It Seems Some ‘More Equal’ Than Others
    The 14th Amendment assures that all citizens of the United States are treated similarly~equally~under the law.  This amendment was originally intended to protect ALL Americans from injustices by insuring they were given “full and equal benefit of all laws.”  I contend that “the law” was meant to include the onerous rules and regulations of the IRS.  That being said, have you ever not fulfilled the filing requirements of said IRS?  Neither have I, most probably out of fear of ‘going to jail’ for non-payment of possible taxes due. 
    The IRS~in one form or another~has been around seemingly forever.  The first “income” tax in America was levied to finance the Civil War and it’s only gotten worse since then.  Ever notice that no matter how the tax is levied in the modern era, the government continues to get larger and larger and larger?!?
Now check out this list of those who’ve been deemed “more-equal” than you or I:
{quite possibly some or all these crooks may have satisfied some or all their tax liens}

  • Al Sharpton [IRS~$3.5 Million; NYS~$806,000; FEC~$208,000];
  • Melissa Harris-Perry [IRS~$70,000]
  • Toure’ Neblett [IRS~$59,000];
  • Joy-Ann Reid [NYS~$5,000];
  • Robin Thicke/Paula Patton [IRS~$493,000];
  • Chris Tucker [IRS~$11.5 Million; Georgia~$590,000];
  • Kelly Rowland [IRS~$99,000];
  • Jaime Pressly [IRS~$542,000; California~$95,000];
  • Lil Wayne [IRS~$12.1 Million];
  • Sean Kingston [IRS~$131,000];
  • Lionel Richie [IRS~$1.1 Million];
  • Lauryn Hill [IRS~ <$1 Million];
  • Lindsay Lohan [IRS~$197,000];
  • and many, many others!!

Just once~no matter which crook; which crooked party, is in office~I’d like to see us all be treated TRULY EQUAL!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

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