If It Happens, Should We Be Happy About It?

Russian Bombing in Syria:  Lots of folks think Vladimir Putin has handed obama his “fuzzy ass on a silver platter” with said bombing of Syria ONE DAY after meeting with the “Clown Prince.” 
I say “not so fast, Bubba!”
Anyone with a modicum of common sense should realize that it’s Valerie Jarrett who’s pulling obama‘s strings; he hasn’t had an original thought in years, at least not since chooming in Hawaii!  She was born in Iran~albeit with two American parents~and was surrounded with relatives and mentors who are/were devout COMMUNISTS, very much the equal to obama‘s childhood/early adulthood.  There we can see where her ideological leanings come from.
So what if Vlad‘s bombing in Syria…. he ain’t hurting ISIS/ISIL one whit; his bombs are falling hundreds of miles from them.  We’ll have to wait to see where obama draws his usual ‘red-line-in-the-sand!’
Dog Tags:  If you were/are in the military, you’ve had dog tags at one time or another.
Do you still have yours?
If so, do you still wear them?
I was in both the Air Force and the Army [in that order], yes I had dog tags, yes I wear them today [after being off active duty since November, 1979; at nearly 70 years old].  There’s a bit of a story there.  I lost the originals somewhere between Lackland AFB, Tx, and Goodfellow AFB, Tx, and Pease AFB, NH, and RAF Upper Heyford, England, and Barksdale AFB, La, and Andersen AFB, Guam, and various South Pacific stops, and Plattsburgh AFB, NY, and Memmingan AB, FRG, and Ramstein AFB, FRG, and Whiteman AFB, Mo.  So when I was building my “memory box” I decided to replace the tags and have been wearing them since.
Joe's Brag Box
McCarthy on Hannity Show:  Did you catch Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Majority Leader on Hannity‘s tv show?  If you did, you heard McCarthy adamantly repeat that if he’s elected speaker, he’d repeal and replace obamaKare and defund Planned Parenthood…. I mean this guy was adamant!
Seems Kevin McCarthy is COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT!!
Just a day later apparently Mr McCarthy forgot his promise~regarding taxpayer funded MURDER~and voted ‘aye’ on the MURDER funding via the continuing resolution.
This will probably generate some whining about voting ‘aye’ to prevent a government shutdown, which only affects 17% of the government.  Not nearly enough in my opinion!!
So much for the Ruling Class EVER CHANGING!
This son-of-a-bitch isn’t worthy of even consideration, much less being a contender for the post of Speaker of the House!!
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore RavensSteelers are doing really well with Michael Vick at the helm; much better than watching a ALLEGED rapist at quarterback!
Oregon College Shooting:  A deranged young man shoot some ten students dead in a rampage on the Umpqua Community College campus in Roseburg, Or.  While the shooter’s actions were despicable, prepare for “Clown Princeobama to jump-the-gun in whatever side he takes.
The “Moms Demand” group will surely call for another round of gun-grabbing.
I have a demand of my own: a federal law!
Every college student [males-mandatory; females-optional] be required by law to carry a weapon [not necessarily ‘bullet dispensing’] while on campus.  Had there been a weapon at the time of this tragedy, the loss of life/injuries could have been far less!
Good people with guns stop bad people with guns.
Nothing ever changes cuz nothing ever changes!!”
Baseball:  The Boston Red Sox are three outs away from a 4-1 loss to the yankees.  I’ve been switching between this and the Steelers/Ravens game.
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case