Why Won’t It Do….?
    We are both avid readers. 
To that end I bought my wife a Kindle Paperwhite for one of her recent birthdays. 
With ‘turnabout’ being fair play, she bought me one for my last birthday. 
She doesn’t have the problems I have, primarily due to having a better memory than I have.
Today I have twenty-one books on my Kindle all of which, I’ve read.. I THINK!  All the books are in two genres, either “hobby/sustainable farming” or military-related novels like those WEB Griffin writes.I recently bought another book… which today, I can’t find.  Did I actually buy it?  What was the title?  Dam’d if I know! I kinda think it was a “hobby farming” one.
When we bought the first Kindle, I asked the ‘BestBuy‘ guy how we deleted the books we’d read.  He said “Not necessary, with the size of the memory you’ll never run out of space.”  Well, “running out of space” ain’t the problem!  In my case at least, I just wanna get rid of those I’ve read so they don’t appear on the home page when I’m looking for the next one to buy/read!
I can’t seem to figure out how to segregate the finished books from the unfinished ones.  I’ve tried making ‘collections,’ which worked…. but doesn’t work as I need them to.  ‘Collections’ still pop-up when I’m on my home page, and~seemingly, to me at least~there’s no way to move said ‘collection’ to “cloud storage.”  I’ve tried!!
Any help?
Any suggestions?
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case