My Take On The Current Crap…

A lot’a crap going on, both personally and nationally, to wit:
  • 1.  Notice how~when something’s going on in the national body-politic~it’s a signal for “ClownPrinceobama to do something shady?  Most recently~while his royal Popeness was in the country propping up the obama legacy~the “ClownPrince” took the opportunity to release the muslim terrorist trained to be the 20th hijacker for the 9/11 muslim terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
  • 2.  Donald Trump has released his tax plan.  I think it’s wrong on two points:
  • a]  While it reduces the number of brackets from six to four and reduces the percentage levels of the remaining brackets, it still has more than one level.  A far better plan would be the referenced one level.  Everyone pays the same rate as everyone else, no matter how much he/she/it earns.
  • b]  Whether it’s Trump‘s income tax proposal or anyone else’s, no one considers the freeloaders amongst us, the welfareRATs!  I suggest that a reasonable amount~in dollars, not percentages~be determine that everyone pays, even if they have earned income of SQUAT!!  Said reasonable amount might be $100 per tax-year.
  • 3.  Now that the “Supremes” have legislated morality from the bench once again with their gay marriage thingie, it would stand to reason that something should/mush be done with respect to a national “pistol permit” or conceal-carry ruling/license.
  • A]  This gay marriage thingie is most definitely ‘legislating from the bench;’ it IS up to the congress to determine what the American public would be saddled with.  With the spinal calcium deficiency of Speaker John Boehner, this~among most other socio-facist policies and programs~was pushed off to be determined by other RINOs and those in barackINGHAM PALACE.  If one wanted a stretch, the US Constitution does provide for equality.
  • B]  If the equality stance is a given, when will the “Supremes” use the Constitution to the advantage of the average American citizen?  Time is long past that the average citizen be put on the same level as the various local thugs and thugettes with a national ‘pistol permit’ [nationwide conceal-carry authorization].  Granted, several states have reciprocity agreements with themselves and others, but said agreements are both convoluted and confusing at best!  It’s time~once and for all~for the congress to do something that directly empowers the average citizen.
  • 4.  Excepting Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle, are there any CONSERVATIVES left on ‘The Five?’  Certainly not the firmly entrenched RINO-Dana Perino who~after soft-shoeing around him for his entire term~now not only excuses John Boehner‘s dismal speakership record, but vehemently defends his recent socio-fascist performances.  In her mind, it’s perfectly reasonable for the House leadership to “roll-over-and-play-dead” with respect to caving-in to “ClownPrinceobama‘s demands, threats.  As I see it, the premise of The Five‘ is to have four conservatives and one socio-fascist.  Ms Perino is throwing the formula “way off kilter!!”
  • 5.  Time-Warner cable SUCKS!!  The Monday Night that MY Kansas City Chiefs are playing, ESPN, ESPNHD are not broadcasting…. A COMPLETELY GRAY SCREEN…. even on the “Young Miss Lovely‘s” 55-inch TV!!
  • 6.  Speaking of ‘The Five….‘  Keep Meghan McCain off the dam’ show or at least DON’T MIC HER!!  All she does is talk louder and louder, and talks over any current speaker.  She’s a big mouth with nothing to say!!  Ms McCain should take the path of least resistance, much like her father~RINO McCain~regularly does!!  Just shut up and agree with the socio-fascists when it’ll piss off the conservatives!!
On a more personal note, the vascular blockage in my right leg seems to be progressing nicely, going from 33% to 40% in just one month.  The translation: as I mow our TINY 1,200 square foot lawn I now need two rest breaks rather than the previous single break.
That’s all I got.
Til nex’time….
Justin Case