Will obama Continue His RACIST Bent?
Clown Princeobama is~in many educated minds~the most racist, the most racially divisive individual on the planet…. certainly in America…. most certainly inbarackINGHAM PALACE!!  In barackINGHAM PALACE the “Clown Prince” has plenty of like-minded company, primarily in ‘Michelle Antoinetteobama andValerieI-run-this-showJarrett.  Prior to the “Clown Prince‘s” TownHall on “Race Relations and Policing” Thursday evening, obama met Wednesday [July 13, 2016] with BLM management to ensure no black toes were stepped on; all racist talking points would be addressed.

    Valerie~’I-run-this-show~Jarrett~one of the regime’s REGISTERED communists and prime racist~has met a few times with the BLM leadership in barackINGHAM PALACE:

barackINGHAM PALACE senior advisor Valerie~’I-run-this-show’~Jarrett and other obama administration officials spent Wednesday [Sep 17, 2015] evening meeting with several Black Lives Matter activists, including Brittney Packnett and DeRay McKesson.”

*Drinking Game suggestion:  A drink for each time “Clown Princeobamasays “I or me or my.”
[During his Dallas Memorial blather, obama said “I NO LESS THAN 46 TIMES!]
 Another suggestion: a drink for each time the Clown Princejustifies BLM thugs/thugettes or vilifies the police.
What I expect to happen tonight… NOTHING NEW!  The “Clown Prince‘s” other attendees will acquies  to his ‘royal-princeness.’

  • black lives matter will remain on their ‘princely’ pedestal;
  • The forum will concentrate on all the ‘goodness’ black lives matters has achieved;
  • The forum will concentrate on adversarial policing rather than any humanitarian policing.

This may be another of those shows to DVR so as to speed through the blather and get to the meat~IF any~of the meeting.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case