Why Must Military SUFFER For Defending Us/US?!?
I’ve not been fond of the Congress~of either political party~particularly in the way each treats our military men, women and their families… mostly like SHIT!  One can easily research the pay, perks, allowances and SCAMS allowed for the congress, the various branches of government and the various departments of said branches.  They~federal appointed and, or elected workers~certainly do not suffer at the will of someone they have little knowledge of, determining the value of everything fromValor, Bravery, Devotion, Determination, Tenacity, to just-plain ‘performance-of-duty!’  There have been several~maybe many~gaps in the advances of military pay and allowances to keep up with inflation [prior to the raise in 1963, the last raise was in JUNE, 1958!  How many of these ‘congressional SHITBAGS‘ would’a stood for no pay raise FOR FIVE YEARS?]
Those of the federal government, be they the janitor~who changes the toilet-paper rolls~or the Senator who holds the fate of millions~if not billions~of people in his hands; holds the lives~the very success of said lives~of families in his~probably drunken~hands!

“I only know from whence I’ve experienced on active duty:

1)  Enlisted in U.S. Air Force, two-days after high school graduation~June, 1964 {E-1}.

2)  Married after second promotion~November, 1966 {E-3}.

3)  Birth of first child, daughter~September, 1967 {still E-3}.

4)  Air Force honorable discharge~June, 1968 {E-4}.

5)  Air Force re-entry~April, 1971{E-3}.

6)  Air Force re-enlistment~April, 1975 {E-5}.

7)  Air Force honorable discharge~November, 1979 {E-5}.

8)  [Then, later in the ’80s, a 4-year period in the U.S. Army Reserve.]”

Enough about “ancient history,” let’s get up to the currently military~both the member and their families~screwing put together by a Senator, by a Representative who really cares about your well-being….
These “congressional Wizards-of-Smart” will do anything~both ethical andUNethical~to screw the military member/retiree, out of what might just allow him to get a little bit “ahead-of-the-curve,” financially speaking!  The UNethical part is the way the inflation rate is determined… reality has NOTHING to do with it.  It’s all about ‘saving’
money which will be pissed-away somewhere else, at some later date, for some personal gain.  As for “the ethical part,” I’m at a loss to think of any ETHICAL actions by the Congress or the Executive Branch!
I used to think that the worst thing the congress did with the inflation rate calculations was to take food and fuel out of the mix.  Not so!!  They now use the cpi [consumer price index] to calculate the aforementioned inflation rate.
[A]In fact, the CPI doesn’t even measure inflation, rather a range of consumer spending behaviors…”
[B]“…it’s accuracy is questionable, especially when compared with other agency’s inflation measures.”
[C]  “…over the past 30 years, the government has changed the way it calculates inflation more than 20 times.”
[D]  “One of the dangerous characteristics of monetary inflation is that it is never possible to know, in advance, exactly how it will distort the price system. What we do know is that a large increase in the money supply ALWAYS leads to large price increases somewhere in the economy.”
The better~more fair~way of calculation is to use the Federal Reserve’s “M-2” money supply:
“The Fed’s unprecedented bond buying program, Quantitative Easing, created $116 million an hour for the entire year last year. It doesn’t make sense that the BLS’s measurement of inflation was only 1.5% last year, while at the same time, monetary inflation grew 4.9%…”
which means~if this calculation were used~a cash-windfall for the military man and woman!!  Depending on who prevails in the congressional “shouting match,” the American military can figure on a raise of between 1.6% to 2.1%.  The monthly difference will probably amount to less than $25 per month… but sometimes said $25 can make a heluva difference in how the average ‘grunt’ actually lives!!
I think it’s time to let those of Congress know that we feel the American military man and woman… and tranny…. are far more valuable in the whole scheme of things than is any public servant.  These ‘brave souls’ should be compensated thus!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case