Mostly Painful; Very Little Truth

    I found the pain of the Biden Blather to be an exercise in self-abuse; I certainly didn’t have to do it…. but…. that “know your ‘enemy’ thingie” came into play.  I do have a suggestion, though, for the attendees of future national political conventions: Wear Long-Sleeved Shirts and Blouses, P-L-E-A-S-E!!  The single thing that keeps coming back to my mind’s eye: a sea of flapping arm-fat!!

    I expected–as did most other conservatives–the vilification of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and in that, there were few new untruths.  So not much to dwell on there.  I was impressed though, the way Bidenas opposed to his normal ‘gaff machine‘–stuck to the socialist playbook.  It was more than apparent the he’d listened to “Slick-Willie‘s” lies in that blather of the day before.  Biden said that the obama regime had created 4.5 million jobs in their first 29 months of rule.  This is such a load’a’shit!!  On “Clown Princeobama‘s first day at work, the U.S. economy supported 133.56 million jobs; today’s job total is 133.24, actually a NET LOSS of 320,000+ jobs!! 


[Blogger Note:  In the interest of truth here, I must admit that Stephanie Cutterthe obama re-immaculation campaign first-deputy-assistant-underboss-and-mouthpiece–is actually telling the truth here, as obfuscated as that truth might be.  The obama regime DID create 4.5 million jobs, but only after they’d driven the private sector jobs number down to 106.77 million jobs by February, 2010.  Miraculously, the same sector’s jobs numbers came up to the THEN-current 111.31 million jobs.  So, all-in-all, it’s a truth embedded in an obfuscation wrapped in an enigma!!]


    Biden did the expected ‘crowing’ about the Government Motors takeover and subsequent 37% give-away to the very supportive auto union management!  As expected, Biden essentially claimed that Mitt Romney doesn’t get it; that Mitt Romney doesn’t understand the whys and wherefors of political economics.  No Mr Biden, I would hope that he doesn’t; that’s exactly the mindset we–the rightwingers–are fighting against!!  Econ-101 teaches us… well, teaches conservatives…. that bankruptcy is a viable option in the business world; that it allows company reorganization; that it demands the rewriting of a failed business plan; that it demands FIRING an inept management team!  None which happened during or after the government take-over.


    Biden continued to obfuscate the big deal over “Clown Princeobama‘s mother fighting with ‘the insurance company’ on her death-bed.  What he might have said–the truth–is that Ms Dunham-Soetoro was arguing with those handling her DISABILITY insurance, not her HEALTH insurance which he supposed the socialist attendees would surmise.


‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….