Acquisition Fees, Smacquisition Fees!
    We recently got our monthly email from Ralph Honda, 3939 West Ridge Rd., Greece, N.Y., 14626.  In the newsletter, they touted their amazing remodel of the previously dismal-appearing Honda Civic with virtually no “bells-and-whistles.”  Toutingly, they naturally promoted any and all sales of said model.  In “the tout” the Ralph folks just-happened-to-mention some expenses to you and me of buying such a vehicle:

  1. of course a negotiated price~the MSRP is between $20,110 and $20,275 [Ralph‘s inventory];
  2. taxes, DMV fees;
  3. …and~and this is what gets-my-goat~an acquisition fee of $595!!

This acquisition fee~a 2.9% OVERcharge~is nothing more than your Ralph Salesperson saying:
“We are charging you $595~that you likely can ill-afford~for the priviledge of buying a car that we desperately want to sell you to reduce our over-delivered, largely unsold inventory!”
[Don’t listen/read here, kiddies…]
Here’s where I say
“What’a FUCK, Chuck!!”
You’re gonna charge me $595 just for the express privilege of buying a car you desperately have to get off the inventory rolls to reduce your~ongoing, mounting~interest interest expense, payable to American Honda Motor Company, Inc?!?
And this doesn’t include the usurious charges listed on the window sticker…
“transportation charges” ring-a-bell?!?
The dam’ car is on your lot!
How the hell ya gonna sell a car without having it on-hand?
It’s on YOU~the dealer~to get the car to the lot, NOT ME!
My wife has been dealing with said Ralph Honda for upwards of 25 years; we as a couple have been dealing with them~with the same salesMAN~for 10 of those years.
For the aforementioned reasons we have no intention of trading our 2013 Honda Civic for one of the new ‘jazzed-up’ ones… and we normally trade every three years!!  The car we drive now likely will be our “forever car!”
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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