This’n’That; March 14th; The Next “…Gate”

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Did obama Really ‘Step-On-His-Pecker’ This Time?
Now that Donald Trump has been president for approximately six-weeks;
now that Donald Trump has successfully fended off the fakenews surrounding him;
now that Donald Trump has contributed to the Dow reaching 21,000+;

now that Donald Trump has contributed to a 300,000 monthly [February, 2017] jobs INCREASE;
now that Donald Trump is well on his way to satisfying many of his campaign promises, the POTUS can tackle even more important issues/CRIMES.
Most importantly has to be “obamaGate” in which “ClownPrinceobama was/is involved in the wiretapping of Trump Tower, the NYC home of the Trump Familyas well as several Trump companies, as well as offices of the Trump children and other associates.  There’s been on-going~for the past eight years~crimes by the obama/Soros regime to intentionally turn the United States [all 57 of ’em!] into the desired third-world rathole country, much preferred by the socio-fascist, commie-libs.

As indicated by this timeline, June, 2016 was a busy month for obama, George Soros, Loretta Lynch, “Slick-WillieClinton as well as the FISA Court.  In the end obama/Soros had their desires satisfied…
They successfully wiretapped various offices, apartments in Trump Tower!
The various ‘side-steps’ by the obama/Soros henchmen gave the “ClownPrinceplausible deniability by how they lied.  When it all boils down, no one will believe Loretta Lynch recused herself from the whole FISA Court warrant thingie… so she had to have cleared her actions with the “Clown Prince!”
Not only should President Trump NOT let this drop, he should investigate/prosecute any and all obama/Soros/Clinton regime crooks, leaving no rock unturned!!  Like these:

  • Hillary Clinton~for all the conspiracies, scams and lies during her time playing Secretary of State and during the presidential campaign she LOST THREE TIMES, et al;
  • Loretta Lynch~for her lack of enthusiasm in prosecuting anyone in minority status, anyone not on the obama boyfriend list, et al;
  • Eric Holder~for his contempt of Congress citation; for his complete lack of ethics in ‘Fast and Furious’ and all the many, many scandals, scams and completely illegal actions on behalf of his boss, George Soros, et al;
  • Ben Rhodes~for his conspiracy and mega-lies in forcing the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ down the collective American throat, et al;
  • John Podesta~for his complicity with The Clinton Crime Family in scamming Russia for cash donations; for his lies and participation in the Trump Tower wiretapping, et al;
  • Ben Rhodes~for his part in the Benghazi murders coverup; for his part in the obama/Soros handicapping of the Trump national security apparatus, his behind-the-scenes efforts in the take-down of General Michael Flynn, et al;
  • George Soros~for his part in financing the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Ferguson Riots as well as many other similar disturbances in cities throughout the United States, the ‘Freddie Gray’ Riots in Baltimore, the UC-Berkley Riots,  anti-Trump riots in many, many American cities et al;

…practically anyone that “Clown Princeobama, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, et al, associated with, conspired with, during the past eight years.
In conclusion:
The Republicans, the GOP~what ever ya wanna call ’em~have allowed the democrats~the nation’s MINORITY party~to control the body-politic on a national level for far too long.  Said democrats/RINOs have been promising minorities a whole lot’a shit during election season… then after they vote for ’em, that’s the last they hear until the next election!!

The shit referenced above will continue on until somebody grows some ‘hangy-down thingies’ and put some of the perpetrators in jail… for a long, LONG time!!
I think that “someone with the aforementioned hangy-down thingies” very well may be President Donald J. Trump!!  Other than his twitter responses, Mr Trump has not let the democrat/RINO bullshit get to him on a day-to-day basis.  Remember all those campaign promises we heard for the last 18 months or so…?  One-by-one, the President is honoring, fulfilling them… knockin’ ’em off!!
Bet’cha didn’t see that comin’ did’ja?!?
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case


This ‘n’ That; August 12th; Trump Economic Team

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Trump’s Economic Team And What It Means
Donald Trump has assembled his economic team, members of which are some of the best minds in business today.  The mainstream media is whining about this collection as being all millionaires and billionaires… SO WHAT?!?

1.  Unless they’ve inherited their wealth, these men and women must have had some of the qualities and ideas to run a business and make it/them successful.2.  To most self-made millionaires and billionaires the dollars-and-cents are more a way to keep score than wealth to be flaunted.3.  To the aforementioned media whiners I have to ask this:  “Of the paychecks you’ve earned, how many have been signed by a poor person?!?  I venture to say: none… that’s N-O-N-E!!

So why in hell does the same media bitch about those with a proven record and promote those who’ve put us in~kept us in~this EIGHT-YEAR-LONGeconomic doldrum?
The Trump Economic Team includes such folks as:
John A. Paulson~President, CEO-Paulson and Company.
Steven Mnuchin~Founder-Dune Capital Management [renamed OneWest]; Producer of “American Sniper.”
Steven Roth~Founder, CEO-Vernado Realty Trust.
Harold Hamm~Founder, CEO-Continential Resources.
Howard M. Lorber~CEO-Vector Group.
Andrew Beal~Founder, President-The Beal Bank; self-taught math whiz, once sued Donald Trump.
Thomas Barrack, Jr.~Founder, Executive Chairman-Colony Capital.
Stephen M. Calk~CEO-Federal Savings Bank.
David Malpass~Former Chief Economist, BearStearns.
Dan DiMicco~Former President and CEO-Nucor Corporation.
Steve Feinberg~Founder, CEO-Cerberus Capital Management.
Peter Navarro~Professor of Economics, Public Policy-UC, Irvine.
Stephen Moore~Visiting Fellow-Heritage Foundation’s Project for Economic Growth.
Anthony Scaramucci~Founder-Skybridge Finance; active philanthropist.
Mr Trump recently added the following women to his economic team:
Betsy McCaughey~Former New York Lt Governor.
Brooke Rawlins~CEO-Texas Public Policy Foundation; former aide To Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Diane Hendricks~CEO-ABC Supply[building supplies, materials].
Darlene Jordan~National Finance Co-Chair of 2012 RINO presidential nominee/candidate [read: ‘MittensRomney].
The Donald‘ has outlined some of his plans for ‘righting-this-ship’ we call America:
1.  Meaningful tax reform, not just transferring amounts due from one taxpaying entity to another;
2.  Regulatory reform which will reduce the red tape strangling businesses of all sizes.
3.  Trade reform; remove the current advantages to foreign countries trading with the United States.
4.  Energy reforms, including rescinding obama’s idiotic destruction of the oil, gas and coal industries. Stop payments to any and all UN climate-change-hoax intiatives.
5.  obamaKare; repeal and replacement.
6.  Infrastructure repair and replacement.
7.  Childcare as it relates to low- and middle-income families and taxes.
Now, compare that to the LyinCrooked Hillary‘s socialist agenda, essentially “Clown Princeobama, Two-Point-Oh!!
1.  Establish an “Infrastructure Bank” to largely benefit donors to the ‘Clinton Crime Family Foundation;’
2.  Require companies to fund a ‘family-leave’ policy;
3.  Budget addition of $35 billion PER YEAR to refinance student debt [i.e., require you and I to pay for “his kid’s” education]; PAY STATES to ‘guarantee tuition[?!?];’
4.  Budget addition of $27.5 billion PER YEAR to fund her “National Infrastructure Plan;”
5.  Budget addition of $27.5 billion PER YEAR to fund her “Expanded Childcare Plan,” to fund preschool indoctrination for all 4 year olds, to fund and expanded ‘Early Head Start’ indoctrination;
6.  Raise the national minimum wage to a job-destroying $15/hour; increase worker benefits, expand overtime, support workers’ collective bargaining;
7.  Expand the FAILED obamaKare [Affordable Care Act], expand job training, lower college and healthcare costs, fight wage theft [but not declaring she’d end it… donors wouldn’t like that!].
CrookedHillary‘s diatribe went on to explain on how she’d continueobama‘s ongoing destruction of the middle class to the benefit of the ‘Crime Family‘s’ donors.  She’d continue to give unfair trade advantage to the ‘Crime Family‘s’ donors through the trade ‘partnerships’ currently in force.
In conclusion, how can any sane, intelligent America voter support the “Lyin, CrookedHillary Clinton… that, I just don’t understand.  With her continued “liberties-with-the-truth” you just know anything she says will never come to fruition, particularly if it goes against the financial and power demands of her chief closet ‘advisor,’ George Soros or “The Clinton Crime Family Foundation‘s” donors.
If you thought the State Department was truly a “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” funding mechanism, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet IF “Lyin’ CrookedHillary ever gets into “The Ovary Orifice!!”
Wake Up America!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

“Clown Prince” obama’s Weekly Blather; July 16th

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Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
July 16, 2016
[Today, let’s start with the “I” count…. like those 46 times I used the word ‘I’ during my Dallas Memorial blather… So wait until the afternoon to read this and take a drink each time there’s an ‘I’ in the text!!  Great fun!!]
Hi, everybody.  It’s been a challenging couple weeks.  The shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge; the protests; the targeting and murder of police officers in Dallas – it’s left all of us struggling to make sense of things at times.  Now, I know that for many, it can feel like the deepest fault lines of our democracy have suddenly been exposed, and even widened.  But the America I know – the America I saw this week – is just not as divided as some folks try to insist.  I saw it on Monday, when I met with law enforcement to talk about the challenges they face, and how too often, we ask our police to do too much – to be social workers, and teachers, guardians, and drug counselors as well.  I saw it on Tuesday, when I traveled to Dallas for the memorial service for the five courageous officers who died in the line of duty – even as they were protecting protesters with whom they may have disagreed.  I saw it on Wednesday, when I hosted police chiefs, Black Lives Matter activists, state and local leaders, and others for a discussion that lasted more than four hours – a discussion on more steps we can take to continue supporting the police who keep our streets safe, and instill confidence that the law applies to everyone equally.  And I saw it on Thursday, at a town hall in D.C., where we talked about how there is no contradiction between honoring police and recognizing the racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system, and trying to fix these discrepancies.
[While actions of police in both Louisiana and Minnesota had tragic, fatal results, they go to strengthen my resolve to bring the law enforcement establishment~nationwide~under the control and supervision of the federal Department ofJust Us!’  Some will remember that in March, 2015, I started the process of implementing a plan to ‘consolidate’ some 18,000 local, regional, state law enforcement agencies.  This plan has the acronym “COPS.”

“The U.S. Department of Justice, through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services [COPS] and Office of Justice Programs, should provide technical assistance and incentive funding to jurisdictions with small police agencies that take steps towards shared services, regional training and consolidation”

These agencies will be brought under the Dep’t of Just Us‘ to be controlled by various levels of intimidation and bribery.  If they fail to comply with any of my provisions, they’ll not receive their federal ‘bribery’ funds.  I’ve been quoted, thus:

“I’m going to be asking Eric Holder and the Justice Department and his successor to go through all these recommendations so that we can start implementing them,” obama said, according to Infowars. “I know that one area that’s going to be of great interest is whether we can expand the COPS program that in the past has been very effective, continues to be effective, but is largely underfunded – to see if we can get more incentives for local communities to apply some of the best practices and lessons that are embodied in this report.”

The aforementioned ‘disparities’ are those wounds I’ve been picking at for the past seven-plus years, primarily the perception by America’s black communities that they’re being unjustly scrutinized, stopped, searched, detained, arrested… while going about their daily lives.  This has to stop! The black man, woman, family has suffered enough at the hands of ‘whitey’ and now must get their ‘just comeuppance.’  That will be gained in the racial strife I’ve been promoting~agitating for~my entire reign.  We’re seeing it come to fruition in Baton Rouge, suburban Minneapolis and in Dallas, Texas.
How the hell can this be happening you might ask: we have my Nazi-buddy, George Soros to thank.  He~through his “charity,” Open Society Foundations~has generously funded “BlackLivesMatter” and other like hate-groups to gin up racial hatred and increasing that same racial-divide I’ve spent my entire life promoting.
Back to the main point of this Saturday Blather…  On Wednesday, I had the police chiefs, local and state leaders, the “BlackLivesMatter,” hierarchy of agitators into barackINGHAM PALACE so that we might get all the talking points straight; get ourselves ‘on-the-same-page‘ with the various regime racial topics as well as determining which~racially directed~questions would be allowed from Thursday’s pre-screened ‘audience.’]
These conversations were candid, challenging, even uncomfortable at times.  But that’s the point.  We have to be able to talk about these things, honestly and openly, not just in the comfort of our own circles, but with folks who look differently and think differently than we do.  Otherwise, we’ll never break this dangerous cycle.  And that’s what America’s all about.  Not just finding policies that work – but forging consensus, fighting cynicism, and finding the political will to keep changing this country for the better. That’s what America gives us – all of us – the capacity to change.  It won’t happen overnight.  The issues we’re grappling with go back decades, even centuries.  But if we can open our hearts to try and see ourselves in one another; if we can worry less about which side has been wronged, and worry more about joining sides to do right, as equal parts of one American family – then I’m confident that together, we will lead our country to a better day.

“Clown Prince” obama’s Weekly Blather; July 9th [by Ol’ Joe]

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Remarks of Vice President Joe Biden as Prepared for Delivery
Weekly Address
The White House
July 9, 2016 
[I’m on my last annual ‘World-Wide Apology Tour‘ masquerading as a working trip.  I’ve asked that dunce-“HairPlugJoe Biden, to step in and provide another Saturday’s blather obfuscation. Enjoy… I am!!]
Although I didn’t know the five police officers who were killed, or the seven who were wounded in Dallas this week – I knew them.
They were the folks I grew up with: The boy with the most courage and the most compassion; the man with a brave heart and a generous soul, whose words were always encouraging; the son who made his mother proud every time he turned and smiled at her; and the friend who you could always count on. Being a cop wasn’t just what they did. It was who they were—like every officer who joined for essentially the same reason. There was something about them that made them think they could help, that they should serve, that they had a duty.  So when an assassin’s bullet targeted the police force in Dallas, it touched the soul of the nation. Those killed and wounded were protecting the safety of those who were peacefully protesting against racial injustices in the criminal justice system. Those who were marching against the kind of shocking images we saw in St. Paul and Baton Rouge—and have seen too often elsewhere—of too many black lives lost.
[While I spent my early, formative years in Indonesia learning the whys and wherefores of islam, learning the koran, absorbing as much of it’s radicalism as was possible for a young mind of average IQ, of average intelligence.  Later, my mother dumped me in Hawaii for my communist grandparents to continue, finish my upbringing.  Most of that upbringing was under the wing and watchful eye ofFrank Marshall Davis, and avowed, REGISTERED, communist.  Through this childhood learning experience, I learned from Frankwhat would be essentially included in Saul Alinsky‘s “Rules for Radicals.”  I learned that power is more important than money; with power COMES money!!  Frank also taught me that to gain power one must have a foothold in the emotions of a group, of a peoples who have been conditioned to believe they’re downtrodden, they’re abused, they’re disrespected.  To that end, I spend most of my time promoting racism, increasing the racial divide LBJ‘s “Great Society” created for we commie-libs to exploit.  The BlackLivesMattergroup~once formed~became my exploitation-of-choice.  That kindly ol’Nazi~George Soros~is handling the funding of the group plus any political-payoffs necessary.]
I believe the Dallas Police Department is one of the finest in the nation—and this incredibly diverse city can bridge any divide. To paraphrase Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, let us use our words carefully. Let us act with unity, not division. As Dallas Police Chief David Brown—one of the leading chiefs in America—said, “There are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city, all I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.”  As Americans, we are wounded by all of these deaths.  It’s on all of us to stand up, to speak out about disparities in our criminal justice system—just as it’s on all of us to stand up for the police who protect us in our communities every day. In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll continue offering our thoughts and prayers to provide comfort to the broken-hearted families. But they will only be redeemed by the courage of our actions that honor their memories.   So while we’re being tested, we can’t be pulled apart. We are America, with bonds that hold us together. We endure, we persevere, we overcome, we stand together.
[While Ol’ Joe paraphrased Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, I’d like to add another quote from Police Chief David Brown:

“He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

That’s the benefit of my siding with radicals like ‘Calypso-LouieFarrakhan who promote just the kind of violence experienced in Dallas.  He and the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al~”I never pay taxes“~Sharpton are quite adept at promoting racial strife among the inner-city blacks and the supposedly downtrodden (of all races).  That’s all I have from here in Poland where I may meet with some“Down-Lo” associates!]

This’n’That; July 9th, Who’s Really At Fault?

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Lots Of ‘Players’ Have Awaited The Upheaval
Thus far we’ve had the Dallas shootings with possible copycat shootings in Ballwin, Mo., in Bristol, Tn., and in Valdosta, Ga.  The Dallas attack was against the very officers assigned to protect a permitted ‘blacklivesmatter’ protest event. The Dallas shooter told negotiators that he wanted to shoot white people.  This quote from Dallas Police Chief, David Brown:

“He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people the suspect said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

These horrendous acts seem to be mostly perpetrated by individuals/groups closely aligned with or sympathic toward the blacklivesmatter movement, as well as the movement itself.
While these horrible shootings~related or not~indicate a continuing shift toward radical leftist violence, the mindset that really got it’s start some 50+years ago with Lyndon Johnson‘s “Great Society” and all it’s ills. Remember  LBwas the guy that said, quote:
I’ll have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years
Those old enough~as I am~will remember the 1950s were never as bad as the commie-libs try to convince us they were.  I remember my parents NEVER locked any doors of the house, the car was left in the driveway with the windows down and usually keys in the ignition, my bike was in it’s usual place, head-first into that big bush next to the front porch.  Most families~blacks included~were much like ours… let me quote from theTownhall Soapbox:

“In the fifties, although blacks were still struggling for equal oppertunities and were on the low end of the economic ladder, the black family was for the most part strong and stable. Two parent families were the rule, not the exception. They attended church together, had strong moral values, and did not comprise a majority of the prison population.”

Now, let me quote some statistics from Starr Parker‘s Coalition of Urban Renewal (CURE) of some 40+ years later [from the same publication]:

  • 60 percent of black children grow up in fatherless homes.
  • 800,000 black men are in jail or prison.
  • 70 percent of black babies are born to unwed mothers.
  • Over 300,000 black babies are aborted annually.
  • 50 percent of new AIDS cases are in the black community.
  • Almost half of young black men in America’s cities are neither working nor in school.

    The Great Society provided that pretty-much anybody who didn’t want to work could still live the good life by knuckling-under to the ‘federal Santa Claus.’  ‘He‘ would provide for every need, and all ya had’ta do was drag your ass out’a bed by Noon and make it to the welfare office before it closed!  See that was before EBT cards and direct deposits… ya actually had to do something to get the “free money..” and it was in play-money not actual dollars!
[I know this is  some ‘distance’ from the tragedy in Dallas but~bear with me~I’m getting to my point…]
I lay all the racial unrest, all the race-baiting at the feet of the regional and national socialist, commie-libs  of the past 40 years right up to~and including~the present day racists!

“In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.”

None of this shit happens without money, the funds gotta come from somewhere!  It’s reputed that George Soros‘ “Open Society Foundation” is big in funding both civil and racial unrest, upheaval, riots WORLDWIDE.
[Point: Soros~as a young teen~worked for Hitler’s Nazis, stealing anything of value from German Jews as they were being evicted by the SS. ‘Course, he kept a lil’ for himself. Jis Sayin’!]
Beyond his charities, Soros is one of the founders of the Democracy Alliance which promotes the socialist-communist doctrine in the US likeOpen Society does on the rest of the planet.  The alliance is funded by high-rollin’ commie-libs that don’t give two-shits about the black man, they’re after CONTROL; they’re after a ‘one-world-government!’
[Point: As Rush says “socialism fails every time it’s tried!”]
Worse than the funding end, is the race-baiting end.

All the Reids, the Pelosis, the Sharptons, the Jacksons, the ElijaCummings, the “Clown Princeobamas do their damnedest on a daily basis to promote said unrest.  The worst of the lot is the “Clown Prince!”  He’s always shootin’ off his mouth with some claptrap bullshit before rumors are even out, let alone the facts… like the ‘Beer Summit‘ where he had to walk back his bullshit about Professor Gates and all the other crap he spews, daily!!
I know I took you “all-’round-Robin-Hood’s-barn” but…
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
Reference Lie-Barry:

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This’n’That; May Tenth #2; RepublicRATic Senate?

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owe-bama; Soros; Bilderbergers’ Policies….

    ….are more distasteful that previously thought!  Several recent events make for enlightening conversation:

    Mr Keith Juddthe federal felon–thoroughly ‘spanked‘ the “Clown Prince” in the recent–inconsequentialowe-bamacRATic primary in West Virginia.  There was no reason to even turn out, so this ‘protest vote’ is even more telling.  Another discouraging fact: both Senator Joe Manchin and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin refused to admit which federal felon they voted for.  Who doesn’t like to brag about voting for the incumbent ruler, no matter who it is?!?

    It’s highly likely the Bilderberg Group dispatched George Soros to France in the wake of Francios Hollande defeating Nicholas Sarkozy for the french presidency.  Also likely, the Bilderbergers are desparate to discourage M. Hollande from instituting even more socialist policies than has been the norm under M. Sarkozy.  If said socialist policies are instituted, the concensus is they will be a mirror of the future result of current and future owe-bama (read: Bilderberg) policies for the United States.  The possible end result of further french socialist policies will be a further slipping into a completely NEGATIVE economy, again a mirror of what’s to come with the U.S. economy and jobs markets.  This will open the American voters’ eyes, highly detrimental to the owe-bama re-immaculation efforts!!

    Recent primary campaigns and votes indicates the “Tea Party” Movement is alive-and-well, contrary to the blatherings of owe-bamacRATic pollsters, campaign managers, campaign mouth-pieces, et al.  The “Tea Party” Movementrather than dying as the owe-bamacRATics would have you believe–has re-doubled efforts to force the Congress back toward the representative republic we all know and love!!  While we’ve already discussed the “Clown Prince‘s” ‘spanking‘ in West Virginia, consider these poll results:

Montana (US) Senate seat–Dennis Rehberg (r, 53%); incumbent Jon Tester (d, 43%);

Nevada (US) Senate seat–incumbent Dean Heller (r, 51%); Shelley Berkley (d, 40%);

Missouri (US) Senate seat–Sarah Steelman (r, 49%); incumbent Claire McCaskill (d, 40%); 

Ohio (US) Senate seat–incumbent Sharrod Brown (d, 44%); Josh Mandel (r, 41%), with 12% of likely voters UNDECIDED;

Massachusetts (US) Senate seat–incumbent Scott Brown (r, 45%); Elizabeth Warren (d, 45%), with 8% of likely voters UNDECIDED;

Florida (US) Senate seat–Connie Mack (r, 43%); incumbent Bill Nelson (d, 36%);

*Nebraska (US) Senate seat–Jon Bruning (r, 55%); Bob Kerrey (d, 33%);

**Wisconsin (US) Senate seat–Tommy Thompson (r, 50%); Tammy Baldwin (d, 36%).

*Incumbent Senator Ben Nelson is quitting before the voters hand him his-ass-on-a-silver-platter in the wake of owe-bamaKare’s “Cornhusker Kick-Back” scandal (voters don’t forget crooks)!! 

**Incumbent Senator Herb Kohl has likewise, seen the “anti-owe-bama writing-on-the-wall” and has opted for retirement over resounding defeat!! 

    The current make up of the United States Senate tenuously favors the owe-bamacratics:  51 owe-bamacRATics + 2 ‘less-than’ independents; 47 republicRATics.  The aforementioned senate contests–if current sentiment holds–will surely transform the Senate into one more closely representing the direction the American voter prefers.

Til Nex’Time….$300_Million_Dollar_payout_in_exchange_for_supporting_health_care_reform/

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