..and Removing The “Bo-o-o-o-oring” Factor!
    Years ago~back in the late 70s; early ’80s~I used to attend Sunday KC Royalshome games.  I’d take my 12-year-old charge, “Mysti” cuz [then] Royals Stadium [now: Kaufman Stadium] was less-than-an-hour ride on my ol’ Suzuki 750cc ‘Water Buffalo.’  At that time I never thought that MLB had a “boring” factor.  I enjoyed both the game itself, the hot dogs and sodas as well as watching all the kids having the times-of-their-lives… and besides that…. it only cost a “buck-ana-quarter” to get in!!
Today the game is entirely different.  It seems to take ‘forever’ to complete one!  But I have a cuppla suggestions to help the game along:

  • 1.  Teach every player [and test ’em on this] how Velcro works!!  Once they learn, they won’t have to adjust the dam’ battin’ gloves after each pitch!
  • 2.  Teach every player [and test ’em on this one too] how a jock-strap works and what the possible benefits are.  Once they get their nuts in place, there should be no need to adjust them after each pitch!
  • 3.  [Bonus] Allow each batter only two “step-outs” at each plate appearance, of course excepting injury… and no, a miss-placed testicle is NOT an ‘injury!’

That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case