This’n’That; February 20th;Broken Media

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Broken Media… Softballs To obama; Hardballs To President Trump On Travel
Have ya seen these headlines?

  • Report: Trump on track to cost more in security than obama
  • Tourist-in-Chief: President obama Ditches Washington, D.C. To Travel All 50 States
  • michelle obama Announces Travel Plans: London And Milan
  • president obama’s Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Nearly $6 Million
  • Report: obama Family Travel Expenses Cost Taxpayers $96 Million Over 8 Years
  • Vacationer in chief: Tens of millions spent on 38 obama holidays

President Trump has been in the Oval Office LESS THAN THIRTY-DAYS; conversely Clown Princeobama, aka barry o. soetoro, aka president obama, has been out of office LESS THAN THIRTY-DAYS and already these two are being compared as to their executive travel expenses.  The ‘Broken Media’ is~as usual~failing to compare “apples-to-apples” between Trump and obama.
For their comparisons, the ‘Broken Media’ is using President Trump‘s THREE TRIPS~count ’em:3~to his “Mar-a-Lago Resort” in Florida compared with barry o. soetoro‘s annual vacations to the home of his altered birth certificate, Hawaii:

  • The President‘s travel mileage~one way~DC to Palm Beach is 991 miles.  Three round-trips equal 5,946 miles.
  • The three~Trump~trips in this comparison were ‘working-weekends’ so they in-no-way qualify as vacation trips.
  • The Trump family members ~if they indeed accompanied the President~stayed in their personal residences while in Florida.
  • I seriously doubt The Trump Organization billed the federal government for lodging during the aforementioned three ‘working-weekends.’
  • This makes the President Trump ‘three trip package’ a total expense of $1,228,014 to the TAXPAYER.
  • mr soetoro‘s SINGLE Hawaiian vacation mileage~one-way~DC to Honolulu, Hi., is 4,835 miles.
  • One round-trip~he’s got’a get back to barackINGHAM PALACE, right~mileage is 9,670.
  • The soetoro family Hawaiian Christmas vacations average between 17 and 21 days, making the lodging expenses between $59,500 and $73,500 on the TAXPAYERS’ dime!!
  • This makes a soetoro family ‘three trip package’ a total expense of  between $25,846,489 and $25,860,489 to the TAXPAYER.

In conclusion…
at the very least the media’s comparisons of the President Trump vs barry o. soetoro trip expenses is highly suspect.  The President~thusfar~has never taken a vacation on the TAXPAYERS’ dime; while it’s difficult to find a soetoro working-weekend or a soetoro working-vacation on the TAXPAYERS’ dime or otherwise!!  One also has to bear in mind that normally when barry o. is golfing in far-away places, “michelle, ma belle,” her brood and her mother/babysitter are flitting off vacationing in a different direction, thus different planes!!
It’s not difficult to see that the ‘broken media’~with it’s “fake-news“~uses different criteria when comparing the two…
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
ReferenceLie-Barry:”,+FL/to/Washington,+DC,+HI/to/Washington,+DC [$206,337/flying hour]


This’n’That; January Thritieth#1; The Next Bubble?

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The ‘Education Bubble’

    Within my own family, I’ve always promoted education as the last thing the federal government has yet to figure out how to tax!  Hence, the more one can get, the farther they can ‘travel’ in their lifetimes.  I have NOT always promoted a formal education as the way to go; an education can be as simple as the information a kid gleans from talking with the grarageman he takes his bike to when the chain won’t stay on the sprokets.  A far more valuable education can be had at a technical or a two-year junior or community college, at far less money.

    Let’s have a look at the  statistics of financing said college education.  Since 1982 AVERAGE cost of a bachelor’s degree (tuition, room & board, books, et al) has increased 439%!!  That rate of increase is twice the rate of medical care; four times the rate of inflation over the same period.

The current tuition annual averages: 2-year public college-$2,713; 4-year public college-$7,605; 4-year private college-$27,293.

Most students qualify for student aid.  In a single year that pool of funds dropped 23%; from 2008-$37Billion, to 2009-$26Billion.

Projected AVERAGE total college expenses (bachelor’s degree):  public college in 2006-$12,796 versus 2018-$112,638;  private college in 2006-$30,367 versus 2018-$267,308. 

How the hell is anyone going to afford an ‘Ivy League’ education?!?

    Relative to graduate loan debt, one study compares Simmons College (Boston,Ma., with Holy Cross College (Worcester, Ma., 

Simmons enrollment: 4,933

Holy Cross enrollment:  2,932

Simmons total cost:  $48,800

Holy Cross total cost:  $50,942

Simmons average grad loan debt:  $42,000

Holy Cross average grad loan debt:  $17,000

Simmons College takes no position–positive or negative–on using private loans to finance education; Holy Cross actively discourages private loans!!

    In recent years the job market–those not destroyed by the current regime–has been flooded with college graduates.  In 2009 there were 1.6 MILLION graduates entering the job market.  At graduation, 81% (that’s 1,296,000) had no job!!  Even if graduates find work, 45% of them are still only earning $15,000 TWO YEARS AFTER GRADUATION!!

    Big Ed is a bubble!  When it will burst is anyone’s guess; how it will affect the parents, the students, the grads, those indebted is–again–anyone’s guess.  But…. rest assured, it will burst.  The parent, the student could take steps to insulate themselves from ‘getting splattered:’

Start with several institutions and compare ALL costs carefully;

Is it really worth attending a costly private college over a public one;

Fully investigate all financial aid and grant options before considering private loans;

If the student must consider private loans; insure the major choice will provide career opportunities to support the added debt;

The consensus is an individual–over a lifetime–is better off with a degree than without.  A prior cost-benefit analysis is a must!!

My personal take on a technical versus a traditional college education:

Far more college grads hire plumbers than plumbers hire college grads!!

Til Nex’Time….

Check out Antioch College, Yellow Spring, Ohio!  This college has ‘had some financial problems’ in the past and is trying to resurrect itself.  To build a student base, the college is giving away a four-year degree,valued at $106,000.  In my little world, that ain’t toooooo shabby!!