Yet Another “W-T-F” Moment….
    Didn’t I tell ya…. I told ya, didn’t I…?!?  Another fine example of this phrase:
“Nothin’ ever changes cuz nothin’ ever changes!”
I found this photo of GOPeBlatherer-of-the-House,” Rep Paul Ryan [GOPe-Wi]:

Now, remember when I told you that I didn’t think there’d be any real change at all with Paul Ryan taking over for that “whining wino,” John Boner Boehner?
Guess who’s right….. the Ryan Gang or me?!?
The vast majority of politicians~of every stripe~thoroughly enjoy politically, economically, “kicking the shit out’a” the American fighting man, woman, LBGT to their heart’s content.  Much like the conservative in the United States, those in the military are a forgotten segment UNTIL ‘voting time’ comes around!!  Here are the proposed military pay scales which will show you that these brave men, women and transvestites are paid SQUAT for what they do!!  Rather than rolling over to kiss ClownPrinceobama‘s Royal Hawaiian ASS, Speaker Ryan would be better served to advance the economic conditions, the living conditions of America’s military personnel!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case