Christie Wants “Hillary-esque” Redistribution!
[“Christie Pushes Means Test, Age Increase For Social Security”]
    Add yet another CONFIRMED RINO to the list!! Governor Christie demonstrates he’s “got more shit than a Christmas goose!” 
Go ahead suckers….
work your asses off;
put you and your family in jeopardy in starting a business;
work for forty or fifty years then sell your business on payments. 
Those payments DAM’ SURE better not be over $79,999.99 per year or you’ll have that monthly Social Security check YOU PAID INTO, reduced
Heaven forbid that you should be successful enough to have over $199,999.99 in annual, unearned [investment] income….
You can kiss your WHOLE SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK good-bye thanks to that “ample-ASS” from New Jersey!!
This worthless son-of-a-bitch~no, not the referenced workers, entrepreneurs~I mean New Jersey’s arschloch Governor, Christopher James Christie!!  Rather than go after society’s producers like the rest of the RINOs, commie-libs, socio-fascists and obamacRATics, why not the non-producers… the welfareQueens, the WelfareRATs, the drug dealers, the ‘baby-daddies!!’  These “drains on the economy” syphon off about a BILLION DOLLARS a year so they can continue to fu*k, have more babies to insure annual increases to their welfareQueen/RAT checks!!
Discounting all the “lil’ darlin’s” who got knocked-up at thirteen to start their welfareQueen careers, what about the MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL INVADERS who get instant Social Security, SSI, Welfare, AFDC, SNAP, Housing Assistance~just to name A FEW~only because “Clown Princeobama needs to increase the obamacRATic voter rolls… huh?!?
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case