Trump’s Economic Team And What It Means
Donald Trump has assembled his economic team, members of which are some of the best minds in business today.  The mainstream media is whining about this collection as being all millionaires and billionaires… SO WHAT?!?

1.  Unless they’ve inherited their wealth, these men and women must have had some of the qualities and ideas to run a business and make it/them successful.2.  To most self-made millionaires and billionaires the dollars-and-cents are more a way to keep score than wealth to be flaunted.3.  To the aforementioned media whiners I have to ask this:  “Of the paychecks you’ve earned, how many have been signed by a poor person?!?  I venture to say: none… that’s N-O-N-E!!

So why in hell does the same media bitch about those with a proven record and promote those who’ve put us in~kept us in~this EIGHT-YEAR-LONGeconomic doldrum?
The Trump Economic Team includes such folks as:
John A. Paulson~President, CEO-Paulson and Company.
Steven Mnuchin~Founder-Dune Capital Management [renamed OneWest]; Producer of “American Sniper.”
Steven Roth~Founder, CEO-Vernado Realty Trust.
Harold Hamm~Founder, CEO-Continential Resources.
Howard M. Lorber~CEO-Vector Group.
Andrew Beal~Founder, President-The Beal Bank; self-taught math whiz, once sued Donald Trump.
Thomas Barrack, Jr.~Founder, Executive Chairman-Colony Capital.
Stephen M. Calk~CEO-Federal Savings Bank.
David Malpass~Former Chief Economist, BearStearns.
Dan DiMicco~Former President and CEO-Nucor Corporation.
Steve Feinberg~Founder, CEO-Cerberus Capital Management.
Peter Navarro~Professor of Economics, Public Policy-UC, Irvine.
Stephen Moore~Visiting Fellow-Heritage Foundation’s Project for Economic Growth.
Anthony Scaramucci~Founder-Skybridge Finance; active philanthropist.
Mr Trump recently added the following women to his economic team:
Betsy McCaughey~Former New York Lt Governor.
Brooke Rawlins~CEO-Texas Public Policy Foundation; former aide To Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Diane Hendricks~CEO-ABC Supply[building supplies, materials].
Darlene Jordan~National Finance Co-Chair of 2012 RINO presidential nominee/candidate [read: ‘MittensRomney].
The Donald‘ has outlined some of his plans for ‘righting-this-ship’ we call America:
1.  Meaningful tax reform, not just transferring amounts due from one taxpaying entity to another;
2.  Regulatory reform which will reduce the red tape strangling businesses of all sizes.
3.  Trade reform; remove the current advantages to foreign countries trading with the United States.
4.  Energy reforms, including rescinding obama’s idiotic destruction of the oil, gas and coal industries. Stop payments to any and all UN climate-change-hoax intiatives.
5.  obamaKare; repeal and replacement.
6.  Infrastructure repair and replacement.
7.  Childcare as it relates to low- and middle-income families and taxes.
Now, compare that to the LyinCrooked Hillary‘s socialist agenda, essentially “Clown Princeobama, Two-Point-Oh!!
1.  Establish an “Infrastructure Bank” to largely benefit donors to the ‘Clinton Crime Family Foundation;’
2.  Require companies to fund a ‘family-leave’ policy;
3.  Budget addition of $35 billion PER YEAR to refinance student debt [i.e., require you and I to pay for “his kid’s” education]; PAY STATES to ‘guarantee tuition[?!?];’
4.  Budget addition of $27.5 billion PER YEAR to fund her “National Infrastructure Plan;”
5.  Budget addition of $27.5 billion PER YEAR to fund her “Expanded Childcare Plan,” to fund preschool indoctrination for all 4 year olds, to fund and expanded ‘Early Head Start’ indoctrination;
6.  Raise the national minimum wage to a job-destroying $15/hour; increase worker benefits, expand overtime, support workers’ collective bargaining;
7.  Expand the FAILED obamaKare [Affordable Care Act], expand job training, lower college and healthcare costs, fight wage theft [but not declaring she’d end it… donors wouldn’t like that!].
CrookedHillary‘s diatribe went on to explain on how she’d continueobama‘s ongoing destruction of the middle class to the benefit of the ‘Crime Family‘s’ donors.  She’d continue to give unfair trade advantage to the ‘Crime Family‘s’ donors through the trade ‘partnerships’ currently in force.
In conclusion, how can any sane, intelligent America voter support the “Lyin, CrookedHillary Clinton… that, I just don’t understand.  With her continued “liberties-with-the-truth” you just know anything she says will never come to fruition, particularly if it goes against the financial and power demands of her chief closet ‘advisor,’ George Soros or “The Clinton Crime Family Foundation‘s” donors.
If you thought the State Department was truly a “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” funding mechanism, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet IF “Lyin’ CrookedHillary ever gets into “The Ovary Orifice!!”
Wake Up America!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case