“This ‘n’ That” Topics For October 7th

Obama Continues NON-Support For Military
    Ya know those Marines who stand at the “Vacation-One-Alpha” helicopter’s steps; those Air Force enlisted men and officers who stand at the “Vacation-One” 747’s steps, those guys?  For all their dedication, “Clown Prince” obama has~since the start of his rule~ROYALLY f*cked them and their kind.  He expects to “draw red lines in the sand” and continue to rattle America’s sabers and to do it with an underfunded, undermanned, underequipped air, sea and land military.  How does that go along with his oath-of-rule?!?
Beat’s the shit out’a me!”
    Each~and EVERY~year of his rule, the “Clown Prince” has reduced the military budget in some form-or-fashion… missile defense, military~but not civilian~manpower, benefits for both members and families, bases, ships, nearly the entire scope of what it takes to both defend the country and to fight EVIL muslim terrorism, worldwide!
The “Excuser-in-Chief”
    I’m thinkin’ the only worse negotiator than Secretary of State John-Heinz-Forbes-Heinz-Kerry is “Clown PrinceObama, his own self!!
  • “…no matter how provocative China is, it must be, according to obama, “engaged.” It may launch a devastating cyber attack against the Office of Personnel Management costing billions of dollars, or it may send fighter aircraft to harass U.S. aircraft over international waters days before the Washington summit. It may even build airstrips on disputed islands and challenge the freedom of navigation of U.S. and other ships. No matter.”
This, from a guy(?) who gives the citizenry all kind’a shit over every aspect of liberty and freedom in American life but is ready to welcome all kind’a shit from the very rulers who continually attack us!!  Wanna know why we~meaning the Ruling Class~allow this to happen?  Here’s the lopsided reasoning:
  • “… Ben Rhodes has said U.S. ties with China represent “the most consequential bilateral relationship in the world.” This is diplomatic code for the idea that China is so big and powerful that it can do pretty much what it wants.”
China seems to be another “too-big-to-fail” entity so we have to kiss their ass.  Yet another ‘oath-of-rule’ violation which also “beats the shit out’a me!”
A Shooting-a-day…
Seemingly, that’s the assumed statistic most prevalent in Rochester [N.Y.] daily life.  Hell, we sometimes have them at a ‘three-a-day’ rate!  Wouldn’t it be far more beneficial if “The Lovely Mayor [Lovely Warren]”~instead of blathering on about ‘community involvement’~UNHANDCUFFED the Rochester Police Department to do their job of crime prevention, apprehension.  Miz Mayor… not all the local thuggery are simply “wayward lil’ chill’uns!”  Your legacy should be as a tough, just, law enforcement-guided administration but will probably be as “a blathering do-nothing” administration.
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Socialist, Socialism Not Welcome!
    The folks in Roseburg, Or., ain’t too happy to find “Clown Princeobama is planning to visit their town~ostensibly~to meet with the families of the recent shooting victims.   Roseburg‘s ‘powers-that-be’ say the “Clown Prince” ain’t welcome if he plans on politicizing the gathering with his wrong-headed push for more gun control!!
Here We Go Again….
    In the wake of the latest “mass shooting” Senator Harry Reid is calling for more loss of liberty and freedom involving the Second Amendment.
Reid Picking Nose
Reid is failing to understand that ALL the federal legislation on the books WOULD NOT HAVE PREVENTED the vast majority of mass shootings in the modern era, certainly not the Umpqua CC tragedy!  It was Reid‘s party that held control of the 101st Congress, [Senate: 55% demo; House: 57.7% demo]the same one that passed the maniacal, idiotic “Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990!!
    Far more logical would be to repeal said “Gun Free…. Act” and replace it with a requirement for prospective recipients of federal school aid be CONCEAL-CARRY LICENSED!!  This would have gone much farther in prevention than all the congressional blather we’re about to hear!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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