No Greater ‘Carson Supporter’ Than Me…
    Practically as soon as I heard about [and BEFORE I actually read it] Dr Ben Carson‘s National Prayer Breakfast speech in February, 2013, I became his biggest fan!!  My reasoning was not necessarily the points in the speech, but rather that Dr Carson had the balls to verbally hand “Clown Princeobama his ‘ass on a silver platter‘ and TO-HIS-FACE!! Remember, by that time we’d suffered over four years of the media’s tip-toeing around the “Clown Prince‘s” race, his racist views, his support of muslim terrorists, his relationships with known~ADMITTED, yet uncharged, unarrested~domestic terrorists, his “Cloward and Piven-esque” governmental destruction/socialism advancement, etc., so I welcomed someone with Dr Carson‘s figuratively ‘CANTALOPE-sized’ testicular appendages!!
Also in 2013, Dr Carson appeared on The Glenn Beck Program to say that semi-automatic weapons shouldn’t be allowed in large cities which I found to be an affront to most~if not all~conservatives in that the Carson position is NOT apart of the Second Amendment.  He has since~April 30, 2014~altered his position to one of defying the several levels of government that require firearm registration in some/any form.  Here in the COMMUNIST State of New York, one must REGISTER ALL HANDGUNS, must POSSESS A ‘PISTOL PERMIT’ for said handguns, must REGISTER ALL ASSAULT-looking LONG GUNS….!!
Back in March, Dr Carson performed a complete flip-flop in a single day:

  • “Yesterday[03/04/2015], Ben Carson stated flatly in the morning that homosexuality “absolutely” is a choice. Just hours later, before the day was done, he was in full scale retreat, issuing an abject apology for having possibly offended tender souls.”

I’m all for any politician revising his stance on any political position[excepting the Bill of Rights] through research and study…. but NOT to intimidation!!
If a politician/candidate flip-flops on the aforementioned topics, how often will he/she change their opinion:

  • on national defense;
  • on border security/control;
  • on international trade matters;
  • on international security matters;
  • on national/international diplomacy;
  • on states’ rights issues;
  • on-and-on, ad infinitum!!

The true Americans~by that I mean the true patriots [not those with “inflated balls”]~need to be assured that whomever runs, whomever is elected President will have the testicular fortitude~and whatever equilivant Mrs Clinton has~to actually do what’s best for the country NOT what’s best for their donors/bundlers; for their mega-supporters; for their crime-family foundation; for the millions and millions of welfareRATs…. well, you get the picture!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….

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