What’s Been Goin’ On….
Well, for me~for the family~it’s been a helluva busy six months!
1.  Moved about 30 miles west of Rochester, N.Y., out into the country.  That move involved ‘weeding out,’ packing up, loading into “U-Haul” trucks…. the contents of a two-family house that’s been occupied by the same extended family since 1963!! The process started in October and finished in November, 2015.  We had to get rid of alot’a stuff that~under normal circumstances~I would have probably kept/saved.
2.  The day after Christmas, 2015, I contracted that “creeping crud” going around. I couldn’t sleep horizontally for NEARLY THREE WEEKS!  “Short-story-long,” the RGH emergency physican essentially told me to go home, take aspirin, cough syrup, rest, drink plenty of liquids…~oh, and a Rx cough medicine that did ‘zero-point-crap’ for me~all that wealth-of-information only cost my insurance company about $700.00. [Why the hell even have health insurance?]  I finally~FINALLY~recovered around my~70th~birthday near the middle of January.
3.  From the snow shovelling season into the lawn mowing season, I’ve been plagued with pain~at times, severe~to the point of near-incapacitation.  I was scheduled to undergo the ‘exploratory knife’ at 9AM under the expertise of a really cool vascular surgeon, Doctor Dustin.  Well~wouldn’cha know it~I’m in the hospital, naked as a Jay bird except for sox and that flimsy nightgown they give ya, and some machine they’re gonna use OVERHEATS!
The doc and I agreed, I’d wait til 11AM, then~if the machine wasn’t repaired~we’d reschedule.  OK, 11AM came and went.  Doc came back and we mutually decided that whenever I was rescheduled, I’d be FIRST IN, so if it came to that, I’d be THE ONE WHO OVERHEATED THE MACHINE!!  So I go in a week from today to see what ta’hell’s goin’ on with my vascular “road map.”
4.  Since the ‘country-folk’ up here have been able to work outside, I’ve been having another medical issue, this one is my right knee that Jason […], an assholeLowes [Home Improvement] employee BROKE back in 2010!!  For those of you keeping score, ‘Jason the Asshole‘~MALICIOUSLY, with purpose of forethought~pushed me off the back of a Lowes box truck~as witnessed by Chris […]~but that’s another story for another day.  Now I can barely walk, sit, sleep, drive… due to the pain involved with both issues.  I periodically use an elastic knee brace, but that only helps for minutes at a time.  For the knee issue, I’m scheduled to see the Orthopedic Department Chief’s Nurse Practitioner about two weeks after the vascular event.  Hopefully over time, we’ll get all these medical issues and I can get back to doing what I enjoy most: “Reinventing The Wheel!”
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
*^*BTW-I “twit” as JustinCase*^*