Who Got His Diplomatic Ass Handed To Him?

    Our silly ruler, “ClownPrinceobama used his time speaking before the United Nations, to ‘take the fight to ISIS‘ with IDEAS, with JOBS and with GOVERNANCE.  Way to go, you silly dipSHIT!!  Ideas, jobs and governance will really impress ISIS who routinely
  • record burnings of some victims in cages for their relatives to see,
  • record beheadings of some victims for their relatives to see,
  • desires to take humanity back TWELVE CENTURIES with their demands for Sharia law,
  • gain financing through thefts of crude oil, smuggling, kidnapping ransoms, selling those artifacts they’ve not maliciously destroyed and by controlling crops,
  • declared they’d created an Islamic State with 34,000 square miles in Syria and Iraq…
and that’s just the highlights lowlights!  Our AssHat ruler really thinks they’re gonna listen to IDEAS….? Yea, RIGHT!!!
Oh, yea…. and the “ClownPrince” also alluded that he had Valerie Jarrett‘s permission to threaten “an expanded campaign of bombing” against ISIS targets, some inside Syria.
    Now enter Vlad Putin, obama‘s former buddy… who ‘instructed’ the American ruler that the aforementioned bombing campaign would be “an ‘act of aggression’ and ‘a gross violation of international law.'”  Vlad has consistently shown far more spinal calcium than President AssHat, primarily in Putin‘s recent actions in Eastern Europe.  obama, this is what happens when you draw “a red line in the sand” with regard to Syria and fail/refuse to enforce it!!  It’s kinda the “KGB vs The Community Agitator” and you’ve been/are being handed your ass on a silver platter by Vladimir Putin
    In conclusion, everything in the past seven and a half years is going along as planned by Valerie Jarrett and her communist coalition.  The hundreds times we’ve called “ClownPrinceobama an asshole~and rightfully so~for all the shit he’s done, all the shit he’s gotten the country into… we’re the wronged party; Jarrett‘s plans are going almost exactly as engineered.  The plan has always been to knock the United States off the pedestal the rest of the world has put it on.  We are now a second-rate country, well on our way to ‘third-world Rathole’ status.  Vlad and the Russians just laugh at both the AssHat and this country as he positions Russia to become the ‘leader, not only of the free world but the ENTIRE WORLD!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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