This’n’That; Oct 18th; My Letter To The President

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A Letter To The President
    I thought I’d write to President Trump about the UNFUNDED ELD mandate and it’s possible ramifications:
President Donald J. Trump                October 18, 2017
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D. C., 20500
Mister President,
    Your job must be quite similar to herding cats, what with all the “Clown Prince” obama holdovers undermining your every move; what with “Rocket Man” trying to destroy the entire planet… you get my drift here.
Not to add more to your plate, but there’s a looming crisis that very well could wreak havoc on your plans for the nation’s economy going forward.
    The crux of the problem is the FMCSA’s mandate that all commercial trucks and buses be fitted with an electronic logging device [ELD] by December 17, 2017.  Given the vast majority of trucking fleets consist of ten trucks or less, the financial burden may be “make-or-break” for those companies.  The American Trucking Association [ATA] and it’s lobbyists are pushing for the mandate to be maintained.  The ATA incorrectly believes that hours-of-service compliance equals safety… IT DOES NOT!
Most~if not all~ATA-member fleets use ELDs in their power units.  What they’re not telling you is the association members are twice as likely to be involved in traffic accidents versus the 1-10 truck companies who likely do not have on-board ELDs.
    Everything your ‘house’ has; everything my house has, was delivered by a truck at some point in it’s life.  Practically everything~except newborn babies~travels by truck during at least part of it’s journey.  If one is to believe the “Twitter-verse,” many small trucking companies, owner-operators will go out of business with implementation of the aforementioned mandate.  Due to ‘job-hopping,’ it’s difficult to determine how serious the perceived driver shortage really is.  If the shortage is as severe as some would like to believe, ANY shutdown, any loss of trucking assets will surely put the nation’s economy, put your economic plans in jeopardy!
    In the weeks, months and years leading up to this ‘crisis-of-UNFUNDED-mandate’ NOT ONCE has any government ELD-mandate panel ever invited the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association [OOIDA] to any discussion involving, transportation, trucks, trucking issues.  Thus far, you’ve gotten your information from corporate trucking executives who likely “couldn’t find sixth-gear” let alone drive a truck.  The UNINVITED organization I referenced was founded, organized, is administered and staffed by current and former owner/operators, truck drivers.
    I’d like to quote from a recent OOIDA press release:

“The ELD mandate is estimated to cost impacted stakeholders more than $2 billion, making it one of the most expensive federal transportation rulemakings over the last decade…  This is a massive, unfunded mandate that provides no safety, economic, or productivity benefits for most ensnared by the mandate.  That is just one example of a costly policy that truckers contend with that has no bearing on safety.”

    So Mister President, you’re only getting one side of the ‘story,’ and a highly shaded side at that.  Your support of Rep Brian Babin‘s [R, Tx-36] H.R. 3282, The ELD Extension Act of 2017, should surely bring to light the ambiguities of said mandate.  I thank you for your time and your future efforts in resolving this issue.
Joseph ‘Joe’ Hart
Thomas Estates
Holley, N.Y., 14470
cc: Todd Spencer, Exec VP, OOIDA [via e-mail]
      Rep Chris Collins, NY-27 [via snail-mail]
*Full disclosure~I have been a life-member of OOIDA [Owner/Operator Independent Drivers Association] for the past two decades.
Reference “Lie-Barry:”

This’n’That, Oct 13th; Must We Always Be ‘Screwed?’

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Small Business Segment “Takes It In The Shorts” Once Again
The aforementioned small business segment is a nearly voiceless~yet the majority~portion of the American trucking industry.  I’m talking about the owner/operator and the many, many small trucking companies traversing the American highway landscape.  Not the Swifts, the J.B. Hunts, the Schneiders of the trucking world but the little guys and gals chasing their figurative asses all over the map just trying to make a living.
My pedigree is not nearly as ‘long and wide’ as some of the “ol’ soldiers” in the trucking industry.  I wasn’t bright enough to get into trucking right after my [first] four-years in the Air Force.  No… I had to suffer through some divorces and several ill-chosen jobs and a career path or two before I settled into the trucking industry at the age of fifty, which was in 1996.  I went to CDL drivers’ school and after graduation became a company driver for Transport America [TCAM].  After a perceived ‘screwing’ by the powers-that-be involving a tuition payback plan, I left Transport and became a company driver for Crete Carrier Corp.  After a couple of years I bought a tractor and leased in on with MS Carriers.  Just before Mike Starnes sold out to Swift Transportation I put my truck on with Crete Carrier Corp and was very glad indeed to be “back home” with ‘Mr Duane’ and family.  In the early ’00s, I became a needle-dependent diabetic and was forced out of the industry by US DOT regulations in 2006 [which is another story for another rant].
While I was still an active driver, the only thing I ever heard pertaining to electronic logging devices [ELDs] was when Werner Enterprises started testing “e-logs.”

HOS Rules ‘At Work!’

I never thought very much of them and was quite sure I’d never be able to operate under that level of control.  Now we’ve arrived at the point where the FMCSA is soon to mandate the use of ELDs in almost all trucks, with few and very limited exclusions.  While this mandate is detrimental to the majority of the trucking industry, the primary productivity ‘killer’ is the hours-of-service [HOS] requirements.

More HOS Rules ‘At Work!’

I never really had a problem with the HOS rules that were in effect from 1962 to 2003.  I pretty much understood the parameters and elected to do what was known as ‘split-logging.’  I would drive 5 hours, sleep 5 hours, which for me worked out just fine.  At least one of my sleep periods would fall during the daylight hours, giving me a chance to find truck stop parking for ‘no hassle’ parking/time in the sleeper.  Given the 12+ years I spent as an Air Force Air Policeman/Security Policeman, I was well versed on falling asleep ‘at the drop of a hat’ and waking up a few hours later quite refreshed.  Good training for my truck driving years!

STILL MORE HOS Rules ‘At Work!’

I was still trucking when the “14-Hour Rule” was rammed down our throats.  The only thing about that that I really understood was I could NO LONGER ‘split-log.’  THE ONE THING beneficial to me~at least~was the ’34-Hour Re-start.’  This gives the driver a new 70 hour work-week after sitting for 34 continuous hours.  Aside from that, the 14-Hour Rule really put the kibosh to my above-average productivity rate.  Don’t get me wrong, I still made money~good money~but not the kinda money I had made prior to the 14-Hour Rule.  With the on-going and seemingly ubiquitous changes to the HOS rules, the average driver spends a lot of time studying the changes as well as the paperwork/data required to verify compliance.
The ELD mandate is little more than an ever tightening stranglehold on the majority of the trucking industry.  As is the norm, legislators at every level continue to ‘follow-the-money’ and protect/promote their donors’ wants, needs and positions… and ‘To Hell with everyone else!!‘  That being said, the American Trucking Association [ATA] fits the bill, hence they are the primary voice in “all things trucking” with the federal government even though THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY!!  While OOIDA~with it’s smaller membership~attempts to represent the majority… THEY CAN’T EVEN “GET A SEAT AT THE TABLE” in the ELD-related/rule-making discussions.

I’ve been a member of the #TrumpTrain almost since it’s inception and MR TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT.  I get the feeling though, that~while a perceived ‘outsider’~he’s continuing with the federal mindset; the squeeky wheel get the grease!
Where was OOIDA in the ELD discussions?
Where was OOIDA in consultation of USDOT/FMCSA nominee selections?
Why weren’t KNOWLEDGEABLE individuals nominated for USDOT Sec’y, for FMCSA Administrator… i.e., a REAL truck driver, preferably an owner/operator?
Why were MORE legal jugheads nominated for these positions?
Just a few questions that demand answers.

In conclusion:
I whole-heartedly support President Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” [#MAGA] but he needs help to succeed.  The president needs to hear/consult with trucking’s~largely silent~majority and invite the Mom-and-Pop trucking companies and owner/operators to the table in trucking-related discussions/plans/programs.  Nominating another round of pinhead lawyers to important positions doesn’t nothing more than continue the status quo… which is
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
Reference “Lie-Barry:”
[Federal Register pdf]
*I was saddened to find that my representative  Chris Collins [r, NY-27] IS NOT a co-sponsor of H.R. 3282.
**That “Lie-Barry” thingie, above:  In another blog I spoke primarily about “Clown Prince” barack obama.  He being one of the most prolific LIARS on the planet, it seemed normal to use that phrase.

This’n’That; March 20th; US Military in Europe

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Should The U.S. Boost Military Numbers In Europe?
I vote yes!
Most of us should remember Ronaldus-Magnus and his instantly famous phrase:
Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall,”
from the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, FRG.
That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Cold War’ and it’s military manning requirements, primarily in Europe.

1970 Jeep M-151A2

In 1954~near the beginning of the ‘Cold War‘~Army manpower stood at 1,404,600-worldwide; Air Force manpower was 948,000; Navy manpower was 725,700; the Marine Corps manpower was 223,800.  The 1954 total uniformed military forces stood at 3,302,100, with a considerable percentage stationed in Europe.
Total U.S. uniformed military manpower in ten-year increments, 1954-2014:

  • 1954-3,302,100 [Cmdr in Chief-Eisenhower];
  • 1964-2,687,400 [Cmdr in Chief-Johnson];
  • 1974-2,162,000 [Cmdr in Chief-Nixon/Gerald Ford];
  • 1984-2,138,200 [Cmdr in Chief-Reagan];
  • 1994-1,610,500 [Cmdr in Chief-“Slick-Willie“];
  • 2004-1,426,800 [Cmdr in Chief-George W. Bush];
  • 2014-1,354,100 [Cmdr in Chief-“ClownPrinceobama].

From the end of World War II~1945~until the late 1980s, the United States had a great responsibility to the free world in her maintenance of a well trained, well equipped, uniformed military, ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.  The former Soviet Union was held in check by America’s substantial uniformed military coupled with massive, war-making weapons and machinery!
After the ‘Berlin Wall’ came down the Soviet Union disintegrated into Russia and several communist countries.  During the same period The United States instituted an ill-conceived plan to close U.S. military bases worldwide and reduce manpower requirements… just at the time Russia was beginning to demonstrate that it had grown “huge balls” and was flexing it’s political and military ‘testosterone levels’ around the world.

U.S. Military Bases in Germany, 2009

Speaking only of Europe, currently the United States military has four component commands and one sub-unified command:

  • Naval Forces Europe [NAVEUR] 44,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Army Europe [USAREUR] 26,800 personnel;
  • U.S. Air Forces Europe [USAFE] 25,600 personnel;
  • U.S. Marine Forces Europe [MARFOREUR] 1,500 personnel;
  • U.S. Special Operations Command Europe [SOCEUR] Manpower numbers are not widely disclosed.

This indicates there’s but 98,400 members of U.S. forces of all branches to defend Europe and the Eastern United States from the Russian hordes!!  We’ve already seen what an inept, inexperienced Cmdr in Chief~in”ClownPrinceobama~coupled with a severely undermanned, under equipped military is faced with… and is barely able has no desire to contain.

M-35A3, Year Unknown

In conclusion:  With a new President~Commander-in-Chief~at the helm, now is the time to open discussions with the major NATO countries of Europe and the Middle East with respect to opening previously closed military facilities, increasing manpower to staff said facilities.  With 28 NATO Member Nations, seems fairly simple to negotiate either added facilities or indigenous manpower, or both.  Reducing foreign aid to zero dollars will partially fund both manpower and facilities increases.  It would be far better to battleobama‘s buddies the muslim terrorists in/nearer their home countries than on U.S. soil.  Just a thought.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

This’n’That; February 20th;Broken Media

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Broken Media… Softballs To obama; Hardballs To President Trump On Travel
Have ya seen these headlines?

  • Report: Trump on track to cost more in security than obama
  • Tourist-in-Chief: President obama Ditches Washington, D.C. To Travel All 50 States
  • michelle obama Announces Travel Plans: London And Milan
  • president obama’s Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Nearly $6 Million
  • Report: obama Family Travel Expenses Cost Taxpayers $96 Million Over 8 Years
  • Vacationer in chief: Tens of millions spent on 38 obama holidays

President Trump has been in the Oval Office LESS THAN THIRTY-DAYS; conversely Clown Princeobama, aka barry o. soetoro, aka president obama, has been out of office LESS THAN THIRTY-DAYS and already these two are being compared as to their executive travel expenses.  The ‘Broken Media’ is~as usual~failing to compare “apples-to-apples” between Trump and obama.
For their comparisons, the ‘Broken Media’ is using President Trump‘s THREE TRIPS~count ’em:3~to his “Mar-a-Lago Resort” in Florida compared with barry o. soetoro‘s annual vacations to the home of his altered birth certificate, Hawaii:

  • The President‘s travel mileage~one way~DC to Palm Beach is 991 miles.  Three round-trips equal 5,946 miles.
  • The three~Trump~trips in this comparison were ‘working-weekends’ so they in-no-way qualify as vacation trips.
  • The Trump family members ~if they indeed accompanied the President~stayed in their personal residences while in Florida.
  • I seriously doubt The Trump Organization billed the federal government for lodging during the aforementioned three ‘working-weekends.’
  • This makes the President Trump ‘three trip package’ a total expense of $1,228,014 to the TAXPAYER.
  • mr soetoro‘s SINGLE Hawaiian vacation mileage~one-way~DC to Honolulu, Hi., is 4,835 miles.
  • One round-trip~he’s got’a get back to barackINGHAM PALACE, right~mileage is 9,670.
  • The soetoro family Hawaiian Christmas vacations average between 17 and 21 days, making the lodging expenses between $59,500 and $73,500 on the TAXPAYERS’ dime!!
  • This makes a soetoro family ‘three trip package’ a total expense of  between $25,846,489 and $25,860,489 to the TAXPAYER.

In conclusion…
at the very least the media’s comparisons of the President Trump vs barry o. soetoro trip expenses is highly suspect.  The President~thusfar~has never taken a vacation on the TAXPAYERS’ dime; while it’s difficult to find a soetoro working-weekend or a soetoro working-vacation on the TAXPAYERS’ dime or otherwise!!  One also has to bear in mind that normally when barry o. is golfing in far-away places, “michelle, ma belle,” her brood and her mother/babysitter are flitting off vacationing in a different direction, thus different planes!!
It’s not difficult to see that the ‘broken media’~with it’s “fake-news“~uses different criteria when comparing the two…
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
ReferenceLie-Barry:”,+FL/to/Washington,+DC,+HI/to/Washington,+DC [$206,337/flying hour]

This’n’That; February 19th; C-SPAN Joins FakeNews

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Should C-SPAN Be Renamed?!?
I’ve always thought ‘C-SPAN‘ was apolitical, meaning that any political ego could blather in front if it’s cameras and get their point(s) across to the American viewer.  Ninety-one historians have ranked the American presidents as to ‘best’ in several categories. Surprisingly enough… even obama made the list!!  Now it would appear that~at least segments of~C-SPAN have been taken over by millennial snowflakes amongst the political elite.  This quote from a article points that way:

 “…he was ranked at 7th in moral authority (despite heading a scandal-free administration)”

What’ta hell were the snowflakes watching?!?
This graphics lists at least sixty [60!!] scandals…THAT WE KNOW OF:

Granted, this list contains some entries that probably won’t rise to the level of ‘scandal‘ but ya gotta admit there’s more-than-enough here to belie the article’s “SCANDAL-FREE” assertion!
Although I rarely watch C-SPAN, that ‘rarely’ has just turned into “never” given their ‘liberties-with-the-truth!’

If complete honesty were the ‘judging-bar’ here, I contend President Trump has done more for the American people in less-than-five-weeks than “barry o. soetoro“aka the “Clown Prince” aka president obama, did FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in his eight-forgettable-years!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

This’n’That; Feb 15th; Trump vs “The Swamp”

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President Trump’s Dilemma: Washington’s “Elite”
President Donald Trump has quite the dilemma… dealing with~better yet obliterating~the on-going ‘shadow government’ perpetuated by that slimy-prick, barack hussein obama, aka barry o. soetoro, aka barry obama soetoro soebarkah It’s becoming quite evident the “Clown-Prince” is continuing D.C.’s ‘shadow government’ which has likely been in place for decades, if not most of the 20th and all of the 21st centuries, so far. I have long said the aforementioned ‘slimy-prick‘ has not had an original thought in his entire adult life.

Look at the evidence:  Valerie Jarrett sat in on all the~seemingly~important meetings/decisions the ‘slimy-prick‘ was involved in;  America’s most infamous NAZI~George Soros~has/is financing the vast majority of the socio-fascist, commie-lib’s destructive uprisings primarily populated by the self-downtrodden minorities bent on destroying that which they refuse TO WORK FOR.  The same ‘shadow government’ that forced the Flynn resignation; that’s working on a Puzder resignation, perpetuated the infamous~yet false~narrative: “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot!” which was never uttered at the time of each confligration to which it’s assigned.  As noted here, there seems to be evidence of a world-wide “One World Government” apparatus working in the shadows… primarily against~and within~the duly-elected United States government as well as other sovereign European nations and the EU.
One of the next things President Trump must should do is send someone out into DC-proper as well as the surrounding, highly-affluent communities and conduct an ‘inventory’ of dumpsters, trash cans, refuse containers, dust-bins, whatever.  There has to be thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of ’em.  Assign someone TRUSTWORTHY to develop a questionnaire to determine loyalty… to the “Trump Revolution” or to the ‘shadow government.’

President Trump Speaking at CIA Hq, January 21, 2017

With said loyalty questionnaire administered~to ENTIRE intelligence community as well as soetoro hold-overs~review results to determine who stays and who should go.  Those who should go~if not fireable~to be assigned a new full-time job… minute-by-minute monitoring of the various refuse receptacles; others~fireable~should be fired.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

This’n’That; February 10th~9th ‘Circus’ v. Trump’s “Ban”

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Did President Trump Err?
Right off the bat let’s establish that I’m not a lawyer~or a ‘barry o. soetoro-esque‘ grad-lecturer in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW~so forgive me if I stumble periodically or even fall-on-my-face.  I’m a product engineer turned OTR truck driver turned cabinet-maker.
While the Immigration-restricting Executive Order is too long to quote in it’s entirety, it can be found here.
We Americans have seen DAILY, numerous examples of Islamic-muslim terrorism right here at home [Can anyone spell “Dearbornistan, Mi?”].  President Trump~as nominee Trump; as President-elect Trump~has vowed to do his utmost to protect the lives and the freedoms of ALL Americans.  Until Washington-state’s Attorney-General took it upon himself to sue to invalidate said protections, President Trump was doing just that with the aforementioned Executive Order.
Here’s where I got’a “bone-to-pick” on this Executive Order thingie…
As of the end of the ‘barry o. soetoro regime‘ there are +/- 28 immigration laws on the federal books.  Rather than seek public notoriety/acclamation, President Trump~and by extension, the American people~might have been better served if he quietly went to the associated departments/agencies and issued a proclamation stating in part that ‘under no circumstances will the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws be at any level less than 100%!’  Seems to me that might’a worked better.
Prior to the current era, there’ve been four presidents who’ve severely restricted/completely shut-down immigration of various classes/national origins of people into The United States:
President John Adams [1798] using ‘The Alien and Sedition Acts;’
President Chester A. Arthur [1882] using ‘The Chinese Exclusion Act.’
[Upheld by SCOTUS in 1889: “The power of the government to exclude foreigners from the country whenever, in its judgment, the public interests require such exclusion, has been asserted in repeated instances, and never denied by the executive or legislative departments.”**Repealed by Congress, 1943]
President Woodrow Wilson [1917-Veto Override] using the ‘Asiatic Barred Zone Act;’
President Franklin Roosevelt [1941] using Presidential Proclamations 2525, 2526, 2527 [barring entry and naturalization of Japanese, Germans and Italians, respectively].
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

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