The “Detroit-ing” of America
    Believe it or not, there is a basis for using the terms “Detroit-ing” and “Detroit-ization.”  You only need to look at the City of Detroit of years ago and compare it to the same city of recent times.  Not only the City of Detroit, but several cities across the country have had “Baltimore-esque,” highly destructive riots.
Here are some of the country’s worst riots:

  • Watts Riots, Los Angeles, August 11-15, 1965: Tensions between the police and the citizenry.
  • The Newark (N.J.) Riots, July 12-17, 1967: Tensions between, and brutality of the black population by police officers.
  • The King Assassination Riots, April, 1968: The Dr King assassination was the final straw in the nationwide civil rights movement.  Riots incurred in such cities as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.
  • The Chicago Riots, Democratic National Convention, August 28, 1968: General political unrest/disappointments.  Dissatisfaction with LBJ’s running of the Viet Nam war.  All convictions of “The Chicago Seven” were overturned in 1972.
  • The Stonewall (Inn) Riots, Greenwich Village-New York City, June 28, 1969:  Police harassment of homosexuals in gay bars. On June 28, bar patrons refused to cooperate and disperse.
  • The Attica (N.Y.) Prison Riot, September 9-13, 1971: Prisoner unrest, state enforced reduction of prisoner standards of living.
  • The Mardi Gras Riot (Seattle, Washington), February 27, 2001: Drunken bar patrons dissatisfied with police enforcing closing times.

It’s not only the various riots in America’s larger cities that are ultimately the cause of the many cities’ downfall, but the economic decisions made on the city, the state, the federal levels.  There still are homes in Buffalo, N.Y., in Gary, Indiana, in South Bend, Indiana as well as in the aforementioned Detroit, Michigan, that are SELLING FOR $1.00!!
Free Home In Yakima, Washington
Well, remember~during his campaign~when the future “Clown Prince” barack obama PROMISED that he’d fix all the country’s ills including the economic ‘collapse’ that evil President George W. Bush would be leaving him?!?  Seems said “Clown Prince” took some serious ‘liberties-with-the-truth!!’  In other words, he LIED…. and has continued to do so to this day!  Stimulus after stimulus after stimulus and no appreciable correction.  But then, it’s tough to correct a monetary ill when the vast majority of the funds go to the “Clown Prince’s” buddies, cronies, fundraisers and bundlers!
In fairness to the “Clown Prince,” fault lies not entirely with him personally but with his~and the vast majority of democRATic/obamacRATic sub-rulers~socialist, fascist ideology.  To that end, check out the ratio of republicRATic versus obamacRATic mayors of the cited cities:

  • Buffalo, N.Y.:  Since 1934 to the present there have been 10 obamacRATic mayors as opposed to ONLY 3 republicRATic mayors;
  • Gary, Indiana:  Since 1935 to the present there have been 11 obamacRATic mayors as opposed to ONLY 1 republicRATic mayor;
  • South Bend, Indiana:  [Records incomplete] Appears to also have had far more obamacRATic than republicRATic mayors in the modern era;
  • Detroit, Michigan:  Since 1948 to the present there have been 9 obamacRATic mayors as opposed to ONLY 2 republicRATic mayors.

Can you see a pattern arising here?  Virtually any city~of any size~in America that’s suffering degradation and tumult can trace it’s origins to the socialist, fascist obamacRATic ideology.  In nearly every case, said socialists, fascists make choices that line their pockets and the pockets of their~already wealthy~friends, relatives and supporters.
Again, in fairness to the socialists, fascists, more money is NOT the answer!  Actually, less money and a more fair taxing system would do far more to pull said cities out of the doldrums!!  With large~and ever growing~shares of the various populations of these cities on welfare, on unemployment, ‘sort of’ on disability…. the fewer dollars to go around, the greater chance said leeches will “get off their dead asses and on their dyin’ feet,” find jobs, raise their families and be productive members of society.

That’s all I got. 
Oh, wait….! 
    The Negro in America is and always has been under the misconception that politicians of all stripes~especially the obamacRATics~have their best interests at heart.  Not So!!  Each of the aforementioned obamacRATic mayors as well as the several serving obamacRATic governors continue to covertly oppress the Negro for their benefit.  These evil, filthy obamacRATics continue to keep the American Negro down, providing a marginal existence with various “give-away” programs knowing that the beneficiaries will vote the obamacRATic line time and again.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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