This’n’That; February 10th~9th ‘Circus’ v. Trump’s “Ban”

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Did President Trump Err?
Right off the bat let’s establish that I’m not a lawyer~or a ‘barry o. soetoro-esque‘ grad-lecturer in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW~so forgive me if I stumble periodically or even fall-on-my-face.  I’m a product engineer turned OTR truck driver turned cabinet-maker.
While the Immigration-restricting Executive Order is too long to quote in it’s entirety, it can be found here.
We Americans have seen DAILY, numerous examples of Islamic-muslim terrorism right here at home [Can anyone spell “Dearbornistan, Mi?”].  President Trump~as nominee Trump; as President-elect Trump~has vowed to do his utmost to protect the lives and the freedoms of ALL Americans.  Until Washington-state’s Attorney-General took it upon himself to sue to invalidate said protections, President Trump was doing just that with the aforementioned Executive Order.
Here’s where I got’a “bone-to-pick” on this Executive Order thingie…
As of the end of the ‘barry o. soetoro regime‘ there are +/- 28 immigration laws on the federal books.  Rather than seek public notoriety/acclamation, President Trump~and by extension, the American people~might have been better served if he quietly went to the associated departments/agencies and issued a proclamation stating in part that ‘under no circumstances will the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws be at any level less than 100%!’  Seems to me that might’a worked better.
Prior to the current era, there’ve been four presidents who’ve severely restricted/completely shut-down immigration of various classes/national origins of people into The United States:
President John Adams [1798] using ‘The Alien and Sedition Acts;’
President Chester A. Arthur [1882] using ‘The Chinese Exclusion Act.’
[Upheld by SCOTUS in 1889: “The power of the government to exclude foreigners from the country whenever, in its judgment, the public interests require such exclusion, has been asserted in repeated instances, and never denied by the executive or legislative departments.”**Repealed by Congress, 1943]
President Woodrow Wilson [1917-Veto Override] using the ‘Asiatic Barred Zone Act;’
President Franklin Roosevelt [1941] using Presidential Proclamations 2525, 2526, 2527 [barring entry and naturalization of Japanese, Germans and Italians, respectively].
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case


This’n’That; February 3rd; Comparing Unemployment Stats

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A Comparison Twixt obama And President Trump Administrations
Yesterday Rush Limbaugh []~on his show~spoke on the American economy and the yardsticks used to measure it [here].  Not only that, Mr Limbaugh contrasted said yardsticks between the obama [barry o. soetoro] Regime and the President Trump Administration.  Currently~upon the ousting of the obama-soetoro Regime~the U-3 unemployment rate stands at 4.4%; the U-6 rate 10.1% or 14.1% depending on who you believe.  Given that the obama-soetoro Regime had not’a clue as to what drives the economy or how to fix any ills, they just continued to ‘fudge-the-numbers‘ to make all look rosy and cheery!  To that point, how’ta hell does a regime/administration have a 4.4% unemployment rate and still have upwards of 102,000,000 Americans out’a work?!?!?!?

barry obama-soetoro ATTEMPTING to explain American Economy

Let’s do the math…  Per the US Debt Clock~

  • the CURRENT American workforce numbers  152,095,315.
  • Those Americans ‘officially’ unemployed equals   7,633,211.
  • Those Americans not in the workforce numbers 94,369,052.

By the aforementioned figures, there’s 102,002,263 American folks that would like to be working BUT AREN’T.  With ‘full and complete’ EMPLOYMENT [unemployment rate of 0.00%~realistically unattainable] this would add up to 254,097,578 Americans working to fulfill their version of “The American Dream!”
With these numbers I calculate what should be called ‘The Shameful U-99’  unemployment rate in the neighborhood of 67.0%!!  That’s over two-thirds of the total workforce being unemployed!!
To quote from Rush‘s show transcript:

“Trump was not even in office for 10 days of January and they’re already associating the U-6 unemployment number to him and his policies.”

Well… “the media is what the media does…” generally all FAKENEWS!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

This’n’That; November 10th… Trump’s Choices

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Trump Must Make Some Hard Choices!
As the President-elect, Donald Trump has little enough time to be sittin’ ’round, thinking about his pending appointments.  He~as one who values loyalty~has several ‘possibles’ from which to choose for the most important posts in the Trump Administration… and choose, he must!  All the pundits, the bloggers~of which, I am one~have their choices all lined up and ready for promotional blather.   Nobody of import is listening/reading, or will listen/read!  I only have two suggestions for Mr Trump outside his cabinet level appointments:

  • [Director, FBI] David A. Clarke, Jr:  Mr Clarke~as the Milwaukee County (Wi) Sheriff~has long been an outspoken critic of“ClownPrince”barackHUSSEIN the First‘s racist, divisive policies and programs.  Sheriff Clarke is also one of the most conservative ‘pundits’ I’ve heard on the national airwaves and read in social media.
  • [Justice, US Supreme Court] Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz: Texas Senator Cruz~while an outspoken Trump primary opponent~has come around to supporting the impending Trump Presidency.  Senator Cruz has long been a devout student~and avid supporter~of the United States Constitution; well-studied in the myriad of arguments spawned thereof.

In my humble opinion ‘President’ Trump could do far worse than these two choices!
Now, on to the [MY] available ‘possibles’ for a Trump Cabinet:

  • Vice President [determined by election]: Michael Pence
  • Secretary of State: Newt Gingrich, Trey Gowdy
  • Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin
  • Secretary of The Interior: Sarah Palin
  • Secretary of Defense: Jeffery Sessions
  • Secretary of The Treasury: Stephen Moore
  • Attorney General: Rudolph Guiliani, Trey Gowdy
  • Secretary of Agriculture:
  • Secretary of Commerce:
  • Secretary of Labor:
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dr Ben Carson
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:
  • Secretary of Transportation:
  • Secretary of Education: [In my opinion, this department should be disbanded and education governance returned to the lowest governmental level.]
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Dakota Meyer
  • Secretary of Homeland Security: Fmr Gov Michael Huckabee

Cabinet Level Officers to be named by ‘President’ Trump:

  • White House Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus [~his, not mine!]
  • Director, Office of Management and Budget:
  • Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency:
  • Trade Representative:
  • Ambassador to the United Nations: [unnecessary with a US withdrawal from the UN]
  • Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors: Arthur Laffer
  • Administrator, Small Business Administration: Steven Forbes

“We shall see what we shall see!”
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
Reference “Lie-Barry:”