When Facts Don’t Support, Jail The Dissenters!

[From Breitbart.com]  The plan by climate alarmists to have other scientists imprisoned for their ‘global warming’ skepticism is backfiring horribly, and the chief alarmist is now facing a House investigation into what has been called “the largest science scandal in US history.”
  • […] But his first, far bigger mistake, was his hubris in organizing the letter [suggesting use of the RICO laws against dissenters] in the first place. It drew the attention of Shukla’s critics to something which, presumably, he would have preferred to keep secret: that for nearly 14 years, he, his family and his friends have been gorging themselves on taxpayers’ money at IGES; and that this money comes on top of the very generous salary he receives for doing much the same work at George Mason University (GMU).
  • It’s the latter detail which has led former Virginia State Climatologist Pat Michaels – one of the skeptics who might have been affected by Shukla’s proposed RICO prosecutions – to describe this as “the largest science scandal in US history.”
A sure way to sift the “climate” down to “just the facts, Ma’am” is to remove the government grants which act to get only the ‘facts’ the government desires.
How Hard Is It To Replace “Worthless?”
It’s certainly not THAT hard to replace John Boehner~arguably, the most worthless Speaker IN HISTORY~the problem is…
Who will put the country back on the track toward it’s former~pre-obama~greatness?  The current candidates are:
Kevin O. McCarthy~r,Ca~The current GOP House Majority Leader has nearly always been a clone of HISTORY’s WORST SPEAKER and~if the media [WaPo] is to be believed~the heavy favorite to become the SECOND-WORST HOUSE SPEAKER IN HISTORY!  You might remember that it was McCarthy who~on Hannity‘s tv program~swore up-and-down to repeal and replace obamaKare as well as defund Planned Parenthood.  A day or two later that same McCarthy guy voted ‘aye’ to continue funding MURDER via the budget continuing resolution!! Definitely NOT MY GUY!
Daniel Webster~r, Fl~Most of what Rep Webster proposes is directly opposite to Boehner‘s deadline driven, “cave-in to barackINGHAM PALACE demands-even suggestions,” type of governance.  A Webster quote to Breitbart News:
“I have one desire: That is to have a principle-based, member-driven Congress. Period. That’s what I want,”
Jason Chaffetz~r, Ut~Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Chaffetz is throwing his hat into the ring to replace John Boehner as speaker of the House.  Via ‘Commentary’ magazine:
  • This week, the fraternity house that is United States Secret Service graduated from ribald antics and hijinks to the outright political intimidation of those who would dare spoil the good time. The specific target of the Secret Service’s botched decapitation strike was […] Jason Chaffetz. According to the [DHS] inspector general, the USSS assistant director tried to get some embarrassing information about the congressman into the public sphere in the effort to coerce Chaffetz to back off his investigation of the agency responsible for the personal safety of America’s most prominent political figures.
  • [Not just] a coy wink and a nod from the agency manager in question that triggered the operation aimed at defaming and intimidating an influential member of the House of Representatives. “Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out,” wrote USSS Assistant Director Edward Lowery. “Just to be fair.”
 These, actions of the “Palace Guard,” are controlled by ‘more than just crooked’ barackINGHAM PALACE!
So Much For The $15.00 Minimum Wage…
    Just as the increased minimum wage seems to be gaining traction amongst the socio-fascists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, obamacRATs, millennials, et al, among us… the fallout is starting:
  • Dunkin’ Donuts will close down 100 stores across the country, Dunkin’ Brands announced Thursday alongside its report on a third quarter sales slowdown.
  • All of the stores that will be shuttered are owned by the Speedway gas station and convenience store chain.
 It’s not known who~Speedway or Dunkin’Brands~actually made the decision but~in any case~it doesn’t bode well for the “lil’ guy” who depends on these kinds of employers for their wages.That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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