The “Clown Prince” obama Family Can’t Live In barackINGHAM PALACE Forever (Thank GOD!)!
    Will MichelleAntoinetteobama use the Bobby Kennedy/Hillary Clinton/Scott Brown method of carpet bagging as her easy way into Congress?!?  Well, it worked for two of the aforementioned carpet baggers, but not without concern, at least from Mr Kennedy as this quote indicates:

“If I had been Keating [Kennedy‘s 1964 opponent], I would never have hit me on the issues. I would have used the carpetbagger thing and run on my record. Nothing more.”

Of course Mrs Clinton had no such compunction about her carpet bagging; hell, she deserved that senate seat from New York!!  If for no other reason than all the shit she had to put up with from hubby~that Philanderer-in-Chief~”Slick-Willie!!” 
[Here would have been a photo of the Clinton‘s palatial estate in Chappaqua, N.Y., but Blogger won’t add it.  Their ‘image insertion’ SUCKS!]
    The obamacRATic mantra can be the only basis for MichelleAntoinetteobama’s believing that the current political climate created by her husband~theClown Prince“~will accommodate yet another ‘carpet bagger!’  To that end, it’s rumored that America’s Ruling family are looking at potential palaces worthy of the country’s next ‘carpet bagger’ in arguably the only enclave of socio-fascism left in North Carolina… Asheville!
    In conclusion, the country can only SUFFER with any future election of ANYONE carrying the name “obama!”  The “Clown Prince’s”~seemingly inept, incompetent~plans, programs and policies~effectively taking the United States out of the “First World” category~are working as he and the Bilderberg Group had planned all along.  When he is gone from federal governance, when logic and conservatism return to the ‘District of Corruption‘, the last thing the country needs is yet another socio-fascist in the United States Senate!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
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