The “Clown Prince” “Rasputin” Jarrett Is At It Yet Again!
Clown Princeobama announced~and published~the Valerie Jarrett order instructing The Office of The (p)resident to ignore the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)~more to the point~forget it ever existed:

  • “The Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration, is removing regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations related to the status of records created and maintained by the Executive Office of the President.”
What’ta Hell, Mel?!?”
The FOIA regulation was expressly formulated for~and ONLY pertains to~the Executive Branch of the federal government and now they just arbritrarily get to ignore it; get to say they…
  • ain’t gonna tell you what bullshit they’re up to;
  • ain’t gonna tell you what liberties they’re gonna take away from you;
  • ain’t gonna tell you that they’re gonna continue fixing elections and other such crap as that.
Remember, this is from the “Clown” who promised his gang of ‘Chicago Thugs‘ were gonna be the most transparent regime in US history.  As mentioned in the “USA Today” article~URL below~the regime waited OVER SIX YEARS to take this action rather than continue to ‘drag their feet’ over each request.
Does this not make you wonder what illegal, immoral~but natural to them~shit they’re up to now?!?
Rather than continuing to pay my state and federal income taxes, I’ll publish in my local newspaper that I’ve exempted myself from IRS regulations, which~by the way~were written for me and people like me!!
That’s the “Jarrett-obama” brand of common sense in action!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

ReferenceLie-Barry (more accurately~Lie-Val):” [7-page Jarrett order as published in the National Register]
(*)Mentioned in the Jarrett-order as published in The Federal Register.