This’n’That; March 20th; US Military in Europe

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Should The U.S. Boost Military Numbers In Europe?
I vote yes!
Most of us should remember Ronaldus-Magnus and his instantly famous phrase:
Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall,”
from the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, FRG.
That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Cold War’ and it’s military manning requirements, primarily in Europe.

1970 Jeep M-151A2

In 1954~near the beginning of the ‘Cold War‘~Army manpower stood at 1,404,600-worldwide; Air Force manpower was 948,000; Navy manpower was 725,700; the Marine Corps manpower was 223,800.  The 1954 total uniformed military forces stood at 3,302,100, with a considerable percentage stationed in Europe.
Total U.S. uniformed military manpower in ten-year increments, 1954-2014:

  • 1954-3,302,100 [Cmdr in Chief-Eisenhower];
  • 1964-2,687,400 [Cmdr in Chief-Johnson];
  • 1974-2,162,000 [Cmdr in Chief-Nixon/Gerald Ford];
  • 1984-2,138,200 [Cmdr in Chief-Reagan];
  • 1994-1,610,500 [Cmdr in Chief-“Slick-Willie“];
  • 2004-1,426,800 [Cmdr in Chief-George W. Bush];
  • 2014-1,354,100 [Cmdr in Chief-“ClownPrinceobama].

From the end of World War II~1945~until the late 1980s, the United States had a great responsibility to the free world in her maintenance of a well trained, well equipped, uniformed military, ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.  The former Soviet Union was held in check by America’s substantial uniformed military coupled with massive, war-making weapons and machinery!
After the ‘Berlin Wall’ came down the Soviet Union disintegrated into Russia and several communist countries.  During the same period The United States instituted an ill-conceived plan to close U.S. military bases worldwide and reduce manpower requirements… just at the time Russia was beginning to demonstrate that it had grown “huge balls” and was flexing it’s political and military ‘testosterone levels’ around the world.

U.S. Military Bases in Germany, 2009

Speaking only of Europe, currently the United States military has four component commands and one sub-unified command:

  • Naval Forces Europe [NAVEUR] 44,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Army Europe [USAREUR] 26,800 personnel;
  • U.S. Air Forces Europe [USAFE] 25,600 personnel;
  • U.S. Marine Forces Europe [MARFOREUR] 1,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Special Operations Command Europe [SOCEUR] Manpower numbers are not widely disclosed.

This indicates there’s but 98,400 members of U.S. forces of all branches to defend Europe and the Eastern United States from the Russian hordes!!  We’ve already seen what an inept, inexperienced Cmdr in Chief~in”ClownPrinceobama~coupled with a severely undermanned, under equipped military is faced with… and is barely able has no desire to contain.

M-35A3, Year Unknown

In conclusion:  With a new President~Commander-in-Chief~at the helm, now is the time to open discussions with the major NATO countries of Europe and the Middle East with respect to opening previously closed military facilities, increasing manpower to staff said facilities.  With 28 NATO Member Nations, seems fairly simple to negotiate either added facilities or indigenous manpower, or both.  Reducing foreign aid to zero dollars will partially fund both manpower and facilities increases.  It would be far better to battleobama‘s buddies the muslim terrorists in/nearer their home countries than on U.S. soil.  Just a thought.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case


This’n’That; September Thirteenth #1; Nuts!

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“Closed Circuit” Message For obama Seems to me that you’re not able to act properly; in a manly way; in a presidential way. Now might be a really good time for you to ask beg “Michelle Antoinette” to loosen the grasp she has on your nuts! You are in dire need of a testosterone injection and dam’ quick!! Governor Romney is making you look like more of a fool that you, yourself normally do!! I gotta ask ya?!? Who was the more-presidential in their response to the recent radical, muslim terrorist actions in the Middle East? RIGHT!! Governor Romney!! You’ve got to take back your nut-sack control if you expect to have any chance at all in the upcoming re-immaculation election!! Til Nex’Time….”Closed Circuit” Message For obama

Seems to me that you’re not able to act properly; in a manly way; in a presidential way. Now might be a really good time for you to ask beg “Michelle Antoinette” to loosen the grasp she has on your nuts! You are in dire need of a testosterone injection and dam’ quick!!

Governor Romney is making you look like more of a fool that you, yourself normally do!! I gotta ask ya?!? Who was the more-presidential in their response to the recent radical, muslim terrorist actions in the Middle East? RIGHT!! Governor Romney!! You’ve got to take back your nut-sack control if you expect to have any chance at all in the upcoming re-immaculation election!!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; September Eleventh #1; Rememberance

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Don’t Be A Part Of The obama “Bullshit!”

    While not falling for the Congressional or the obama ‘bullshit‘ myself, I intend to honor the concepts of rememberance and service.

As a part of my service, I intend to gin up as much local ‘voteobamaout‘ sentiment and action as I can.  I have no doubt my actions will–in part–help to make America a better place to live, work, raise a family, retire and finally to be laid to rest.

Democrat president Barack Obama bows to Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko 11-09
Clown Princeobama, The Ignoramus, bowing to the Japanese Emperor (only the Japanese bow their emperor!)

As a part of my rememberance, I intend to tell anyone who’ll listen about the ruthless, degenerate, radical muslim terrorists who intentionally murdered over three-thousand Americans on September 11, 2001.  I intend to continue my abrading of “Clown Princeobama and his Bilderberg Regime for their intentional–although subtle–attempts at sidetracking the American psyche away from the radical muslim terrorists who committed the aforementioned atrocity as well as the hundreds-of-thousands of radical muslims who secretly–as well as openly–support said actions, worldwide.

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; August Twenty-Eighth #2; My Reading List

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Finally, Catchin’ Up On My Reading!

    With a suspected pinched nerve in my lower back, I’ve been forced to ‘take-it-easy,’ primarily cuz I have no choice!!  If ya can’t walk upright, there ain’t much ya can do!! Both “The Young Miss Lovely” and I are voracious readers; she just having finished a book, me having run out of unread books, I picked up the seemingly, most readable book in her library: 

Homer’s Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper

Ms Cooper’s sub-title for the book: 

A Fearless Feline Tale, or how I learned about love and life with a blind wonder cat.

    I want to highlight a specific quote in the book, but first let me set the stage.  The principal character is Homer, a blind–eyeless–black kitten.  Homer was found as a two-week-old orphan with infections in both eyes so severe that his eyeballs had to be surgically removed to maintain life.  Ms Cooper adopted Homer soon after said surgery, before the stitches were out; before that silly cone-around-the-neck had been removed.  Homer was the third cat to populate the Cooper household, with two adult, sighted cats.

Homer inspecting canned tuna

    There are exciting adventures too numerous to recount, of Homer‘s adaptation to his surroundings; his fearlessness in the face of disability; his huge capacity for love of all things!!  This quote–in the first paragraphs of Chapter Sixteen–really impressed me as phraseology too few use for fear of offending those judgmental souls among us:


    Prior to the break-in, I had been on exacly one date where the man in question made it past the front door of my apartment and into the apertment itself.  He’d arrived on a Thursday evening to pick me up, and I’d invited him inside for a drink before we set out.  I went into the kitchen to mix us some cocktails.  When I came back into the living room I found Homer trapped in a corner by my date, who was standing in front of Homer and hissing loudly at him.  There was a wild, terrified look on Homer’s face as his ears turned rapidly back and forth, as if he was trying to hear his way into an excape route.

I nearly dropped the glasses I was carrying. “What the ….?

He came over to me,” my date explained.  “Black cats are bad luck.”

    Most people made a point of being kind to Homer.  A small few were indifferent and simply left him alone.  But I had never witnessed anybody going out of his way to frighten a blind cat.  The voice I heard in my head sounded a lot like my mother’s.

What kind of a person does such a thing?  Who raised this man?

    It may have been the one time in my life when I wished I were a man, ecause what I wanted more than anything in that moment was to haul off and belt that guy in the face.  I had a delightful vision of smashing the glass I held, Sopranos-style, against the side of his skull.  My hands clenched into fists around the ice-filled glasses until I thought frostbite would set in, but my voice was measured.

“The cat lives here,” I said. 

“You do not.  Please get the hell out of my apartment.”

    Not only this adventure, but Ms Cooper had moved from the ‘South Beach’ area of Miami to new employment just blocks from New York’s Financial District, only months before muslim terrorists leveled ‘The Twin Towers!’  This led to more adventures in getting Gwen reunited with her cats on the eleventh floor of a residential tower near “The World Trade Center.”

    Homer has his own Facebook page and a blog.  His book is available here.

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; January Fourth #1; Economy

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It’s The Economy, STUPID!!

    While the early 1990s economy was on a deliberate, shallow climb from the “Read my lips…..” era of President George H.W. Bush (41), then-candidate “Slick-WillieClinton with Algore, kept beating us over the head with:

“….the worst economy in the last 50 years!” and

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

People–“Slick-Willie‘s” own KoolAid drinkers–bought into the slogans of “Slick‘s” bumper-sticker campaign, his–poll driven–bumper-sticker administration.  The “Slick-and-Algore Show” continued their foray into advanced socialism for eight years.  While “Slick-Willie” continued his dalliances with ‘the hired help;’ screwing everything that walked–including the taxpayer–muslim terrorists were hard-at-work, planning many and various attacks on the United States and it’s overseas assets.

    In the ’90s–during “Slick‘s” two terms–“PayGo” was the largely ignored ‘theme-of-the-day.’  In essence, the plan demanded that new spending legislation be ‘paid-for’ by spending cuts in other areas or the much-beloved tax increases.  The 1990s “PayGo” legislation conveniently expired in 2002 and was never brought up again until 2007.

    George W. Bush beat Algore after ump-teen Florida recounts and became president on January 20, 2001.  Just nine-months later, Al Qaeda brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center!  This and various other security and diplomatic measures caused a 26% rise in deficit spending, to $378.2 BILLION; B-I-L-L-I-O-N!!

    The 2006 mid-term election brought a 1-seat owe-bamacRATic majority in the Senate, a 31-seat majority in the House of Representatives.  After Nancy PORKlosi was elected Speaker of the House, she made the following statements:

(November 8, 2006; On MSNBC-Brian Williams interview:)

“No new deficit spending, no new bridges to nowhere, heaping mountains of debt on our children.”

(December 12, 2006; During a speech after the elections:)

“demo-[owe-bama]-cRATs are committed to ending years of irresponsible budget policies that have produced historic deficits.  Instead of piling trillions of dollars of debt onto our children and grandchildren, we will restore ‘pay-as-you-go’ budget discipline.” 

Senator ‘pinky’ reidincoming Senate Majority Leader–also blathered about:

(November 12, 2006; On CBS News-Bob Scheiffer interview:)

“If you want to have a new program, figure out a way to pay for it without raising taxes.”

Statements of these two legislative miscreants attempted to re-ignite interest in largely ignored legislation forcing the Congress to curtail their “tax-and-spend” budgetary philosophy.  I estimate the re-ignition lasted all of about twenty-minutes!!  Then prevailing ‘ignorance‘ resumed!!

    On January 20,2009–to re-invigorate the “Slick-WillieEra of screwing-the-public–“Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist” was immaculated.  The first day “Clownie” went to play in The Oval Office, the national debt was still just over $10 TRILLION (December, 2008-$10.7 TRILLION)!! An emperor in his own mind, the “Clown” started down the path of “empire equalization.”  Rather than institute fiscal policies that would raise world-wide standards of living, “Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist” went about lowering the American standard of living to the best (or worst) of his abilities!!

    To express his hatred for the United States in general–and his hatred for the accomplished i.e., the rich–“Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist” went about his ‘scorched economy style destruction, simultaneously in two directions.  The PORKlus bill to reward his supporters, contributors and voters came into being in February, 2009-with funds borrowed largely from China.  His attempt at “Cap-and-Trade” legislation–where your utility bills will ‘necessarily sky-rocket‘–was soundly defeated while owe-bamaKare was a minor ‘success (with major consequences!),’ supported by congressional socio-fascists. 

    Since “The Grand Immaculation,” the national debt has been increased by $6 TRILLION in less than three-years!  Yes, that’s right! Over Two-Trillion-Bucks a year, on average!!  Currently–as illustrated by the national debt clock ( –the United States Government OUT-SPENDS it’s income by $1.3 TRILLION each year.  If you and I ran our checkbooks that way, we’d have been in jail for the last ump-teen years!! That’s exactly where the likes of George Soros (an owe-bama handler-by-proxy), most of the Congressional Ruling Class of any party as well as all of the current regime should reside for the next decade, at least.  Now there’s a job creator: building the prisons to house all these miscreants!! 

‘Splain to me again, why YOU elected “Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist?!?”

Til Nex’Time….