Remarks of Vice President Joe Biden as Prepared for Delivery
Weekly Address
The White House
July 9, 2016 
[I’m on my last annual ‘World-Wide Apology Tour‘ masquerading as a working trip.  I’ve asked that dunce-“HairPlugJoe Biden, to step in and provide another Saturday’s blather obfuscation. Enjoy… I am!!]
Although I didn’t know the five police officers who were killed, or the seven who were wounded in Dallas this week – I knew them.
They were the folks I grew up with: The boy with the most courage and the most compassion; the man with a brave heart and a generous soul, whose words were always encouraging; the son who made his mother proud every time he turned and smiled at her; and the friend who you could always count on. Being a cop wasn’t just what they did. It was who they were—like every officer who joined for essentially the same reason. There was something about them that made them think they could help, that they should serve, that they had a duty.  So when an assassin’s bullet targeted the police force in Dallas, it touched the soul of the nation. Those killed and wounded were protecting the safety of those who were peacefully protesting against racial injustices in the criminal justice system. Those who were marching against the kind of shocking images we saw in St. Paul and Baton Rouge—and have seen too often elsewhere—of too many black lives lost.
[While I spent my early, formative years in Indonesia learning the whys and wherefores of islam, learning the koran, absorbing as much of it’s radicalism as was possible for a young mind of average IQ, of average intelligence.  Later, my mother dumped me in Hawaii for my communist grandparents to continue, finish my upbringing.  Most of that upbringing was under the wing and watchful eye ofFrank Marshall Davis, and avowed, REGISTERED, communist.  Through this childhood learning experience, I learned from Frankwhat would be essentially included in Saul Alinsky‘s “Rules for Radicals.”  I learned that power is more important than money; with power COMES money!!  Frank also taught me that to gain power one must have a foothold in the emotions of a group, of a peoples who have been conditioned to believe they’re downtrodden, they’re abused, they’re disrespected.  To that end, I spend most of my time promoting racism, increasing the racial divide LBJ‘s “Great Society” created for we commie-libs to exploit.  The BlackLivesMattergroup~once formed~became my exploitation-of-choice.  That kindly ol’Nazi~George Soros~is handling the funding of the group plus any political-payoffs necessary.]
I believe the Dallas Police Department is one of the finest in the nation—and this incredibly diverse city can bridge any divide. To paraphrase Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, let us use our words carefully. Let us act with unity, not division. As Dallas Police Chief David Brown—one of the leading chiefs in America—said, “There are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city, all I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.”  As Americans, we are wounded by all of these deaths.  It’s on all of us to stand up, to speak out about disparities in our criminal justice system—just as it’s on all of us to stand up for the police who protect us in our communities every day. In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll continue offering our thoughts and prayers to provide comfort to the broken-hearted families. But they will only be redeemed by the courage of our actions that honor their memories.   So while we’re being tested, we can’t be pulled apart. We are America, with bonds that hold us together. We endure, we persevere, we overcome, we stand together.
[While Ol’ Joe paraphrased Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, I’d like to add another quote from Police Chief David Brown:

“He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

That’s the benefit of my siding with radicals like ‘Calypso-LouieFarrakhan who promote just the kind of violence experienced in Dallas.  He and the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al~”I never pay taxes“~Sharpton are quite adept at promoting racial strife among the inner-city blacks and the supposedly downtrodden (of all races).  That’s all I have from here in Poland where I may meet with some“Down-Lo” associates!]