“Clown Prince” obama’s Weekly Blather

District of Corruption,
April 26, 2014
    In my State of the Union Address, I talked about pizza.  More specifically, I talked about a pizza chain in Minneapolis – Punch Pizza – whose owner, John Soranno, made the business decision to give his employees a raise to ten bucks an hour.  A couple weeks ago, I got a letter from a small business owner who watched that night.  Yasmin Ibrahim is an immigrant who owns her own restaurant – Desi Shack – and plans to open another this summer.  Here’s what she wrote.  “I was moved by John Soranno’s story.  It got me thinking about my … full-time employees and their ability to survive on $8 an hour in New York City.”  So a few weeks ago, Yasmin put in place a plan to lift wages for her employees at both her restaurants to at least $10 an hour by the end of this year. 

    But here’s the thing – Yasmin isn’t just raising her employees’ wages because it’s the right thing to do.  She’s doing it for the same reason John Soranno did. It makes good business sense.  Yasmin wrote, “It will allow us to attract and retain better talent – improving customer experience, reducing employee churn and training costs.  We believe doing so makes good business sense while at the same time having a positive impact on the community.”
Yasmin’s right.  That’s why, two months ago, I issued an Executive Order requiring workers on new federal contracts to be paid a fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour.
    Good morning, ‘boys and girls!’  I’ve started the current correction this way:  given the direction I’ve steered this country, a vast number of my supporters act that way: like ‘[pre-teen] boys and girls,’ wanting everything given to them from cradle-to-grave.  Don’t believe me?  Just check these two~of many~examples: the vast increase in welfareRATs’ participation and all those “pajama-boy” ads trying to sucker the uninformed public [read: the parasites] into falling for the greatest scam in American history, the Ponzi scheme known as obamaKare!!
    On to my latest example of Executive Branch lunacy:  this
“…business decision to give his employees a raise to ten bucks an hour…”
actually makes sense when viewed through the lens of practical, profitable  business principles [WhoaDon’t go overboard now, I sometimes am forced to stumble toward conservatism and logic].  While I did not, in both cases, many~if not all~employees started the success ladder at the bottom rung, that of earning just the MANDATED federal [or state] minimum wage.  Normally, everyone starts there; there’s no shame in that!  The real shame is the quickly advancing participation in the aforementioned welfareRAT program.
    The business decision~in both cases~has little-to-no connection with me, my regime or our socio-fascist programs and policies.  Each worker has earned their position on the next rung of said success ladder, that of an EARNED pay raise!  A mandated minimum wage~as well as a mandated increase~has the same affect as the many, many federal programs expressly designed to keep enrolled Americans~willing to participate~in economic slavery!
    But in order to make a difference for every American, Congress needs to do something.  And America knows it.  Right now, there’s a bill that would boost America’s minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour.  That would lift wages for nearly 28 million Americans across the country.  28 million.  And we’re not just talking about young people on their first job.  The average minimum wage worker is 35 years old.  They work hard, often in physically demanding jobs.  And while not all of us always see eye to eye politically, one thing we overwhelmingly agree on is that nobody who works full-time should ever have to live in poverty.  That’s why nearly three in four Americans support raising the minimum wage.  The problem is, Republicans in Congress don’t support raising the minimum wage.  Some even want to get rid of it entirely.  In Oklahoma, for example, the Republican governor just signed a law prohibiting cities from establishing their own minimum wage. 
That’s why this fight is so important.  That’s why people like John and Yasmin are giving their workers a raise.  That’s why several states, counties, and cities are going around Congress to raise their workers’ wages.  That’s why I’ll keep up this fight.  Because we know that our economy works best when it works for all of us – not just a fortunate few.  We believe we do better when everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead.  That’s what opportunity is all about.
And if you agree with us, we could use your help.  Republicans have voted more than 50 times to undermine or repeal health care for millions of Americans.  They should vote at least once to raise the minimum wage for millions of working families.  If a Republican in Congress represents you, tell him or her it’s time to give the politics a rest for a while and do something to help working Americans.  It’s time for “ten-ten.”  It’s time to give America a raise.
    That “…in order to make a difference for every American…” thingie…. is grossly misconstrued primarily to denigrate the RepublicRATic Party!  It completely dismisses the ‘market forces’ that~in the real world~dictate the value of human labor.  Granted, the market will gravitate toward the lowest wage possible but~conversely~those same ‘market forces’ will also dictate that the laborer be paid the prevailing wage for comparable effort.  What worker would stay with a pizza joint paying $7.25 an hour when he knows that a transfer to the taco joint next-door~requiring similar skills~will get him $8.00, 9.00, 10.00, an hour?!? 
    This “…Congress needs to do something…” is completely erogenous ..er.. erroneous!!  My desire for “Congress to do something” is predicated upon the continuance of the ECONOMIC SLAVERY that is the American lower- and lower, middle-classes; it’s all about CONTROL rather than benefits to said classes.  This ‘living-wage’ bullshit is following the same format used in obamaKare; telling lies~of varying, lessening degrees of believability~to convince those gullibles of American society that your “Dear Leader” has their best interests at heart.
    In the ever-increasing size of the federal government, very little is done just for the sake of ‘the little people.’  The ‘alphabet’ agencies, the Congress, the Executive Branch and~to, as some believe, a lesser degree~the Judicial Branch, exist~in their collective mind~to control as many aspects of American life as is possible.  For example: without the “turncoat-RINO,” Justice John Roberts‘ declaring the obamaKare non-compliance penalty, a tax, we’d not be under the “all encompassing thumb” of the federal plutocrats!!  In each area [obamaKare; the obamacRATic ‘war-on-women;’ Bundy Ranch vs the BLM; bullshit solar/wind energy; et al] the public looks, the only requirement is to “peel back a layer or two of the onion” to see evidence that somebody or “several somebodies” was/were paid off for compliance with “Dear Leader‘s” wishes [Can we spell: “Dirty-HarryReid?!?].
[Blogger Notes: It’s these on-going, ever-more-damaging lies told by “Clown Princeobama and his regime minions that have destroyed the Americans’ faith in their government.  Said Americans are realizing~in ever-increasing numbers~that not only does the obama regime, but the many like-thinkers MUST BE REPLACED in the next elections.  Many in the supposed-media believe the Negro voter will vote for the obamacRATic candidates or stay away from the polls; I do not!  I think the time has come that the Negro voter realizes that since the Civil War, it’s the democRATics~now temporarily labeled ‘obamacRATics~keeping their race and America’s lower-economic classes in ECONOMIC SLAVERY!]