“Clown Prince” obama’s Weekly Blather

District of Corruption,
April 12, 2014

     Earlier this week was Equal Pay Day.  It marks the extra time the average woman has to work into a new year to earn what a man earned the year before.  You see, the average woman who works full-time in America earns less than a man – even when she’s in the same profession and has the same education.  That’s wrong.  In 2014, it’s an embarrassment. Women deserve equal pay for equal work.  This is an economic issue that affects all of us.  Women make up about half our workforce.  And more and more, they’re our families’ main breadwinners.  So it’s good for everyone when women are paid fairly.  That’s why, this week, I took action to prohibit more businesses from punishing workers who discuss their salaries – because more pay transparency makes it easier to spot pay discrimination.  And I hope more business leaders will take up this cause.  But equal pay is just one part of an economic agenda for women.
    To start with, all my blusterful bloviating on this topic is both a lie as well as self-serving.  In barackINGHAM PALACE as well as the rest of the capitol district, women~in fact~ARE paid considerably less than men.  The estimates range from seventy-seven to eighty-eight cents-per-hour, less.  Let me explain the basic premise behind my ALLEGED push for more equity in pay:  it really has nothing to do with how equal the pay is between genders; between races for that matter.  This is nothing more than a “vote-grab” coming into the 2014 mid-term elections.  Women are the most concerned; the most affected by this topic.  Women~traditionally~vote in far fewer numbers during the mid-terms and this topic is to generate enthusiasm for the rights-of-women in the marketplace; in the labor pool.  The current polling on the mid-terms; on the general political climate~nationwide~indicates the obamacRATics will get the shit-kicked-out’a-themselves, quite possibly~quite probably~will lose seats in the House and lose the Senate altogether!
    Back to the topic at hand:  Why does~and how can~pay inequality exist in today’s business atmosphere?  Pay inequality has existed long before I~yourDear Leader~got here and it’ll exist long after my family and I are tossed out of Washington on our collective asses!  That  being said, the problem has been~for six LONG years~been exacerbated by the very policies and programs I’ve instituted.  Take the vast numbers of un-wed mothers, of fatherless homes, of the current crop of welfareRATs:  here’s a commentary that supports the fact that those very conditions are major factors in the unequal pay examples we see today.  Far more beneficial programs would~first and foremost~be not promoting victimhood upon every and any American who caught their ‘tit-in-the-wringer‘ through their very own poor choices.  Just because you decided to “fuck-the-night-away” and got knocked-up does not obligate the American taxpayer to fund your lifestyle ‘cradle-to-grave!’  MY policies have put 46.3 MILLION (UP from 29.69 MILLION in 2008!) of you into the foodstamp program; my policies~such as removing the work requirement from the welfareRAT program~have turned both the welfareRAT and the unemployment programs from a safety net to a HAMMOCK!!

Most lower-wage workers in America are women.  So I’ve taken executive action to require federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour.  I ordered a review of our nation’s overtime rules, to give more workers the chance to earn the overtime pay they deserve.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, tens of millions of women are now guaranteed free preventive care like mammograms and contraceptive care, and the days when you could be charged more just for being a woman are over for good.  Across the country, we’re bringing Americans together to help us make sure that a woman can have a baby without sacrificing her job, or take a day off to care for a sick child or parent without hitting hardship.  It’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a “Mad Men” episode, and give every woman the opportunity she deserves.

Here’s the problem, though.  On issues that would benefit millions of women, Republicans in Congress have blocked progress at every turn. Just this week, Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, commonsense legislation that would help more women win equal pay for equal work.  House Republicans won’t vote to raise the minimum wage or extend unemployment insurance for women out of work through no fault of their own.  The budget they passed this week would force deep cuts to investments that overwhelmingly benefit women and children – like Medicaid, food stamps, and college grants.  And of course, they’re trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the fiftieth or so time, which would take away vital benefits and protections from millions of women.

I’m going to keep fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Because we do better when our economy grows for everybody, not just a few.  And when women succeed, America succeeds.
    Let’s clear the air with these two constants:  “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is anything but AFFORDABLE!”  The current~it’s ongoing longevity doubtful~national health INSURANCE program will always~much to my chagrin~be known as obamaKare!  By now, most of America has heard~and can distinctly remember~all the lies I and the rest of the obamaCabal have spewed over the past three years:
  • obamacare will reduce a families healthcare insurance by $2,500;
  • obamacare will create MILLIONS OF JOBS;
  • obamacare won’t hurt any Americans already insured;
  • Americans can keep their insurance coverage if they like it;
  • Americans can keep their doctor if they like him/her, ad infinitum!

    Again, back to the topic at hand:
The minimum wage was conceived as a ‘first-rung’ on the success ladder, NOT as a career standard.
The minimum wage should be done away with purely as a matter of logic.  Pay standards~without regard to gender~are best determined by forces of the free-market system.  One’s pay should be reflective of their standards of output; of their quality of output; of their quantity of output; of their determination to succeed; of their own ingenuity, NOT any legislative body at any level!!
    If the public were to take my blather at face value, they should be asking some very important questions:  How~and WHY~are there any males left in the collective national workforce?!?  Using the ‘well twisted,’ socio-fascist, commie-lib logic, every employer in the free world would have already fired EVERY MALE WORKER and taken advantage of the aforementioned seventy-seven to eighty-eight cents-per-hour pay differential!!  What a contribution to those evil profits; at virtually no cost to those ubiquitous evil, rich white-guys!!
P.S.  Just one more point-to-ponder: 
Those ‘federal contractors….’ Do you know who they include?
Most federal military installations have those evil fast-food joints on base/post.  The staffs therein are ‘federal contractors….!!’  Not only did I arbitrarily cut military pay increases by 45%, I’ve now just increased the G.I.s’ cost of those evil “burgers’n’fries” exponentially!!
Have a good day all you military “guys’n’gals!”
Don’cha jis love yer Commander-in-chief, now?!?
Ya only got a’nuther two-ana-half years or so, to go!