Now It’s “Skreech” versus “THE Donald”
The two parties’ conventions not withstanding, the fall elections have come down to Mrs Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  I gotta say, I would NEVER VOTE FORSlick-Willie‘s wife, nor was I an early supporter of Mr Trump.  My guy was Ted Cruz.  No matter who was your guy~or gal~let’s let bygones-be-bygones and see where we go from here.
Mr Trump got more primary votes in GOP history, 13.3 million while Mrs Bill Clinton got 15.6 million with far fewer challengers to dilute her vote totals.  The “swelled-heads” who keep track of such things, say that the total primary votes for the candidates in both parties is 56.2 million… WHEW!!  Many have bloviated about the attraction to Donald Trump, and that it’d never hold up and he’d be out by September (2015)!  Well he’s not out and his audiences have continued to grow and grow sometimes reaching near 10,000 per event.  Mrs Bill Clinton has trouble drawing a crowd “with a #2 Eberhard-Faber!!”  In hindsight, we can now see what’s been going on… Donald Trump‘s message resonated with the conservative, mainstream public because it WAS NOT THE ESTABLISHMENT MESSAGE!!  People liked~and appreciated~the passion with which he spoke… like building the wall, andMexico paying for it!
Our~the conservative, the country-lovin’ folk amongst us~primary concern should turn to who each will choose as their VP running mate.  As for Mrs Bill Clinton… what little I care to know about socio-fascist, commie-libs of her ilk, I think NONE OF THE SCUMBAGS is worthy of any national office no matter how powerLESS it is!!
Donald Trump would do well to select Ted Cruz as his VP running mate.  Mr Cruzhas many attributes that I admire….. like his devotion to the U.S. Constitution~his knowledge thereof~as well as his senatorial stances in support of the rule-of-law, of the average ‘Joe Six-Pack.’  One can never tell what Mrs Bill Clinton is gonna do, but the presidential elections~relative to conservatives, NON-SOCIALISTS~will turn on what “The Donald” does from here on in, both in his rhetoric and his choices of VP and his choices in advisors.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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