Donald Trump Versus The Field
    Recent polls have Donald Trump at 22% approval with Jeb Bush second at a distant 10.7%.  One of the guys I like~Dr Ben Carson~has risen to third with 9.7%.  The remainder of the list as surveyed 8/09 through 8/16:
Walker: 7.7%;
Rubio: 7.3%;
Cruz: 7.3%;
Fiorina: 6.3%;
Paul: 4.3%;
Kasich: 4.3%;
Huckabee: 4.3%;
Christie: 3.3%;
Perry: 1.3%;
Santorum: 1.0%;
Jindal: 0.3%;
Graham: 0.1%.
If these results were to stand, the next GOP debate (or rather press interview) would NOT include Christie through Graham.
What most~if not all~have failed to realize in their fervent support of Donald Trump.  “The Donald” is highly unlikely to accept the republicRATic presidential nomination for one important reason…

“…the use of a “blind trust” is one of several methods of conflict of
interest avoidance under federal law and regulation. There are now uniform statutory requirements for the establishment and maintenance of blind trusts, and federal officials who are to use such devices, either voluntarily or as a remedial measure for identified conflicts of interest, must receive from their supervisory ethics office prior approval of the proposed trustee and the trust instrument to qualify the blind trust for ethics purposes.”

    I can’t envision Mr Trump placing all his 100~more or less~companies into the REQUIRED blind trust with which he’d have no control in their operations.  It would take immense trust in an individual or group to believe that he/she/they would take due care and caution to insure profitability for the upcoming four~or eight~years.
Were “The Donald” to actually use the “blind trust,” I’d certainly support him as the nominee, considering the alternative: more and ever increasing socialism!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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