Working Back Into My Routine

    Back in November I started winding-down on my exercise routine… tho’ not by choice.  The then-upcoming ‘global warming’ season would leave me with sometimes up to 30 inches of the stuff to shovel off the driveway.  If I had continued with my regimen my local Planet Fitness gym, I’d have been too wore-out to shovel.

    My usual daily routine goes thus:

3:30AM-Up ‘n’ at’em; fasting glucose check; start first of the day’s 3 pots’a coffee.

3:45AM-Set up WBAP-AM on the laptop; set up Scottrader ‘Streaming Quotes’ for the day; have my first ‘bowl’…. I still smoke a pipe, gave up ciggies years back; make sure “everything’s where I left it” last night at the ‘last bowl’ of the day.

7:00AM-Deliver ‘The Boss’ to her daily ‘grind,’ arrive at PF a coupl’a minutes later.

8:15, 8:30AM-Back home; lots more coffee; check emails; check ‘our’ stocks’ closing numbers; feed the cats for the first time; a breakfast of one PowerProtein bar with one Muscle Milk [a total of 40 gms protein]; start a blog entry if I have anything to say.

9:00AM-Start the day’s work [anything from building steps, building furniture, laminating shelves, general repairs to “The Boss'” double {upper-lower} house]; lunch and rarely… a nap.

4:30PM-Retrieve ‘The Boss’ from her day’s torment and abuse; have supper; lounge in front of the “idiot box” as we discuss the day’s events, tomorrow’s projects, objectives.

10:00PM-Horizontal and snoring….!!

Not too shabby” for someone whose next birthday is the ‘SEVENTY’ one, aye?!?

    My exercise regimen is divided into upper and lower [halves of the body].  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I do the ‘upper’ and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do the ‘lower.’  I only use PF’s “machines” and stay away from the cable and lose weight exercises.  Today’s workout concentrated on the triceps extension; the bicep curls, the abdominal [or abominable] and the rowing machines.  For each exercise, I normally do three sets of ten reps.  Right now I’m trying to get back to the exercise weights I’d achieved at the time I stopped last fall[100 lbs].  So far I’ve worked back to 80 lbs, maybe in a month-or-so, I’ll be back to the aforementioned goal.  On the ‘lower’ days, I use the various leg machines offered, plus I bicycle [with my Kindle] for  a half-hour or so.  On ‘upper’ days I try to bike as well, but don’t always make it.  As time goes on, I intend to add machines on both the ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ routines.

That’s all I got.

Til Nex’Time….

Justin Case

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