What Zackly, Has Donald Trump Done Wrong?
I contend that Mr Trump has DONE NOTHING WRONG!!  Sure, his vast organization lost nearly a Billion~with a ‘capital B‘~dollars in 1995!! How is that wrong?!?  It ain’t!!  What’s really wrong~ILLEGAL~is the fact that the New York Times~a Clinton Crime Family mouthpiece~accepted the physical evidence from whom-ever they got it.

[*Note-The IRS can not~DOES NOT~release any taxpayers’ information, at least they never did before the reign of “ClownPrince” barackHUSSEIN, 1st!]

What Monica Lewinsky’s former BoyToy’s wife is alleging is that somehow, some way, Donald Trump has cheated the IRS~the American people~out of rightfully due tax monies.  Here’s the part Hillary Clinton understands~but pretends not to~is “loss carry-forward” and is attempting to use it against Mr Trump.  Clinton‘s blatherings are attempting to sway the UNINFORMED American voters that The Trump Organization should have continued to pay taxes on their earnings, post-1995.
Let’s do the math here so the lesser-informed amongst us, can understand:
*The Trump Organization~in 1995~lost $915,000,000 on continuing operations.
*The IRS allows the organization to carry forward said loss~against annual operating profits~until said carryforward is used up.
*The various whiners out there say this carry-forward lasted eighteen years.
*That would mathematically indicate that ‘the organization‘s’ annual average profits over those eighteen years was $50,833,000!!
Look at the situation logically~that’ll let out any socio-fascist readers~wouldn’t you rather have a leader who’s overcome such an economic downturn running the country.  What’s Hillary Clinton ever done…. oops, forgot!!  She and “Slick-Willie” stole~plus or minus~$200,000 worth of the nation’s antiques, paintings on their way out’a The White House…. hell, anything they thought was valuable, they loaded into the ol’ U-Haul!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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