Congress To SCREW ‘Middle-Class’ AGAIN
With the election over, it’s beyond me why some in Congress are attempting to “fix [read: Screw The Middle-Class working man and woman]” Social Security for the ump-teenth time! It’s certainly not due to an undying concern for those who keep America’s economic engine running… er… sputtering along under obama‘s socio-fascist stranglehold.
Many~including the Social Security Administration, itself~call President Johnson‘s shift of ALL TRUST FUNDS [read: all federal receipts; all federal expenditures] into the general fund, into the federal budget… a myth!

“A Presidential commission composed of distinguished congressional fiscal leaders and other prominent Americans recommended this year that we adopt a new budget approach. I am carrying out their recommendations in this year’s budget. This budget, therefore, for the first time accurately covers all Federal expenditures and all Federal receipts, including for the first time in one budget $47 billion from the social security, Medicare, highway, and other trust funds.” 
~ State Of The Union 1968

I say NOT SO!!  Right here in his State of the Onion Speech, Johnson says what he’s gonna do… Like It or Lump It!!  This became the beginning of the ‘next round’ of “Screw the Middle-Class working man and woman.”  Had the then-current president not made this ‘shift,’ his “Great Society” vote-buying scheme [“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years“] and the~managed from D.C.~Vietnam War would have had to be STAND ALONE budget items, funded from the general receipts as opposed to the inclusion of all those ‘trust fund’ monies!
Now, some congressional ‘Whiz-Kid’ has a new plan to fund the aforementioned “screwing…”  Raise Taxes, Cut Benefits; Raise Taxes, Cut Benefits, ad infinitum!!
Any ‘new plan’ has to include putting congressional pay, perks, retirement benefits on a par with the median retirement of the ‘middle-class’ wage earner.  That par should be in line with the MOST IMPORTANT, MOST VALUABLE of federal employees…. THE MILITARY men and women!!
Here is the current retirement plan for Congress, while this is the current retirement plan for the military forces.
In conclusion~my thoughts are~there should be NO RETIREMENT from Congress or any other federal ELECTED position!  The legislators must revert back to the early years of Congress when each member had an outside occupation/career and were truly PART-TIME legislators.  No one~with the possible exception of military members~should have the possibility of vesting their retirement with ONLY FIVE YEARS OF “EMPLOYMENT!”
No where else in the American economy; in the American job market, is this even possible and the Congress IS apart of the American economy/job market!!
With a new~arguably a more middle-class friendly~mindset entering barackINGHAM PALACE er….The White House, the incoming administration can/should start implementing a step-by-step return to a more equitable, fairer system of federal ELECTED pay, allowances and perks.  Ideally, ALL FEDERAL ELECTED positions should fall under the same pay scale that compensates America’s military.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
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