If We Do What ‘They’ Do….
    Well here we are…. back from the CHRISTMAS and New Year’s holiday seasons-survivors, all!!  Although there was some speculation on my part.  The “Young Miss Lovely” and I were invited and attended her side’s family Christmas Eve dinner.  Normally this gala is a gastronomic delight… this time, not so much.  Rather than cook~the best cook in the family~he decided that he was going on strike and made reservations at a local Chinese restaurant where we all eventually met.  I think that’s where I contracted some kinda’ ‘bacterial virus‘ which laid me low for over a week [just today~Monday~I’m feeling like I might~just might~survive].
OK, back to the point of this rant:
I’m kinda’ guessin’ that you’ve seen the latest on the militia-persons occupying that national wildlife refuge in Oregon, in support of the “father-sonHammonds’ who are to report to prison today~Monday, January 4th.  The Hammonds‘ crime… burning underbrush~ON THEIR OWN LANDS~in an effort to stave off the ravages of forest fires; of wildfires!!  There are any number of publications available that support ‘controlled burns’ to rid the forests of brushy under growth which is the fuel for future wildfires!!
If we were all treated equal~POLITICALLY~obama‘s buddy “Bombin’ Billy” Ayers would be serving ’35-to-life’ for all his rascally bombings; 90% of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd would be in jail for some time; obama‘s former Secretary of State~whom we know as “Lyin’ Hillary” Clinton~would~at the very least~be on trial, charged with four counts of First Degree MURDER!!
Another example of federal “equality” is this:
The members of the House and Senate can~and usually do~vote themselves tidy pay raises several times each decade and yet they refuse to keep military pay equal to real rate of inflation  To promote their version of federal “equality,” all the branches use ‘the core rate’ to calculate inflation; to make a more “voter palatable” number, the federal government created the aforementioned ‘core inflation rate,’ which REMOVES food and fuel, the two most necessary commodities for the middle-class!!

Inflation Rates, Food and Fuel REMOVED!

This, from a March 15, 2011 Bankrate.com article:

  • “To measure the cost of living for consumers and come up with the Consumer Price Index, the Bureau of Labor Statistics prices everything consumers spend money on. Then all of the expenditures are categorized and weighted based on the amount that the average consumer spends on those categories. The percentage change from month to month is the rate of inflation, and it’s usually expressed as an annualized number.
  • The all-items inflation rate represents everything people spend money on: haircuts, plane tickets, medical care, clothes — you name it. But, that number is puffed up by the pesky necessities — food and energy. So those two categories are discarded when calculating the core inflation rate…”
  • “Nevertheless, food and energy prices have increased at a much quicker pace than core items. Food prices increased at nearly twice the rate of core inflation over the past year, rising 1.8 percent compared to the core inflation rate of 1 percent for the year ending in January.”
  • But that’s nothing compared to fuel costs. “The big culprit has been energy prices, which are up 7.3 percent” over the same time frame…”
  • “If food and energy are going up faster than 1 percent and everything not counting them is going up at a little less than 1 percent, that is how we get the overall inflation rate of 1.6 percent…”

See how easy it is for the federal politicians~who constantly express concern for ‘the little guy’~to screw said ‘little guy’ to the proverbial wall?!?
That’s what ‘EQUALITY’ really should~but doesn’t~look like!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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