obama Chooses Carlyle Group Over Bain Capital

    After vilification attempts fail to ruffle Governor Romney‘s “feathers,” the “Clown Prince” chooses the Carlyle Group–over Bain Capital–to brow-beat into propping up a failed management model at Sunoco’s ‘Marcus Hook’ Refinery in Philadelphia.  Well, ‘propping up’ may be the wrong phraseology in this case; the Carlyle Group is in it for only one evil reason: PROFITS!!  Much like any other ‘vulture capitalists,’ Carlyle wouldn’t be in the deal if there were not a profit potential.

    If history holds true, we can expect large–to massively large–donations to the obama Re-immaculation Campaign coffers by Carlyle itself as well as individual management team members.  EVERYTHING “Clown Princeobama does has a profit potential all it’s own, primarily into the campaign’s warchest. But–this whole deal begs the question–what’s in it for the “Clown Prince?” Cash, under the table?  That could come in the form of negative, inflammatory PAC ads favoring said “Clown Prince.”  Voter support/intimidation?  The deal does save 800+ UNION jobs; Philadelphia is the site of the ‘obama Voter-Intimidation Unit‘ activities by the New Black Panthers thugs.

    Do we need further evidence of weakening obama voter support?  The re-immaculation campaign grasps at straws anywhere it finds them.  Don’t forget to get your political ‘equipment’ at www.fubowear.com!!

Til Nex’Time….