“Clown Prince” Blather Correction; June 13th

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Hurry, My Golf Outing Awaits!
“barackopter-1” Landing Zone,
[nr:]barackINGHAM PALACE,
District of Corruption.
June 13, 2014
   I wanted to take some time to give you a quick update about the situation in Iraq.  Yesterday I convened a meeting with my National Security Council to discuss the situation there, and this morning I received an update from my team. Over the last several days, we’ve seen significant gains made by ISIL, a terrorist organization that operates in both Iraq and in Syria. In the face of a terrorist offensive, Iraqi security forces have proven unable to defend a number of cities, which has allowed the terrorists to overrun a part of Iraq’s territory. And this poses a danger to Iraq and its people, and given the nature of these terrorists, it could pose a threat eventually to American interests as well.
    We’ll have to hurry this blather-opportunity up, I’ve got an open tee-time waiting for me!  The Marines’ helicopter: “barackopter-1” is waiting, so make it short!  I know that as the United States’ Chief Potentate [Ruler] (USCP), I can golf anywhere in the world~at any time~I DO HAVE SOME STANDARDS to maintain!  Over the past several days we’ve seen significant gains made by ISIL, which have been in the making for the past several long months and years, stretching nearly back to my 2009 pullout of American ground forces.  These observations~which we initially chose to ignore~were made by Susan Rice who finally ‘found the time’ to do her job between stints at the various ‘Sunday Shows’ spreading the obfuscations, out-right lies and deceits of the obama Regime.
    Now, this threat is not brand-new. Over the last year, we’ve been steadily ramping up our security assistance to the Iraqi government with increased training, equipping and intelligence. Now Iraq needs additional support to break the momentum of extremist groups and bolster the capabilities of Iraqi security forces.  We will not be sending U.S. troops back into combat in Iraq, but I have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support Iraq’s security forces. And I’ll be reviewing those options in the days ahead.  I do want to be clear, though. This is not solely, or even primarily, a military challenge. Over the past decade, American troops have made extraordinary sacrifices to give Iraqis and opportunity to claim their own future. Unfortunately, Iraqi leaders have been unable to overcome, too often, the mistrust and sectarian differences that have long been simmering there. And that’s created vulnerabilities within the Iraqi government, as well as their security forces.
    As with my prior inept decisions borne of both inexperience and my socio-fascist ideology, we will be studying this situation for months-and-months, until all hope of any success is lost.  As recently as January 10th, this murder and mayhem~by ISIS… or if you prefer, ISIL~as been in the news; did anyone [Rice] bother to do their job then?!?  Not no but HELL NO!! 
    So any action that we make take to provide assistance to Iraqi security forces has to be joined by a serious and sincere effort by Iraq’s leaders to set aside sectarian differences, to promote stability and account for the legitimate interests of all of Iraq’s communities, and to continue to build the capacity of an effective security force. We can’t do it for them. And in the absence of this type of political effort, short-term military action — including any assistance we might provide — won’t succeed.  So this should be a wake-up call. Iraq’s leaders have to demonstrate a willingness to make hard decisions and compromises on behalf of the Iraqi people in order to bring the country together. In that effort, they will have the support of the United States and our friends and our allies.  Now, Iraq’s neighbors also have some responsibilities to support this process. Nobody has an interest in seeing terrorists gain a foothold inside of Iraq. And nobody is going to benefit from seeing Iraq descend into chaos. So the United States will do our part, but understand that ultimately it’s up to the Iraqis, as a sovereign nation, to solve their problems.
    We’ve seen the product of my inept-inexperience coupled with the aforementioned socio-fascist ideology:  The ‘way-too-early’ pullout of American troops from Iraq is the direct basis for these vast ISIS/ISIL gains in the cities of Mosul, Tikrit, Fallujah as well as Samarra
   Both you and I are aware of my ‘great love’ for the military and the resultant advice from it’s leaders.  In nearly all cases, I usually chose to ignore any-and-all advice from the generals-in-charge:

At least two years ago, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, warned that “if the Iraqi security forces are not able to put pressure on them, they [ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda] could regenerate.”

Quite obviously I am NOT “the smartest guy in the room,” I failed to take General Buchanan‘s analysis seriously.  But hey…. It ain’t my fault; where was Secretary Clinton in all this?!?  I’ll tell you where:  She was still busy pedaling that tired old lie…. you remember the on-going “Benghazi was caused by ‘the video’” bullshit, right?
    Indeed, across the region, we have redoubled our efforts to help build more capable counterterrorism forces, so that groups like ISIL can’t establish safe haven. And we’ll continue that effort through our support of the moderate opposition in Syria, our support for Iraq and its security forces, and our partnership with other countries across the region.  We’re also going to pursue intensive diplomacy throughout this period, both inside of Iraq and across the region, because there’s never going to be stability in Iraq or the broader region unless there are political outcomes that allow people to resolve their differences peacefully, without resorting to war or relying on the United States military.  We’ll be monitoring the situation in Iraq very carefully over the next several days. Our top priority will remain being vigilant against any threats to our personnel serving overseas. We will consult closely with Congress as we make determinations about appropriate action, and we’ll continue to keep the American people fully informed as we make decisions about the way forward.
This “..we have redoubled our efforts..” bullshit is just that: BULLSHIT!!  When you double ZERO, you get DOUBLE-ZERO, even with the much-hated ‘Common Core!’  If I piddle-about with this Iraq problem~which is most likely, that evil George W. Bush‘s fault~I will essentially be admitting that the lives lost, the grevious injuries sustained, the blood spilt, will have been  in vain!! Ah, but what’ta hell do I care… “barackopter-1” is about to leave!!


This’n’That; September Seventeenth #1; Why?!?

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Nobody Cares Enough To Stop Him

    Where are those senators and representatives who are constantly whining about “Clown Princeobama‘s almost constant trashing both the Constitution and the various federal laws and regulations?!?  Lots of republicRATics and most conservatives (Yes Virginia, there IS a difference!) have a gripe about the way in which the obama Cabal operates, seemingly without impunity.

    “Clown Princeobama didn’t ‘feel the love’ when he decided to start WW0 in Syria so he kicked the can down the road to Congress.  Thankfully for him, his communist authoritarian buddy Vlad Putin pulled obama‘s fuzzy light-brown ass out of the fire.  The trade off for obama was giving the Putin Regime de facto control over U.S. foreign policy.  Now, the “Clown” has ignored Sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), to provide aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy.  The Syrian rebels obama seeks to aid are reputed to be affiliated with al Qaeda, the radical muslim terrorist group.

    The “Clown Prince” backed down when the Congress wouldn’t go along with his foolish Secretary of State–John Forbes Heinz Kerry–in starting the aforementioned WW0.  How much congressional squawking would it take for him to chicken out again?!?  Somebody or -bodies in the Congress have to grow the balls to confront this ignorant ass on every anti-American act he undertakes!!  My fear is that any real infusion of testicular fortitude will never come to light until AFTER THE NEXT REVOLUTION!!

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case



This’n’That; September Thirteenth #1; Nuts!

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“Closed Circuit” Message For obama Seems to me that you’re not able to act properly; in a manly way; in a presidential way. Now might be a really good time for you to ask beg “Michelle Antoinette” to loosen the grasp she has on your nuts! You are in dire need of a testosterone injection and dam’ quick!! Governor Romney is making you look like more of a fool that you, yourself normally do!! I gotta ask ya?!? Who was the more-presidential in their response to the recent radical, muslim terrorist actions in the Middle East? RIGHT!! Governor Romney!! You’ve got to take back your nut-sack control if you expect to have any chance at all in the upcoming re-immaculation election!! Til Nex’Time….”Closed Circuit” Message For obama

Seems to me that you’re not able to act properly; in a manly way; in a presidential way. Now might be a really good time for you to ask beg “Michelle Antoinette” to loosen the grasp she has on your nuts! You are in dire need of a testosterone injection and dam’ quick!!

Governor Romney is making you look like more of a fool that you, yourself normally do!! I gotta ask ya?!? Who was the more-presidential in their response to the recent radical, muslim terrorist actions in the Middle East? RIGHT!! Governor Romney!! You’ve got to take back your nut-sack control if you expect to have any chance at all in the upcoming re-immaculation election!!

Til Nex’Time….

This’n’That; March Thirteenth #2; More Unremarkable Remarks

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The “Condemning Conservatives” Tour; Stop #3

Campaigning on “The Taxpayers’ Dime”

“Clown Prince” Blather Opportunity;

barackingham Palace-Rose Garden

THE “CLOWN PRINCE:”  Good morning, everybody. Before I make an announcement about our efforts to stand up for U.S. businesses and U.S. workers, I’d like to say a few words about the situation in Afghanistan.  Over the weekend, as many of you know, there was a tragic incident in which a number of Afghan civilians were killed. What I’ve made to President Karzai when I spoke to him is that the United States takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens and our own children who were murdered. We’re heartbroken over the loss of innocent life. The killing of innocent civilians is outrageous and it’s unacceptable. It’s not who we are as a country, and it does not represent our military.  And for that reason, I’ve directed the Pentagon to make sure that we spare no effort in conducting a full investigation. I can assure the American people and the Afghan people that we will follow the facts wherever they lead us, and we will make sure that anybody who was involved is held fully accountable with the full force of the law.  Yesterday, I met with General Allen and Ambassador Crocker, who were here in Washington, and I’ve extraordinary confidence in them and in the many Americans who are serving in Afghanistan and who have made extraordinary sacrifices to be there. Today I’ll be meeting with Prime Minister Cameron, who is part of our broad coalition serving in Afghanistan, and we’ll have an opportunity to consult about the way forward as we prepare for the NATO summit in Chicago later this spring.  So make no mistake, we have a strategy that will allow us to responsibly wind down this war. We’re steadily transitioning to the Afghans who are moving into the lead, and that’s going to allow us to bring our troops home. Already we’re scheduled to remove 23,000 troops by the end of this summer, followed by — following the 10,000 that we withdrew last year. And meanwhile, we will continue the work of devastating al Qaeda’s leadership and denying them a safe haven.  There’s no question that we face a difficult challenge in Afghanistan, but I am confident that we can continue the work of meeting our objectives, protecting our country and responsibly bringing this war to a close.

    Since my January-2009 immaculation, I’ve been confronted other events of this nature and I’ve used an appropriate response, depending on the type of event and it’s location.  Remember the shooting incident during my first year of rule.  It took place in November, 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas.  An Army Major–a muslimNidal Malik Hasan, went nuts and shot the hell out of lot’sa other soldiers and civilians.  This nice muslim guy–much to my chagrin–was eventually charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 38 counts of attempted murder!  How can that be?!?  This guy was merely following his faith…. Kill all the infidels!!!

    Now we have this U.S. soldier shooting hell out’ta lot’sa nice muslim men, nice muslim women as well as nice muslim children.  This soldier–maybe suffering a miniscule amount of stress from previous war-zone assignments–allegedly killed 16 Afgans and wounding several others.  We can not condone this outrage against the peaceful muslims and Taliban members of Afganistan!!  Rather than treat the soldier in this latest travesty like Major–and nice muslim guyHasan of Fort Hood ‘fame,’ we must publically crucify in ‘Downtown Rathole, Afganistan.’  Subject him to a civil Afgan trial where he’ll surely be found guilty with no caviat of mental illness; stress related depression, et al.  No other U.S. president ever has–or ever would–subject the soldier to this miscarriage of justice, but that’s what ‘GeneralHolder and I are all about!!

    As I did during my first year of rule–The “Worldwide Apology Tour“–where I went to every muslim and communist country at kissed the ass of each potentate as well has his highest advisors, I’ve bent over backwards to–verbally–once again kiss Karzai‘s ass!!  While I don’t really need a reason to support and applaude muslims, this incident just makes it easier to cement my position with them as well as my own muslim faith!

    The muslim in me is having great misgivings about the wars in both Iraq and Afganistan.  They’re not going well; the American taxpayer is ‘on-the-hook’ for the cost, rather than taking a percentage of Iraqi crude oil as partial payment.  The ideal solution at this point is–in Iraq–herd all the nationals into one area and bomb the rest of the country into one huge glass parking lot; —in Afganistan–about seven days of saturation carpet bombing the whole country should take care of any al Qaeda and Taliban opposition.  We should not be there ‘nation-building!’  Neither 21st Century America nor 16th Century Afganistan will ever be on the same page politically, culturally, economically, philosophicallly!!  What-ta-hell’s the reason for being there?!?
    Now, one of the things that I talked about during the State of the Union address was making America more competitive in the global economy. The good news is that we have the best workers and the best businesses in the world. They turn out the best products. And when the playing field is level, they’ll always be able to compete and succeed against every other country on Earth.  But the key is to make sure that the playing field is level. And frankly, sometimes it’s not. I will always try to work our differences through with other countries. We prefer dialogue. That’s especially true when it comes to key trading partners like China. We’ve got a constructive economic relationship with China, and whenever possible, we are committed to working with them to addressing our concerns. But when it is necessary, I will take action if our workers and our businesses are being subjected to unfair practices.  Since I took office, we’ve brought trade cases against China at nearly twice the rate as the last administration, and these actions are making a difference. For example, we halted an unfair surge in Chinese tires, which has helped put over 1,000 American workers back on the job. But we haven’t stopped there. 

    Two weeks ago, I created a Trade Enforcement Unit to aggressively investigate any unfair trade practices taking place anywhere in the world. And as they ramp up their efforts, our competitors should be on notice: You will not get away with skirting the rules. When we can, we will rally support from our allies. And when it makes sense to act on our own, we will.  I just signed a bill to help American companies that are facing unfair foreign competition. These companies employ tens of thousands of Americans in nearly 40 states. Because of subsidies from foreign governments, some of their foreign competitors are selling products at an artificially low price. That needs to stop.  This morning, we’re taking an additional step forward. We’re bringing a new trade case against China — and we’re being joined by Japan and some of our European allies. This case involves something called rare earth materials, which are used by American manufacturers to make high-tech products like advanced batteries that power everything from hybrid cars to cell phones.  We want our companies building those products right here in America. But to do that, American manufacturers need to have access to rare earth materials — which China supplies. Now, if China would simply let the market work on its own, we’d have no objections. But their policies currently are preventing that from happening. And they go against the very rules that China agreed to follow.  Being able to manufacture advanced batteries and hybrid cars in America is too important for us to stand by and do nothing. We’ve got to take control of our energy future, and we can’t let that energy industry take root in some other country because they were allowed to break the rules. So our administration will bring this case against China today, and we will keep working every single day to give American workers and American businesses a fair shot in the global economy.  We’re going to make sure that this isn’t a country that’s just known for what we consume. America needs to get back to doing what it’s always done best — a country that builds and sells products all over the world that are stamped with the proud words: “Made in America.” That’s how we create good, middle-class jobs at home, and that’s how we’re going to create an economy that’s built to last.

    How do we compete in the world market as manufacturers?!?  As I’ve proven–many times before–I ain’t got’ta clue!!  I’m kinda thinkin’ that all this deficit spending; all this borrowing of trillions-of-dollars from China; all this concentration on unsustainable green energy sources; all these–highest-in-the-world–taxes sure-as-hell aint working!!  I can bally-hoo all I want about how good American products are; about how great and efficient American workers are, if prices at the marketplace aren’t competitive, they ain’t gonna be any sales-simple as that!!

    If my newly formed ‘Trade Enforcement Unit‘ is as effective as ‘GeneralHolder‘s Social Justice Department, we’ve seen our last sale in or to, a foreign country!!  Actually–as designed–the ‘TEU‘ is not designed to work efficiently; the design is simply to reward more and more of my supporters with government jobs; government jobs that pay 130% of the average pay of those folks tasked with ‘footing-the-bill;’ the American taxpayers. 

    I continue to whine about China not letting the markets work, all-the-while circumventing the American auto market by offering $7,500 bribes to Chevy Volt buyers!!  I’ve spent TRILLIONS on rewards in the infrastructure, in the unsustainable green energy, the auto sectors–just to name a few–to what end?!?  Nothing has changed!!  Unemployment–without regime tinkering–is still in the 11% range; true unemployment is still in the 15-16% range!!  Thankfully, MY self-serving national pamphleteers aren’t mentioning that over TWO-MILLION JOBS have been lost and the national average of gas is up over 100% since my immaculation!! 

    Who-the-hell is making ‘the rules’ I refer to?!?  Is there some United Nations Huge Battery Manufacturing and Marketing Rules Agency?!?  Not no, but Hell NO!!  The responsibility for battery quality in the United States falls upon the manufactures IN THE UNITED STATES!!  We’ve got it so ‘down-pat’ that more and more battery fires are breaking out.  Do we hear about battery fires in China?!?  ‘Nuff Said!!’

   The owe-bama Regime keeps karping about taking charge of America’s energy future.  It’s in our hands to change energy policy, thus our energy future.  Do we?!?  Again, not no, but Hell NO!!!  We refuse to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project, thus killing 25,000 immediate–well paying–jobs; thus killing over 150,000–well paying–long-term, permanent jobs in the oil discovery, the oil production, the oil transportation, the oil refining sectors!!  This would help replenish the over TWO-MILLION JOBS lost since my immaculation!!

    America can not return to the country that produces and markets products wordwide without a significant change in the way federal governance is conducted.   A reversion to the America with the values, morals, ethics and the distinct lack of governmental control of the early twentieth century, yet keeping the technology and progress of the twenty-first century is the best change that could be made with individual and middle-class economic advancement in mind.  This can never be allowed and still track the path the progressives and socio-fascists have planned for the country.  The modern liberal mindset is that of a Marxist, a Leninist, a fascist and a communist all rolled into one!  Modern American government is all about power and control; power held by the legislators at every level, control of as many aspects of everyone else’s lives as possible.  With the actual power centers held by special interests and their lobbyists who dispense various measures of limited power to the elected legislators they control.   George Soros and his “Bretton Woods” type governing style–and subjectively, myself–only dispense said power and control to those who’ve been vetted by the group.  As such–unless the “Tea Party Movement retains, grows it’s influence–the control wil become tighter and tighter as the socio-fascists continue to be elected and re-elected.

“Clown Prince” Weekly Blather; October 22nd

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A Patriotic Response To The “Clown Prince;” 10/22/2011

barackingham Palace,

District of Corruption
October 22, 2011

    This week, we had two powerful reminders of how we’ve renewed American leadership in the world. I was proud to announce that—as promised—the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of this year. And in Libya, the death of Moammar Qadhafi showed that our role in protecting the Libyan people, and helping them break free from a tyrant, was the right thing to do.  In Iraq, we’ve succeeded in our strategy to end the war. Last year, I announced the end of our combat mission in Iraq. We’ve already removed more than 100,000 troops, and Iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for the security of their own country. Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, the Iraqi people have the chance to forge their own future. And now the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays.  In Libya, our brave pilots and crews helped prevent a massacre, save countless lives, and give the Libyan people the chance to prevail. Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives. Soon, our NATO mission will come to a successful end even as we continue to support the Libyan people, and people across the Arab world, who seek a democratic future.

[What I’m not telling you:  This ‘withdrawal from Iraq‘ could have–and should have–been announced six-months ago, thus completed by now!  We didn’t because we monitor our internal polling numbers.  Two years into my reign the numbers were holding even and then started dropping at a greater rate than could be tolerated.  Currently, they’re almost in the cellar!  No sitting ruler has ever been re-immaculated with poll numbers as low as my regime is recording!  

    The ‘withdrawal from Iraq‘ has been withheld for six-months with good reason:  My handlers (read: George Soros; Valarie Jarrett) could see that dramatic actions would be necessary to sway the “KoolAid drinkers” and other owe-bamacRATics back into the fold.  The ‘rats‘ have been ‘leaving the ship‘ for the past year or so; we need to draw them back with more of the grandeous promises and outright lies that came from this regime’s “Campaign of Fluff” of 2007 and ’08.”   We’re hoping this ‘withdrawal from Iraq‘ will have a secondary benefit as well; that of endearing the military member and his/her family to the socio-fascist philosophy; thus added voter support!!  Many do not see it; the military traditionally vote for those evil republicRATics; precisely the reason we–whose next immaculation may be in question–usually try to destroy the value of the absentee ballot!  Axelrod even forced MizEat’cher Veggies” Michelle off-her-dead-ass, and onto the campaign trail.  She and ‘plugbiden‘s wife had to show up at Game One of the 2011 World Series to ‘blow-hard’ about the families of military members.  I’ve reviewed some of her blather appearances of this nature…. not very believable!!  She’s not going to sway many voters to the ‘socio-fascist’ camp!

    With regard to that ‘Libyan thingie,’ we–the owe-bama Regime–did little more than “tag-team” with the French and British.  They were the first to respond into Libya with military assets while we were forced to go to the United Nations and demand to be included as an ‘additional opposing force!’  The owe-bama Regime needed–and still needs–another military ‘victory;’ one that can’t be attributed to that evil George Bush #43!!  The owe-bama Osama bin Laden assassination was planned by the aforementioned evil George Bush #43;  this regime’s involvement was little more than demanding I fore-shorten my golf game and come to ‘The War Room‘ for the requisite ‘photo op!’  Very few of our ground assets were in on the Gaddafi Assassination; unlike Seal Team Six with the bin Laden assassination.

   Earlier this morning I was listening to a talk-show originating from just down-the-road, in Richmond, Va…. “The Lee Brothers’ Saturday Show,” from WRVA, 1140AM.  One of the co-hosts–and I can’t recall which one–said something I thought, quite profound!  The co-host said:

We had to suffer through Jimmy Carter to get to Ronald Reagan, so we have to suffer through owe-bama to get to ….who?!?”

The co-host actually said “….who?”  Apparently, many have not made a decision as to their preference to lead the country out of “owe-bamaGeddon!”  We–the regime–keep pushing Willard (Mitt) Romney, he’ll be the easiest to defeat.  Most of the others have plans on all fronts, that we cannot reasonably oppose.  Our opposition–to say, Herman Cain‘s “9-9-9 Plan“–would look silly on it’s face!  Who doesn’t want a fairer, flatter income tax?!?]
These successes are part of a larger story. After a decade of war, we’re turning the page and moving forward, with strength and confidence. The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus on Afghanistan and achieve major victories against al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. As we remove the last of our troops from Iraq, we’re beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.   To put this in perspective, when I took office, roughly 180,000 troops were deployed in these wars. By the end of this year that number will be cut in half, and an increasing number of our troops will continue to come home.   As we end these wars, we’re focusing on our greatest challenge as a nation—rebuilding our economy and renewing our strength at home. Over the past decade, we spent a trillion dollars on war, borrowed heavily from overseas and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength—our own people. Now, the nation we need to build is our own.  We have to tackle this challenge with the same urgency and unity that our troops brought to their fight. That’s why we have to do everything in our power to get our economy moving again. That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, so we can rebuild our country – our schools, our roads, our bridges – and put our veterans, construction workers, teachers, cops and firefighters back to work. And that’s why I hope all of us can draw strength from the example of our men and women in uniform.  They’ve met their responsibilities to America. Now it’s time to meet ours. It’s time to come together and show the world why the United States of America remains the greatest source for freedom and opportunity that the world has ever known.

[What I’m not telling you: The owe-bama Regime is in ‘quiet’ negotiations with the Pakistani rulers and warlords as well as al Qaeda forces with regard to the final distribution of the ‘spoils of war.’  As part of said negotiations, the United States will begin withdrawing American ground and air forces from Afganistan in December, 2011, completion is scheduled for September, 2012-how coincidental is that?!?  Just in time for that–anticipated–bounce in the polls going into the election season!!  This draw-down-to-zero will be playing into the al Qaeda objective: the actual defeat of a major world power.  The American public has been–intentionally–shielded from the brutality; the pure viciousness of al Qaeda forces.  I’ve been enlightened to that situation by reading Marcus Luttrell‘s terrific book, “Lone Survivor.”  I’m at the point in the book where Mr Luttrell and three comrades are fighting off an al Qaeda force of approximately 200 miscreants; just four of ’em!!  Seal Team Ten is fighting from the position of a practically shear mountainside!!  (Can’t wait to get back to the book but the golf courses are calling for this weekend!!)

    With the on-going draw-down in Afganistanal Qaeda forces will be freed to concentrate their ‘muslim conversions‘ in other areas of the world!!  To that end–with the now-free U.S. forces–the United States would be best-served by using said freed-forces on America’s southern border.  With the–soon to be freeieral Qaeda forces, coupled with the new owe-bama Regime threat of the ill-conceived ‘cross-border trucking‘ portion of the NAFTA agreement, will be a “double-threat” to American safety, the American way-of-life!!   As with the Mexican drug cartels, the Mexican truckers allowed free-reign into the United States can–and some probably will–align themselves with the al Qaeda miscreants as a way to even greater personal incomes!

    It still amazes me:  all my blathering on about investing in the teachers, the police, the firefighters–union members, all–the American people, the American veteran, the roads, the bridges, the schools, et al; some people will still believe it!  I intend to ask my buddy-little Billy Ayers–to do a study on how large portions of the American electorate will ignore proven facts in favor of blusterful bullshit!!  Every one of the aforementioned principles has been the subject of previous regime money-laundering scams.  Wasn’t that $787Thousand-Million wealth re-distribution, PORKulus scam supposed to correct every aformentioned defugalty?!?   The regime’s new “American Jobs Actwealth re-distribution scam was never intended to be passed into law!!  It is nothing more than a method to vilify the republicRATics in the Congress; due to their rightful opposition to more-and-more UNCONTROLLED spending.  Now the plan is to break the “American Jobs Act” wealth re-distribution scam into smaller portions to have the republicRATics reject them as well!  While the congressional opposition is well within their philosophy to reject these bits; the regime’s hope is that the American electorate will view these rejections as not understanding the plight of the American people!!  I have doubts that the people will continue to be as mesmerized by my voice, as I am!!]