This’n’That; March 20th; US Military in Europe

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Should The U.S. Boost Military Numbers In Europe?
I vote yes!
Most of us should remember Ronaldus-Magnus and his instantly famous phrase:
Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall,”
from the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, FRG.
That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Cold War’ and it’s military manning requirements, primarily in Europe.

1970 Jeep M-151A2

In 1954~near the beginning of the ‘Cold War‘~Army manpower stood at 1,404,600-worldwide; Air Force manpower was 948,000; Navy manpower was 725,700; the Marine Corps manpower was 223,800.  The 1954 total uniformed military forces stood at 3,302,100, with a considerable percentage stationed in Europe.
Total U.S. uniformed military manpower in ten-year increments, 1954-2014:

  • 1954-3,302,100 [Cmdr in Chief-Eisenhower];
  • 1964-2,687,400 [Cmdr in Chief-Johnson];
  • 1974-2,162,000 [Cmdr in Chief-Nixon/Gerald Ford];
  • 1984-2,138,200 [Cmdr in Chief-Reagan];
  • 1994-1,610,500 [Cmdr in Chief-“Slick-Willie“];
  • 2004-1,426,800 [Cmdr in Chief-George W. Bush];
  • 2014-1,354,100 [Cmdr in Chief-“ClownPrinceobama].

From the end of World War II~1945~until the late 1980s, the United States had a great responsibility to the free world in her maintenance of a well trained, well equipped, uniformed military, ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.  The former Soviet Union was held in check by America’s substantial uniformed military coupled with massive, war-making weapons and machinery!
After the ‘Berlin Wall’ came down the Soviet Union disintegrated into Russia and several communist countries.  During the same period The United States instituted an ill-conceived plan to close U.S. military bases worldwide and reduce manpower requirements… just at the time Russia was beginning to demonstrate that it had grown “huge balls” and was flexing it’s political and military ‘testosterone levels’ around the world.

U.S. Military Bases in Germany, 2009

Speaking only of Europe, currently the United States military has four component commands and one sub-unified command:

  • Naval Forces Europe [NAVEUR] 44,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Army Europe [USAREUR] 26,800 personnel;
  • U.S. Air Forces Europe [USAFE] 25,600 personnel;
  • U.S. Marine Forces Europe [MARFOREUR] 1,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Special Operations Command Europe [SOCEUR] Manpower numbers are not widely disclosed.

This indicates there’s but 98,400 members of U.S. forces of all branches to defend Europe and the Eastern United States from the Russian hordes!!  We’ve already seen what an inept, inexperienced Cmdr in Chief~in”ClownPrinceobama~coupled with a severely undermanned, under equipped military is faced with… and is barely able has no desire to contain.

M-35A3, Year Unknown

In conclusion:  With a new President~Commander-in-Chief~at the helm, now is the time to open discussions with the major NATO countries of Europe and the Middle East with respect to opening previously closed military facilities, increasing manpower to staff said facilities.  With 28 NATO Member Nations, seems fairly simple to negotiate either added facilities or indigenous manpower, or both.  Reducing foreign aid to zero dollars will partially fund both manpower and facilities increases.  It would be far better to battleobama‘s buddies the muslim terrorists in/nearer their home countries than on U.S. soil.  Just a thought.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case


“Clown Prince” obama Weekly Blather, June 17th

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…Turning Orlando ‘Political…’

Remarks of President Barack Obama as Delivered

Weekly Address

The White House

June 18, 2016 

It’s been less than a week since the deadliest mass shooting in American history.  And foremost in all of our minds has been the loss and the grief felt by the people of Orlando, especially our friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.  I visited with the families of many of the victims on Thursday. [It took me less than a week to co-opt a national tragedy to get some “Chuckie-Cheeze SCHUMER-Like” TV face time, as well as diverting the national discussion 180 degrees to ‘gun control!’  Had I any real compassion for the victims and their families, I’da stayed out of the national spotlight until said families had ample opportunity to grieve and I certainly wouldn’t have brought up the topic of ‘gun control.’]  And one thing I told them is that they’re not alone.  The American people, and people all over the world, are standing with them – and we always will.
The investigation is ongoing, but we know that the killer was an angry and disturbed individual who took in extremist information and propaganda over the internet, and became radicalized.  During his killing spree, he pledged allegiance to ISIL, a group that’s called on people around the world to attack innocent civilians.
We are and we will keep doing everything in our power to stop these kinds of attacks, and to ultimately destroy ISIL.  [Just a little ‘aside,’ here… does anyone wonder why I say “ISIL” rather than the more universal “ISIS?”  This Rush Limbaugh quote explains it nicely: “…and ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant includes more than Iraq and Syria. It would include Israel, which, to these people, Israel is a fraud. Israel doesn’t deserve to be there.” I~as a self-confessed muslim~have a ‘Koran-directed’ hatred for Israel and all it stands for.  Thus, I use “ISIL” more to piss-off BeBe Netanyahu than anything else!] The extraordinary people in our intelligence, military, homeland security, and law enforcement communities have already prevented many attacks, saved many lives, and we won’t let up. 

Alongside the stories of bravery and healing and coming together over the past week, we’ve also seen a renewed focus on reducing gun violence.  As I said a few days ago, being tough on terrorism requires more than talk.  Being tough on terrorism, particularly the sorts of homegrown terrorism that we’ve seen now in Orlando and San Bernardino, means making it harder for people who want to kill Americans to get their hands on assault weapons that are capable of killing dozens of innocents as quickly as possible.  That’s something I’ll continue to talk about in the weeks ahead.  [No matter how tragic, no matter how depressing, no matter how gory the incident, I can~and WILL~pivot the topic back around to gun control~meaning restricting access to weapons by regular Americans.  Notice how I’ve trained the media to use ‘auto-insert’ and every tragic shooting now includes  the phrase “assault-weapon, …weapons!”  We have that phrase ingrained into the commie-lib American psyche.  The commie-lib-Americans in the public are so conditioned that they visualize “assault-weapon” if they see a black shoulder-weapon; if they see a black rifle with the magazine inserted; if they see a black weapon with a heat shield around the barrel, etc.]
It’s also part of something that I’ve been thinking a lot about this week – and that’s the responsibilities we have to each other.  That’s certainly true with Father’s Day upon us.
I grew up without my father around.  While I wonder what my life would have been like if he had been a greater presence, I’ve also tried extra hard to be a good dad for my own daughters.  Like all dads, I worry about my girls’ safety all the time.  Especially when we see preventable violence in places our sons and daughters go every day – their schools and houses of worship, movie theaters, nightclubs, as they get older.  It’s unconscionable that we allow easy access to weapons of war in these places – and then, even after we see parents grieve for their children, the fact that we as a country do nothing to prevent the next heartbreak makes no sense.  [Worrying about my children’s safety is just so much bullshit!  Why should I worry?  They’re surrounded by their ARMED Secret Service protection detail and travel in ARMORED limos any time they leave barackINGHAM PALACE!  I don’t see that my life would have been much different with a father in the house, particularly with the father I was stuck with.  After my father, my mother had several acquaintances who “used to visit” on a regular basis… then she married that dunce Lolo Soetoro.  My father was a full-blown communist, my step-father the same, the fact that I was mostly raised by Frank Marshall Davis a long-time REGISTERED COMMUNIST; that in college I sought out other like-minded students; that in my post-ed adult life I gravitated toward many avowed~even  MORE registered~communists, commie-libs in and around the Chicago area.]
So this past week, I’ve also thought a lot about dads and moms around the country who’ve had to explain to their children what happened in Orlando.  Time and again, we’ve observed moments of silence for victims of terror and gun violence.  Too often, those moments have been followed by months of silence.  By inaction that is simply inexcusable.  If we’re going to raise our kids in a safer, more loving world, we need to speak up for it.  We need our kids to hear us speak up about the risks guns pose to our communities, and against a status quo that doesn’t make sense.  They need to hear us say these things even when those who disagree are loud and are powerful.  We need our kids to hear from us why tolerance and equality matter – about the times their absence has scarred our history and how greater understanding will better the future they will inherit.  We need our kids to hear our words – and also see us live our own lives with love.  [In all actually~in a sane world~the risks posed by guns is a severe lack of same when the need arises to defend the populous.  What we commie-lib-fascists will not admit: guns are  life-saving devices to be used in a thoughtful manner by well-schooled individual citizens licensed to have weapons of their choice. Had there been more patrons of the Pulse Nightclub with LEGAL, PERMITTED handguns, this tragedy could have been EASILY AVERTED!  Just a half-dozen CCP holders with~say~14-shot, semi-autos, the Islamic muslim terrorist shit-bag, Omar Mateen would have been “dealt with” from each of the aforementioned half-dozen defenders!  In this case~as the saying goes~”When seconds count, police are HOURS AWAY..” this tragedy continued to unfold for around THREE-HOURS before said shit-bag was fatally dealt with!!]
And we can’t forget our responsibility to remind our kids of the role models whose light shines through in times of darkness.  The police and first responders, the lifesaving bystanders and blood donors.  Those who comfort mourners and visit the wounded.  The victims whose last acts on this earth helped others to safety.  They’re not just role models for our kids – their actions are examples for all of us.  [Much of America is too young to remember but in the curriculum of the ’50s schools particularly in suburban and rural areas, weapons-safety was a regular class in those schools not yet taken over by the commie-lib fascist educators like Howard Zinn.  With the socialist re-writing of our history, nearly everything ‘conservative, common-sense, logical’ has been written out of the texts.  San Berdino, Orlando and future tragedies are~and will be~a direct result of the commie-lib takeover of the executive branch, several state and local governments as well as the education of the nation’s youth!]
To be a parent is to come to realize not everything is in our control.  But as parents, we should remember there’s one responsibility that’s always in our power to fulfill: our obligation to give our children unconditional love and support; to show them the difference between right and wrong; to teach them to love, not to hate; and to appreciate our differences not as something to fear, but as a great gift to cherish.  […as is my commie-lib bent, I’ve conveniently left out: “…protect our children with both knowledge, training, and materiel.”  Had the children in the Orlando nightclub been brought up WITHOUT the “everybody-gets-a-trophy” mentality; brought up with training to think for themselves rather than wait for ‘someone else’ to step in, they very well could have mitigated the damage with their OWN actions.  Actions like self-defense training, like carrying objects to be used as defensive weapons, and if so inclined, having a permit to LEGALLY carry a concealed handgun for defense!]
To me, fatherhood means being there.  So in the days ahead, let’s be there for each other.  Let’s be there for our families, and for those that are hurting.  Let’s come together in our communities and as a country.  And let’s never forget how much good we can achieve simply by loving one another.”

In the future it will be imperative that upcoming generations have the training and abilities to defend themselves, to recognize those Islamic muslim terrorist shitbags hell-bent on doing damage to this country and it’s citizenry.  America is at a point where, if something is not done soon~as in a complete change in the federal ideology~the country’s values and protections will be lost.  To paraphrase “Ronaldus-Magnus,”President Ronald Reagan:
If America fails, there will be no other like place to run to.”
Bear that phrase in mind when going into the voting booth in the Fall.  If America continues the past eight-years’ slide deeper-and-deeper into commie-shitbag liberalism, the country surely will fail!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Saturday….
Justin Case

My Blather On…. Immigration/Amnesty; April 10th

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MY Position Has Always Been….
    I’ve “forever” thought that ‘fence-jumpers, river-swimmers’ are doomed right from the start!  The first thing they’ve done as RESIDENTS of the United States was ILLEGAL, in that they’ve crossed one of America’s borders “without an invitation.”  The country’s leadership went wrong the instant the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo [1848] became official:  They failed to start the fencing along the new southern border!  So…. that’s where I stand.
Practically since then~1848~the fore-runners of the obamacRATics~the democRATics~have been promoting illegal immigrants to INVADE the United States!  To that end, they eventually found someone they chose to snooker…~my presidential fave~”Ronaldus-Magnus…President Ronald Reagan.  In 1986, Mr Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act into law.  As they were to do later with the budget, the democRATics failed to ‘hold up their end’ in that they REFUSED to enforce the immigration laws contained therein.  The obamacRATics continued this policy with the ‘current-and-ongoing’ obama refusals.
Currently, we have some declared~and likely~republicRATic contenders for the position of “Back-up” to Benjamin Netanyahu as ‘the preeminent world leader.’  In some cases, their immigration/amnesty positions are troubling to me and should be to conservatives:

  • Jeb Bush“…said he would be open to allowing illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and said his position on immigration is “the grown-up plan.””
  • Ted Cruz“What has not been as evident is what he supports: legal status for millions of people here already, while making it easier for immigrants to come here through the front door.” 
  • Rand Paul“…Paul has spent considerable time trying to block or undo immigration proposals offered by others.  …also introduced legislation that sought to undo […] obama’s executive orders to delay deportation of some immigrants in the country illegally.”
  • Marco Rubio“…ICE’s additional concern is that the amnesty bill [which Rubio supports; which is kinda OLD, but still noteworthy] would make permanent their inability to enforce the law by giving DHS Secretary Janet Napolitanovirtually unlimited discretion” to waive all enforcement of immigration law.”

    There you have it… while I do support some candidates’ positions, so far, I don’t see anyone I can support on the ‘immigration/amnesty’ issue.  You should now be as concerned as I am with respect to “the best man/woman for the job as “Bibi‘s backup!”  Our saving grace would be that we’ve not seen the entire field of candidates yet; that there’s someone in the wings that would be the ‘polar-opposite’ of “Clown Princeobama!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
Reference “Lie-Barry:”,28804,1859513_1859526_1859516,00.html

GOP: Return To Your Roots!

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Refrain From Being The Party Of “Me Too”

For the past twenty~~or so~~years, the republicRATic party has been playing catch-up to the obamacRATic (formerly, the democRATic party tho’ nothing about it is “democratic!”) party. The republicRATics have been chided for not being bi-partisan, for not rolling-over-and-playing-dead at each fork in the political road!  Bi-partisanship~~in most cases~~is a label assigned those too ‘squishy‘ to have an opinion, to have a policy for which they’re willing to stand up for.

After “Clown Princeobama‘s first immaculation he threw  TRILLIONS-of-dollars~~willy-nilly~~all over the place; most of which landed in the pockets of his bundlers, his donors, his political supporters and his high-level campaign flunkies.  After~~sort’a~~ bailing out~~or taking over~~the green energy industry, the auto industry, the banking industry, the housing industry, the student loan industry, the welfare ‘industry,’ the health care CONTROL industry, the health care insurance industry, ad nauseam, “Dear Leader” was finally forced to admit that America’s economic problems were far greater than his handlers first realized or able to resolve.  The problems inherited by “Clown Princeobama were not insurmountable had he not relied on his socio-fascist economic policies.  While PresidentRonaldus-MagnusReagan inherited far worse problems, the solution lay in how he acted and reacted to said problems.     When “Ronaldus-Magnus” took office in January, 1981 the country was in a deep-deep hole, barely able to see daylight!  Mr Reagan‘s inherited economy consisted of 10.8% unemployment, 21.5% prime rate and 13.5% inflation rate [Remember:  This was at a time before the obamahandlers “readjusted” the way these criteria were interpretedMr Reagan was not privy to the benefits of “adjusted” statistics.].  These numbers may well have been the basis for the president’s victory in 44 of 50 states. In “obama-speak,” that would be 51 of 57 states.

Did President Reagan go the ‘bi-partisan’ route?  Not no, but HELL NO!  While he did benefit from some democRATic support, he did not demand it, nor did he need it.  The President relied on the proven track record of ‘free market’ economics which~~unlike socialist economic principles~~succeeds every time it’s tried [Not one socialist government~~worldwide~~can be pointed to as economically ‘successful.’]  The current republicRATic party leadership seems to believe they have to ‘go along to get along’ with the obamacRATics, most especially one John Boehner, the current Speaker of the House.  Mr Boehner frequently makes a public display of standing against obamacRATic socio-fascism; for his party’s free-market philosophy but~~in the end~~capitulates to the minority‘s* opinions.  Many is the time said Speaker has attempted to ‘rally-the-troops‘ against the “Tea Party” policies and principles that put several of his party into office.  This~~at the very least~~is disloyal to the very voters that put the “Tea Partiers” into office, particularly in the face of the aforementioned “Reagan Era” successes.

The republicRATic party has to renounce it’s current image of being “obamacRAT-Lite.”  The GOP is not ‘a team’ separate from the Tea Party movement, but should be a co-equal political force.  As the lone conservative medium has noted, the American taxpayer, the American voter is far more conservative than any time since the “Reagan Era.”  As noted by Jenny Beth Martin~~national coordinator of theTea Party Patriots“~~

“It’s [the Tea Party movement] an autonomous force.  When either party is doing the right thing, the Tea Party stands with them.  And when either party is doing the wrong thing, we hold them accountable.”

The primary objective must be the defeat of socio-fascism as~~seemingly~~is the norm in federal governance, in ALL branches.  A united stance will be required to confront the currently on-going, detrimental liberalism.

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

*Since the November, 2010 elections, republicRATics have been the majority party by membership, by affiliation.

This’n’That; June Twenty-Seventh #1; They’re Off!

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The ‘Arrogants’ Of barackingham Palace Off on $100MILLION Vaca

     The ungrateful obama family with a coupla extras are off on one of the most expensive VACATIONS in presidential history.  This by one of the worst abusers of taxpayer largess this country has ever seen!  Not only that, this schlub is completely insulated from the minions that do his bidding, for his and their personal and professional monetary gain.

     This African trip vacation will require upwards of 56 support vehicles (and the air transportation thereof), 3 truckloads of bullet resistant glass, fighter jets CONSTANTLY on patrol as well as a Naval aircraft carrier stationed in nearby waters just in case the “Clown Prince” needs their surgical unit for a sliver or some other such nonsense.  Well beyond that, ya know what really pisses me off?!?  The “Clown Prince” obama family are taking two EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS at ADDED taxpayer expense!  ‘MotherRobinson and “Michelle Antoinette‘s” niece Leslie Robinson are beating the taxpayer over the head to the tune of $27,277 EACH!!  The individual travel expense for the two ‘hangers-on’ is for business-class passage.  In what world does the current American royalty travel BUSINESS-class?!?  I’m guessin’ we could easily add 40% to get into the first-class cabin, which would make owings to the Treasury of $38,188 EACH.

  • District of Corruption to Dakar, Senegal:       $18,686 (both)
  • Dakar to Johannesburg, South Africa:            $11,918
  • Johannesburg, to Cape Town, South Africa: $874
  • Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:        $4,680
  • Dar es Salaam to District of Corruption:        $17,396

Although it’ll never be paid voluntarily, “Clown Princeobama owes the taxpayers just south of $55,000 for the added passengers…. and that’s dam cheap for “Super-Duper” First Class accommodations aboard AirFarceOne!

    This certainly begs the discussion on any president’s private use of public equipment, facilities.  Seems to me that with corporations having travel budgets for their CEOs and other high level executives, so should the federal government.  We–you and I, the folks footin’ the bill–can’t hitch a ride when his royal clownness goes to Hawaii TWICE IN ONE WEEK, so why are we supposed to pay for the mother-in-law and the brother’s kid?!?

    Given that it costs the taxpayer just shy of a quarter-million bucks just to fire up AirFarceOne’s  engines and taxi to the end of the runway;

Given that the “Clown Princeobama family is averaging nearly ONE VACATION PER MONTH for the past 4-1/2 years, this discussion is becoming more and more necessary as the days tick on.

Sure there are official trips that every president is expected to make, but the instant his wife/mistress, family, familial ingrates climb aboard, it becomes a quasi-vacation, at least for the family hangers-on.  To that end, said hangers-on should be billed for FIRST CLASS passage from departure point through each destination point, on to the final stop in the District of Corruption.   Once, the president’s vacation expenses(transportation AND housing) reach a pre-determined point, like $3,000,000, he/she should be billed for the full expense ($180,000PER HOUR) of flitting from one fundraiser-to-the-next!! 

    Although this president’s performance would dispute it, the primary presidential responsibility IS NOT FUNDRAISING, nor is it PERFORMING policy speeches from various points throughout the United States!  This president–of course with necessary clearance from The Bilderberg Group–should consider: “WWRMD” as translated:

“What Would Ronaldus-Magnus Do?”

    Don’cha think it’s kinda “rubbin’ your nose in it” when a ruler destroys an economy; makes plans to destroy the national energy production, then goes on a $100Million vacation?!?  This guy lives like he’s Bill Gates (sorry for the insult, Mr Gates) on a comparative White House Usher’s salary!!

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”

This’n’That; January Twenty-Fourth #2; I Like It!

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Finally, A RepublicRATic With Testicles!!

    I kinda doubt that anyone has EVER had a “Michelle Antoinette” -like grip on Senator Rand Paul‘s nutsack as we saw from the photo of the “Clown Prince” et al, on The View:

Is a “Nut-Crunch” really that pleasant?!?


    During Senator Paul‘s questioning of Hillary Rob’em Clinton at the Senate’s Foreign Relations proceedings, he said she’d be unemployed if he were president!! To quote Senator Paul, through Dr Tim Stanley, through the U.K. Telegraph:

“I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility [Mrs Clinton]. I think ultimately with your leaving that you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11. And I really mean that. Had I been president and found you did not read the cables from Benghazi and from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post. I think it’s inexcusable.”

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky

    Now, I gotta tell ya: I both enjoy and respect Senator Paul‘s firm stand on policy, on ‘the right thing to do,’ on ethics, et al.  How nice it would be if far more republicRATic senators–and ANY republicRATic representatives–would stand up to The Bilderberg Group and it’s sycophantic obama Regime!! Senator Paul has mentioned on several forums that he’s very interested in running for the presidency in 2016.  I’m all for that; quite possibly a happening as great, as important as the election and re-election of Ronaldus-Magnus;” President Ronald Reagan!















Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

Reference “Lie-Barry:”

Senator Paul‘s statement/questions regarding the Clinton incompetentcy:

This’n’That; October Fifth #1; Get Over It!!

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Romney Won Debate #1, Get Over It!!
    ‘BungalowBill‘ is a prolific blogger from the Springfield, Mo., area.  ‘Bill‘ clearly dislikes Governor Mitt Romney as the republicRATic candidate to replace “Clown Princeobama and repair his colossal screw-ups!!  In a recent post, ‘Bill‘ whines that Governor Romney is creating yet another profit center for his big pharma donors.  I think not!  The governor is merely axing obamaKare and returning that controverisal $716 Billion stolen from the pockets of Medicare.  ONE gain in the demise of obamaKare is removal and/or reduction of the 22 new or increased taxes, fees and penalties.  I’d call that a net-gain for the taxpayer.
    In an earlier post, ‘Bungalow‘ derided Governor Romney for his stance on the President Ronald Ronaldus-Magnus Reagan principles of governance.  18 years ago, Governor Romney stated said principles were not his own.  In Denver, the Governor stated that he’d adopted the aforementioned principles.  One might surmise by the two referenced posts that ‘Bungalow Bill‘ prefers the “Clown Prince” over someone clearly not of a socio-fascist bent.
    Early-on in the 2012 republicRATic primary process, Governor Romney was not my choice, either.  But in this election season, I adhere to The Buckley Rule:
Support the most conservative candidate who is electable.”
Til Nex’Time….

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