G.I.s Getting Screwed
[At the outset, I gotta admit that I’m all about FAIRNESS, particularly when it comes to ALL BRANCHES of the military.  If a conflict exists, I tend to err on the side of said Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines!!
Full Disclosure: I was an Air Force member for nearly 13 years, an Army Reserve member for 5 years.]
    Remember all that ‘Sequester’ bullshit in late 2013?!? The most important among us is still~and will, well into the future~feeling the affects.
One area of contention was reducing some Defense Department budget items.  The item most easily defensible by the Congressional weanies is military pay, retirement pay and benefits.  Most ‘weanies have a small to non-existant military constituency so very few VOTERS in their district to whom said ‘weanie‘ must defend his decisions and actions.
Said ‘bullshit’ was more a “do as I say, not as I do” kinda scenario:  reductions in the rate-of-increase in military retirement pay certainly DID NOT APPLY to ‘weanie‘ retirement pay!
Years ago when I was in the Air Force [1964-68; 1971-79] one of the great recruiting tools was stay for 20 years, retire at half-pay {26 years-2/3 pay; 30 years-3/4 pay; 40 years-100% pay} with health, Rx and dental benefits for the retiree and his/her dependents; another was the Korean Era GI Bill.  With the congressional ‘weinies‘ screwing with a guy’s paycheck, said screwing should have~but didn’t and NEVER WILL~been applied to ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES as well as the ‘WEINIES,’ themselves!! In some cases, the average military retiree [equivilant to civilian middle- and upper-managers] will lose upwards of $80,000 over the course of 20 retired years.  I don’t care who ya are, that’s a hell-uv-a bite out’a the wallet!!
Conversely, one’a the congressional ‘weinies‘ can retire after a MINIMUM FIVE-YEARS SERVICE; how great-and-wonderful is that?!?

[A senator only has to buy enough votes to get in “the club,” then he’s set with a retirement check after he reaches 60 years old.  A representative merely has to buy enough votes to be re-elected twice… wouldn’t think that’d be too hard, given the going rate per vote..]

While the average private-sector retiree gets roughly $8,800 from his company sponsored retirement plan [plus any IRAs he may have funded on his own] after umpteen-bazillion years on the job; a congressional~bottom-feeding~’weinie‘ after but 10-years, will reap~on average~$26,600!! How ’bout that?!?  Seems it’s kind’a shaded toward a weinie-sittin’ on his/her dead ass, and away from the guy/gal who spends months/years away from home dodging bullets, bombs, vehicles put forth by those members of “THE RELIGION OF PEACE” the obama-supported Islamic-muslim terrorists!!
Seems “kind’a f*cked up” to me….!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case

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