might have said–the truth–is that Ms Dunham-Soetoro was arguing with those handling her DISABILITY insurance, not her HEALTH insurance which he supposed the socialist attendees would surmise.


‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; July Twenty-Fourth #1; More Straws

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obama Continues To “Grasp (and Gasp)!”

    For the past three-and-a-half years, “Clown Prince obama has eroded America’s respect, worldwide.  At the recent G-20 conference in Mexico City, the “Clown Prince” garnered all the respect of a confused junior partner in a law firm going down for it’s third bankruptcy!  Even the worldwide communist and muslim leaders have little respect for obamaand by extension–the United States.

   Not only has obama made a complete travesty of foreign policy, he can’t even get all his followers to attend the largest blather opportunity of his reign!  Many obamacRATics are choosing to not attend the DNC convention at the “New Black Panther Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.  Those like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin (Senator), Nick Rahall (Representative) and Earl Ray Tomblin (Governor), as well as Senators Claire McCaskell (Mo), Jon Tester (Mt) and Rep Jim Matheson (Ut).


    Of ‘grasping at straws,’ the most blatant illustration in recent weeks is the Stephanie Cutter (the Regime’s Deputy Campaign Manager) statement that Governor Mitt Romney is a felon.  This statement would be laughable if it weren’t such an outright lie!  From the Romney Campaign, the accusation deserves no defense.  Particularly in the face of obama‘s–or maybe barry soetoro‘s or maybe Bill Ayers–admission in print that obama/soetoro smoked ‘whacky-weed,’ used cocaine as well as his family’s prescription drugs.  This makes him at least a three-time felon candidate; marijuana use and possession with intent, marijuana distribution, using drugs not prescribed to him and cocaine use and distribution.  I have (with no affiliation) suggested the Romney folks to ‘make hay’ of the Stephanie Cutter statement but it would appear they chose not to.


    The most recent ‘straw’ is the re-immaculation campaign equating “Bain (Capital, LLC)” with “Bane (the archvillian of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises‘)” as being dastardly, capitalistic, villianous! This, just the latest in the obama Regime‘s and campaign’s attempts to paint Governor Mitt Romney as evil and villianous.  What a sad, unfunny joke the obama campaign staff is becoming.  This latest ‘straw’ is far beneath the dignity of the presidency, IF said president had any dignity or even a modicum of presidential bearing!!


‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arscholch!?!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; July Eighteenth #1; Cutter ‘Opened The Dance!’

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obama Hatchetwoman Expanded Dialogue:

    Stephanie Cutterobama‘s chief hatchetwoman–stepped in a bucket of shit this time!!  She’s given the republicRATics an opening through her dialogue expansion that should last through election night!!  With Ms Cutter‘s false accusations that Governor Romney committed some felonious act relative to his term of employment at Bain Capital, the “felon dialogue” has now been expanded to include the multitude of felons that work for, worked for, bundled for, shilled for, the now highly vulnerable “Clown Princeobama

    Just SOME of the felons that have helped, funded, fundraised for, bundled for, advised, promoted “Clown Princeobama throughout his political life (in no particular order-they’re all crooks!):

1.  Former Ill Governor Rod Blagojevich: 14 years for political corruption.

2.  Tony Rezko: 10 years for corruption, political kickbacks.  Arranged for obama to buy a Chicago house for 25% under market value, then paid $625,000 to satisfy one of the ‘conditions of sale.’

3.  Courtney Dupree: An obama fundraiser and bundler; convicted of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and two false statements.

4.  Willie Shepherd: An obama fundraiser and bundler; convicted of negligent child abuse.

5.  Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine: A ‘highest level‘ obama fundraiser and bundler; “our Wall Street guy;” under FBI investigation for mishandling investors’ funds by reckless investment strategies resulting in bankruptcy.

6.  Shervin Neman: An obama fundraiser and bundler; Ponzi scheme operator, under investigation for defrauding his California Persian-Jewish community.

7.  Abake Assongba: An obama fundraiser and bundler; under investigation for defrauding a businessman ($657,000), under investigation for criminally impersonating a bank officer, consciously and vigorously avoided creditors.

8.  Alberto and Carlos Cardona: obama fundraisers and bundlers; associates of Mexican drug lords, assassins and a multitude of other Mexican fugitives.

9.  William Ayers: An obama fundraiser and secret advisor; a convicted domestic terrorist; directed, participated in or attended the NYPD Hq bombing (1970), an accidental Greenwich Village townhouse bombing (1970), the U.S. Capitol building (1971), the Pentagon (1972).

10. Bernadine Dohrn: An obama fundraiser and secret advisor; as William Ayers‘ wife, an active participant in the various acts of domestic terrorism attributed to, and admitted by Ayers.


    Now that Stephanie Cutteropened the dance,’ Governor Romney has ‘cannon fodder’ to last all through the campaign season.  Now we just need to push Romney to get as aggressive as The Bilderberg Group is.  Rather than ‘chasing the rabbits’ released from barackingham Palace, Governor Romney must settle on three or four topics and just keep hammering every day on every tv, in every state, at every gathering of ‘two or more’ supporters!!

ronald reagan billboard 450.jpg


Lest we forget, “Clown Princeobama, his own self, is a self-confessed felon, having both consumed and distributed ‘wacky-weed,’ cocaine and various perscription drugs throughout high school and college.

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?

Til Nex’Time….

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