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Remarks of President Barack Obama as Delivered
Weekly Address
The White House
June 11, 2016
Hi, everybody.  Today, I want to talk with you about the crisis in Puerto Rico – and why it matters to all of us.  [Justin Case~using my voice~will explain the real facts as he’s researched them.]
Puerto Ricans are American citizens, just like folks in Maine or Oklahoma or New Mexico.  And over the last decade, Puerto Rico has suffered through a deep and painful recession – but unlike [no, MUCH like] the rest of the United States, it hasn’t recovered.  [If the United States is recovering from the obama-Recession, it’s the slowest, most dragged-out recovery in American recorded history.  One needs only to consult usdebtclock.org[*] to see there’s virtually no recovery: there are nearly twice as many gov’t workers [23.76 million] as manufacturing jobs [12.42 million which have fallen from 19.53 million in 2000]; median annual income has fallen nearly $2,000 [$30,288 >> $28,449]; median house prices have climbed dramatically by over $123,000 [$164,671 >> $287,625].  Nearly every category EXCEPT DEBT has dropped precipitously   over the past 15 years! So, NO, there IS NO RECOVERY in progress!!]
Today, the island continues to face a crippling economic crisis.  Schools are closing.  Power is being cut off at homes and hospitals.  Teachers have to choose between turning on the lights or turning on the computers.  Doctors can’t get medicine to treat newborns unless they pay in cash.  And as the Zika virus threatens both the island and the mainland, workers dealing with mosquito control to help protect women and their unborn babies are at risk of being laid off.  [Oh… speaking of the Zika Virus…. I took $500 million from that prevention fund to give to the United Nations Green Climate fund.  Back to the point… Puerto Rico-complicit with our IRS-has had such lax tax laws and loopholes that many Americans invested in those shaky PR gov’t bonds for handsome returns.  The problem is that the PR gov’t issued far too many bonds [in dollar amounts] to ever pay them off.
“Hell, the U.S. federal government will bail us out when it comes to default.”  
So now~if the Congress acts as I demand~the American taxpayer will not only be supporting 161.84 million welfare-rats ‘n’ ‘queens, we’re demanding that they additionally support 51.3% of the PR population who can’t be bothered to drag their nasty asses out’a bed and go to work!!]  
Right now, Puerto Rico is spending about a third of its tax revenue on debt payments – far more than anywhere else in America.  And on July 1, the island faces another $2 billion in debt payments that it cannot pay.  
There is only one way for Puerto Rico to pull itself out of this crisis – and that’s by restructuring its debt and finding a sustainable fiscal path toward growth and opportunity for its people.  But here’s the problem.  Right now, Puerto Rico doesn’t have the tools it needs to restructure its debt – tools available elsewhere in America.  
And only Congress can fix the problem, and put Puerto Rico on a path to recovery. [Wrong-o, buckoo!!  Puerto Rico needs to resolve this problem on their own, THEY GOT INTO IT ON THEIR OWN!!  They sure-as-hell didn’t send any of the bond proceeds to the U.S. Congress to piss away as they wished!  This is how it happened in plain english:

    “The US gov. used to give major tax breaks to corporations operating in Puerto Rico, which drove a LOT of business to the island. But in 2006, Congress let those tax breaks expire. Cue businesses using the pullout method. And then Puerto Rico’s economy went into a recession. People started leaving the island, which meant fewer people were paying taxes. Lower tax revenue meant Puerto Rico had to cut back on public services, and hike tax rates. Which caused even more people to leave the island. Nine years later, Puerto Rico is still in a recession.”]

Thankfully, this week, [because I have Paul Ryan’s nuts in a vice]the House overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to address the crisis, and I now urge the Senate to move quickly to follow suit.  This bill won’t cost federal taxpayers a dime.  It doesn’t include special-interest bailouts.  And it gives Puerto Rico the ability to restructure its debt, safeguard essential services, and provide important protections to public pensions that more than 300,000 folks rely on to retire with dignity [which all takes MONEY.  If the American taxpayer won’t be funding it, then where’s the MONEY coming from?!?  The federal government has no MONEY until they first confiscate it from the citizenry!!]  
This bill also includes something else – a temporary system of oversight to help implement needed reforms and ensure transparency [yea… and I’m a great one to talk about transparency!].  I know that some folks in Puerto Rico are worried about this kind of oversight.  But I’ve always insisted that any solution to this crisis has to respect the democratic rights of the people of Puerto Rico.  And I am committed to making sure that Puerto Ricans are well-represented in this process, so that we can be sure we’re taking steps that are in the island’s best interests. 
This bill is not a perfect solution – nobody’s saying it is.  That’s what happens in divided government.  But it’s the only option on the table to save Puerto Rico from spiraling out of control.  And that’s exactly what would happen if Congress fails to do its job [As I normally do, I’m forgetting ignoring history.  In the late ’80s-early ’90s, the former Soviet Union “spiraled out-of-control” financially with the resultant breakup of that union and the re-emergence of Russia and the surrounding countries.  So Congressional intervention is not a necessity, it only preserves immigrating ‘Ricans-votes for the democrat party.].  
There’s no question this is a trying time for folks in Puerto Rico.  They’ve seen too many jobs lost and too many neighbors leave in search of better opportunity elsewhere.  It’s clear that it’s time for Puerto Rico to chart a new course and make a fresh start.  This bill is just a first step.  
We all have more work to do to make sure that the people of Puerto Rico receive the health care they deserve and the good jobs and economic opportunities they need to build a better future for their kids.  And I want the people of Puerto Rico to know that my administration is committed to your success.  Because you’re vital to America’s success.   [Bullshit!  After I destroyed America’s healthcare system, I’m gonna give-a-shit about the PR healthcare system?!?  I don’ think so!  PR IS NOT VITAL TO AMERICA’S SUCCESS!  They contribute ‘diddly-squat’ to the American economy, tax base.  If the island were to drop into a sinkhole, America would continue chugging along under my socio-fascism.  Before I came along, America had survived for 225-230 years-the longest surviving representative republic in history.  After the next federal elections~if the American voter has smartened up by then~America will be jump-started on it’s way to renewed prosperity!!].
That’s what this is all about.  We don’t turn our backs on our fellow Americans.  We don’t treat folks differently because of where they live.  Instead, we treat each other as Americans.  We come together, especially when it’s hard.  That’s how we’ve always set ourselves on a course toward a brighter day [Here’s where hindsight comes into play… Had I not demanded that $787 BILLION porkulus bailout; had I not propped up Slyndra and those other green energy hoaxes for my own personal and political gain; had I not pissed away BILLIONS on the global warming hoax, etc, there’d be MORE THAN ENOUGH money to help Puerto Rico now!!].  
Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.  

That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Saturday….
Justin Case
[*] http://www.usdebtclock.org/