FBI Director Comey ‘Cuts Hillary Loose!’
In FBI Director James Comey‘s speech this morning, he essentially said “..we know that scumbag Hillary Clinton‘s guilty, but what’ta hell, we’re not gonna prosecute her.  Later on in the speech he also said that if you or I committed ANY FEDERAL INFRACTION, he and the Department of “Just Us” is sure as hell’s gonna go after us!!  Just when lots’a people~me included~thought Director Comey was the best chance for honesty and the rule-of-law to prevail in some part of this socio-fascist regime, he kicked us right in the nuts!!
Given that the FBI presser is held on the same day “Clown Princeobama takes the FELONIOUS Hillary Clinton on ‘Vacation-One‘ for the trip to Charlotte, North Carolina in a joint campaign stop, we all gotta know “THE FIX” has been in for several days, if not weeks!   Surely the “Clown Prince” has to realize~no matter his popularity~that “THE FIX” won’t help Monica Lewisky’s ex-boytoy’s wife in the long run!  This will not do his faltering legacy any good either.  Said legacy~thus far~has only instituted the “Ferguson Effect;” has taken race relations back to the Civil War era amongst a few other negatives!
One thing we commoners have to remember…. General David Petraeus was sentenced to probation and fined $100,000 for giving classified information to a woman with whom he was having an affair.  Surely Hillary Clinton has done far more during her tenure in the State Department!!  While obama had to~and did~approve bringing charges against the general, he obviously refused the same approval for far-worse crimes in the Clinton case!!  As I see it~and obama won’t have the same view~if theClinton case is over, General Petraeus must be pardoned of all crimes, $100,000 returned to him, have his military recorded corrected and returned to active military service if he so desires!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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