This’n’That; May 8th; Courage… What Courage?!?

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Courage…?!? What Courage??

    “Clown Princeobama has received yet another~soon to be~worthless accolade, the ‘Profiles In Courage‘ award.  With his receipt the award’s credibility has been reduced to that of a little league [insert sport here] participation trophy.  For reference, please consider the lowered status of the Nobel Peace Prize since the 2009 obama award for whence he only had TO THINK ABOUT global peace.

    obama‘s participation award was for such courageous acts as 

1.  the [LESS-THAN] Affordable Care Act also known as obamaKare;

2.  his nuclear~give-away~deal with the Islamic-muslim-Terrorist State of Iran;

3.  resumption of the United States‘ diplomatic relations with the communist Nation of Cuba.

WHEW-E-E-E!!  Talk about courage…. This clown’s got it!! 

Just a few items The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation could have considered for,~and in so doing, reduced it’s prestige even further~this participatory award:

1.  obama‘s nearly continuous promotion of the Global Warming Hoax, committing the United States to the 2015 Paris Agreement;

2.  obama‘s eight-year promotion of national racial strife.  Of course he couldn’t accomplish it by himself~obama‘s DONE NOTHING by himself~he’s had George Soros and that financial powerhouse to dictate terms to him; also providing PAID thugs/thugettes for national riots;

3.  obama‘s creation of the next bureaucratic layer of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in his effort to destroy the American national economy with the enforcement of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Ms Mr obama chose that “Lyin’ Indian Chief,Elizabeth Warren to head said bureau.

Let’s not dwell on these misgivings… a more complete list can be reviewed right here.

    Well, “The Clown PrinceDID warn us that he’d not go away quietly.  I’m sure he’ll have other venues to use in his ongoing attempts to gain relevance…. likely, with lots’a help from the Fake News Medial!!

Well folks, that’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time…

Justin Case



This ‘n’That; December Twenty-First #1; “Clown”

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If Hugo Chavez Can Recognize It….!?!

    Apparently Venezuelan dictator, President Hugo Chavez reads this blog!?!  Dictator Chavez is using a shortened version of our favorite title for the US Fascist-DictatorClown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist.”  Dictator Chavezresponding to aClown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissistinterview with the Caracus newspaper,El Universal“– referred to the US Facist-Dictator as “….a clown!”

    The Venezuelan paper published ZERO-bama quotes which upset the Venezuelan dictator:

“….the ties between Venezuela’s government and Iran and Cuba have not served the interests of Venezuela and it’s people.”

“We are concerned about the government’s actions, which have restricted the universal rights of the Venezuelan people, threatened basic democratic values and failed to contribute to the security in the region.”

“[referencing Iran]….Venezuela’s people will soon have to decide what possible advantage there is in having relations with a country that violates basic human rights and is isolated from most of the world.”

    Seems Dictator Chavez took exception to US Fascist-DictatorClown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist‘s” words and opinions:

“owe-bama decided to attack us.  Now you want to win votes by attacking Venezuela.  Don’t be irresponsible.  You’re a clown; a clown.  Leave us in peace….  Go after your votes by fulfilling that which you promised your people.”

“Focus on governing your country, which you’ve turned into a disaster.”

Not only did Dictator Chavez choose our title for owe-bama, he fulling understands “Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist‘s” style of governance!

‘Splain to me again, why YOU elected “Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist?!?”

Til Nex’Time….