District of Corruption 
August 16, 2014
[This blather was originally recorded in ‘The Palace prior to the start of the Jarrett/obama families’ $6,000,000++ MONTHLY vacation at the Vineyard links in Taxachussetts.  I~as opposed to the “Clown Prince“~have household duties to complete.  That’s my best~and only~excuse for taking so long for these truths to come out!]
    Over the next couple weeks, schools all across the country will be opening their doors. Students will suit up for fall sports, marching band, and the school play; moms and dads will snap those first-day-of-school pictures — and that includes me and Michelle.  And so today, I want to talk directly with students and parents about one of the most important things any of you can do this year — and that’s to begin preparing yourself for an education beyond high school.

    We know that in today’s economy, whether you go to a four-year college, a community college, or a professional training program, some higher education is the surest ticket to the middle class. The typical American with a bachelor’s degree or higher earns over $28,000 more per year than someone with just a high school diploma. And they’re also much more likely to have a job in the first place – the unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree is less than one-third of the rate for those without a high school diploma.

    But for too many families across the country, paying for higher education is a constant struggle. Earlier this year, a young woman named Elizabeth Cooper wrote to tell me how hard it is for middle-class families like hers to afford college. As she said, she feels “not significant enough to be addressed, not poor enough for people to worry [about], and not rich enough to be cared about.”
[As is the norm, Valerie Jarrett soured the country for a whining socio-fascist ‘victim’ for us to present as a viable reason for the contents of this blather.  Much like other socio-fascists, Ms Cooper feels victimized because she’s not been able to attain the COMPLETELY FREE education~from top to bottom~that I received as a foreign student from Kenya and Indonesia.
    One has to remember that the shorter the education period, the sooner the student gets on with life, starts earning a paycheck and is able to move out of that ‘bachelor~or bachelorette~pad in Mom and Dad’s basement!  Rather than a four-year institution learning all manner of useless crap, a serious consideration should be a technical education.  Faster onto the path of earning one’s way in this world, with far less student load debt.  ‘Course the federal government won’t like it too much; they control nearly the entire student-loan industry.  The less participation, the less interest they have access to~but, more to the point~the less CONTROL the government has over the former student as he attempts to make said way!
    As an example,a plumber’s pay:

  • Apprentice:  up to $25,000
  • Journeyman: up to $40,000
  • Master: possibly in excess of $100,000

Another thing to consider: 
Far more professionals call a plumber that does the plumber call a professional.
Note: Ms Cooper may not be finished whining; she may yet ask the “Clown Prince” for a new kitchen!!]
    Michelle and I know the feeling – we only finished paying off our student loans ten years ago. And so as President, I’m working to make sure young people like Elizabeth can go to college without racking up mountains of debt. We reformed a student loan system so that more money goes to students instead of big banks. We expanded grants and college tax credits for students and families. We took action to offer millions of students a chance to cap their student loan payments at 10% of their income. And Congress should pass a bill to let students refinance their loans at today’s lower interest rates, just like their parents can refinance their mortgage.

    But as long as college costs keep rising, we can’t just keep throwing money at the problem — colleges have to do their part to bring down costs as well. That’s why we proposed a plan to tie federal financial aid to a college’s performance, and create a new college scorecard so that students and parents can see which schools provide the biggest bang for your buck. We launched a new $75 million challenge to inspire colleges to reduce costs and raise graduation rates. And in January, more than 100 college presidents and nonprofit leaders came to the White House and made commitments to increase opportunities for underserved students.
[So long as the obama Regime~and all administrations to follow~can continue to add red-tape to this and any other future programs, it will be able to control their scope and breadth.  What about the preferential treatment the “Clown Prince” alludes to?  Favoring one segment of society over another not only breeds contempt and ill will, it says that said segment is unable to attain whatever level on their own merits.
    The time must return in America when a person’s word has meaning, that it’s dependable, not just until the next ‘better offer’ comes along.  When one signs a contract to repay a specified amount at a specified interest, it means just that: Repay What’s Been Borrowed
Blogger Note:  I~for one~would have to see receipts to believe that both the “Clown Prince” and Moochelle actually paid off their student loans, THEMSELVES!!  They’re both freeloaders, control-freaks since birth!]
    Since then, we’ve met with even more leaders who want to create new community-based partnerships and support school counselors. And this week, my Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced a series of commitments to support students who need a little extra academic help getting through college.  This is a challenge I take personally. And to all you young people, now that you’re heading back to school, your education is something you have to take personally, also. It’s up to you to push yourself; to take hard classes and read challenging books. Science shows that when you struggle to solve a problem or make a new argument, you’re actually forming new connections in your brain. So when you’re thinking hard, you’re getting smarter. Which means this year, challenge yourself to reach higher. And set your sights on college in the years ahead. Your country is counting on you.
[Remember~that in all this blather~it is this regime that crammed “Common Core” down the states’ throats and~by extension~the individual throat!  “Community based partnerships?”  Another half-baked idea that will evolve into yet another level of control by some half-baked government bureaucrat! 
Is it really needed?  Yes, if the objective is continued control over as many aspects of personal life as possible. 
Are there alternatives?  Yes, use the federal influence to force the educational institutions to offer more programs that actually result in a graduate’s enhanced earning power rather than continued unemployment. 
A wise man~actually Gregg Gutfeld of “The Five” on the Fox News Channel~once said: Never pursue a degree whose title ends in “…Studies!”  It may make you smarter, but no more employable!!]