Mandates Demand Testicular Fortitude
    Post-midterm elections, the republicRATic ‘path’ seems undefined if not disjointed.  I’m sure the party has a lot of policy wonks who’ll dispute my suggestions, but here goes:
1.  Revise your past actions.  Rather than allowing “Clown Princeobama “suck-you-in” to a fight you can’t win, appoint one of your own~whether the House or the Senate or both~as a “Sucker-Punch Czar.”  The selected dude or dudette would determine the nature of the ulterior motive~he always has one~of any statements, projections, appointments, etc., the “Clown Prince” may regurgitate.  Determine the party’s countermeasures and insure ADHERENCE to them!
[{Item #2}  Since I started this rant, the whiney-ass John Boehner has already rolled-over for “Clown Princeobama and passed a one-year budget.  Said budget essentially funds all the highly crooked shit said “Clown” has forced on both the taxpayer and FOR the welfareRAT!]
2.  Although I~personally~am against continuing resolutions as a solution for failing to produce a passable budget… the time has arrived where I’d be ‘all in’ for one!  Without doing a formal budget, the Congress is not locked into two years of programed spending.  A continuing resolution~besides preventing another BOGUS government shutdown~would fund government operations for a pre-determined period of time while a formal budget is being constructed.  With a new budget written in the 114th Congress, said congress would have more control over the current administration’s reckless spending, their incessant demands for debt-ceiling raises.
3. Currently, the congress uses a legalized SCAM to determine ‘the numbers’ in each budget.  That SCAM is base-line budgeting.
*Baseline budgeting uses current spending levels as the “baseline” for establishing future funding requirements and assumes future budgets will equal the current budget times the inflation rate times the population growth rate.
Here’s how it works:  The Office of ‘Mess Kit Repair’ is a part of the Department of Defense.
‘MKR’ has a current budget of $1,000 and it’s expected to grow by 10% for the next budget period.
‘MRK’ will AUTOMATICALLY be budgeted for $1,100 in the next cycle, $1,210 in the following cycle, and on and on and on.
There are a couple of “dirty little secrets” involved in the process:
a)  When the whinning begins about the budget and demanded cuts, the DoD will say “we will cut the Mess Kit Repair Office’s budget by4%.  What actually happens is the increasing percentage will be reduced by said 4% which means 6% of the annual increase will remain! Ain’t those socio-fascists slick?!?
b)  Each department, each budget line item is expected to spend all their budgeted amount.  If not, there’s a possible chance the next budget amount will be reduced.  Hence, the lavish conventions, executive trips, bonuses for all!!
4.  Politicians of all stripes tend to obfuscate practically everything they do, almost like it’s a habit.  STOP IT!  If something~a bill, a department, an agency~is of a particular topic, a particular service, it must be labeled so:
a)  Legislation must be written so the average taxpayer can read AND UNDERSTAND it; plain English rather than legalese would be a great start.
b)  Legislation must be topical:  The Mess Kit Authorization and Modernization Act of 2038 MUST NOT CONTAIN monies for pothole repair in Portage, Indiana, nor can it contain a Medal of Honor recommendation for Lester C. Dolt.
c)  The Department of Agriculture is a prime example of this level of obfuscation:  What ta’hell are welfareRAT give-away programs~food stamps, child nutrition, CHIP, WIC, CSFP~a part of the farming, land management budget?!?
5.  Just how long should an IRS tax lien be in force before it’s considered ineffective, and more stringent action is necessary?!?
Does Al Sharpton‘s $4.5 million in liens ring a bell?
6.  Just how long will the American citizenry, the American taxpayer, conservative 501c3’s be subjected to “Clown Princeobama‘s overt, heavy-handed, illegitimate harassment through his IRS? The best, fairest way to end this travesty is to REPEAL the Revenue Act of 1913 and institute a ‘pay-as-you-go’ federal sales tax… those who spend, pay.  This will capture tax revenue from those traditionally untaxed: CROOKED POLITICIANS, drug dealers, all-cash purchases, under-the-table labor, etc.
The mid-term elections of 2014 confirmed that the “Clown Prince‘s” policies and actions were~and are~overwhelmingly, soundly rejected.  The American public sees these results as a republicRATic mandate…. a mandate to satisfy the will of the people rather than the ideological whims of a sociopathic dictator!  Said mandate demands that the entire Congress develop the necessary testicular fortitude to effectively, SUCCESSFULLY thwart obama‘s “whims!!”
That’s enough to chew on for a while.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
P.S.  The aforementioned concerning the “whiney-assJohn Boehner:  The primary reason he HAS TO BE REPLACED by someone with teeth, maybe Rep Trey Gowdy of South Carolina?  One of Valerie Jarrett‘s mafia must have some real dirt on Boehner!! Why else would said shithead turn his back on a mandate from the American Voter?!?
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