Why Ta’Hell Are Things STILL The Same?
   Well…. this can be answered in a single phrase:
“Nothin’ ever changes, cuz nothin’ ever changes!”
Look at the national DISGRACE that is “Clown Prince,” barack obama
He plays nice with Valerie Jarretts national media when they say “ISIL~not those EVIL muslim terrorists“~but ISIL, is making huge progress in their goal of muslimicking the entire planet… maybe even winning the war on terror.  Both Jarrett and obama use their ‘PC‘ inclinations to not only stymie the law enforcement and surveillance communities but to actually promote the EVIL muslim terrorists’ actions and accomplishments!!
Now~if you could, if you were even alive back then~harken back to January 30, 1968 the advent of the North Vietnamese, Vietcong’s TET Offensive:

TET Offensive’s Simultaneous-Attack Sites

The media had so convinced the political powers-that-be and the general public that the MACV forces with the South Vietnamese Army had lost nearly every one of the battles.  We saw “Hanoi JaneFonda touting the victorious forces of the north… even was photographed on a NVA -Cong artillery

“Hanoi-Jane” seated on a NVA artillery gun

gun wearing a ‘brain-bucket [for no apparent reason-she ain’t got’a brain!]’!  One needs only to research The Battle of Khe Sanh to see that both the media and others like “Hanoi Jane, Bombin’ Billy Ayers, The Weather Underground” blathering on in the late 1960s, 1970s about the ineffectiveness of America’s military forces during the Vietnam War. 
Compare what’s happening today with the events of the late ’60s through the mid-’70s:
The early vestiges of “PC-ness” precluded anyone~at any level of authority~in countering the blather~the outright lies~in that media even in countering the lies touted by “America’s most trusted newsman,” Walter Cronkite.
The same is happening today, with the socio-fascist media and its’ liberal-communist supporters SUPPORTING the EVIL muslim terrorists as they denigrate America’s fighting forces!!  If anything had changed, wouldn’t obama’s buddy “Bombin’ BillyAyersBernadine Dorn, et al,  still be doing ‘thirty-to-life?!?’
So… “Nothin’ ever changes cuz nothin’ ever changes!!”
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case