“Clown Prince” obama’s March 22nd Weekly Blather
District of Corruption
March 22, 2014

    This week, I visited a community college in Florida, where I  spoke with students about what we need to do to make sure our economy rewards  the hard work of every American.  More specifically, I spoke about making sure our economy rewards the hard  work of women.  Today, women make up about half of our workforce, and more than half of our  college graduates.  More women are now their families’ main breadwinner than  ever before.  But in a lot of ways, our economy hasn’t caught up to this new reality yet.   On average, a woman still earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man does.  And  too many women face outdated workplace policies that hold them back – which in  turn holds back our families and our entire economy.  A woman deserves to earn equal pay for equal work, and paid leave that lets  you take a day off to care for a sick child or parent.  Congress needs to act on  these priorities.   And when women hold most lower-wage jobs in America, Congress needs to raise  the minimum wage.  Because no woman who works full-time should ever have to  raise her children in poverty.
    As with every one of my domestic trips, I’ve AGAIN mischaracterized this one as a ‘visit’ into the hinterlands wherein I can educate the drown-trodden masses as to how the Congress has mistreated them in every conceivable way; economically “kicked them in the ass!”  A ‘visit?’  No, a campaign stop.  See when you look at this get-together, it appears to the public as a campaign stop; thus I can never be held accountable for any- everything my Regime fucks-up…. I’m never in the District of Corruption, so how can I be seen as governing?!?  How can I be held accountable for all the lies~those I don’t actually verbalize-DAMN FEW~all the corruption, yes, even the deaths I’ve caused, if I’m not viewed as being in Washington?!?
    This week~rather than the usual race-baiting~I’m concentrating on the women of America; GENDER-baiting, if you will.  Nothing stirs up the obamacRATic base like a good fight!  If I can’t start a fight between the obamacRATics and the republicRATics, then the fight may well have to stay ‘in-house’ as women-against-men in the wage arena.  Now here’s a prime example where socio-fascism~my own brand of Alinskyism~doesn’t work:  Remember during my first immaculation, I wildly spent all that money the country didn’t/doesn’t have via TARP, via that PORKulus thingie?!?  All the on-going deficit spending since?!?  Well, now it’s “coming home to roost!”
More women are now their families’ main breadwinner than ever before.”  Have any idea why that is?  I’ll tell you why.  Remember when the conservatives~those Tea Party members~refused to believe that I had inherited this poor economy from that evil George Bush?  When they contended that the primary goal of my Regime was to destroy the American economy, they were only partially right!  You ladies wouldn’t have to be breadwinners if I had had the country’s best interests at heart rather than my agenda of advancing socio-fascism and the “one-world government” concept. 
    [Not that I’ll admit it, but] equality of OPPORTUNITY is far, FAR MORE IMPORTANT than wage/pay/income equality!!  See, each one of us (excepting me, of course), by virtue of being in the United States of America have said ‘equality of opportunity.’  Each one of you can become as great~or as mediocre~as your drive for success; as your drive for mediocrity demands.  This ‘drive-for-success’ will bring with it, the related success in pay/wage/income areas in direct correlation to the amount of drive expended!  The only “War-on-Women” is that propagated by the obamacRATic party in it’s drive for votes.  

    Now, the good news is that in the year since I first called on Congress to  raise the minimum wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs.  More  states, counties, and cities are working to raise their minimum wages as we  speak.  Small businesses like St. Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, are raising their  wages too – not out of charity, but because it’s good for business.  And by the  way, Pi makes a really good pizza.  And in this year of action, I signed an  executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage  of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour.  But if we’re truly going to reward the hard work of every American, Congress  needs to join the rest of the country and pass a bill that would lift the  federal minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour.  This wouldn’t just  raise wages for minimum wage workers – its effects would lift wages for nearly  28 million Americans across this country.  It will give businesses more  customers with more money to spend, and grow the economy for everybody.  So call  up your Member of Congress and let them know it’s time for “ten-ten.”  It’s time  to give America a raise.  A true opportunity agenda is one that works for working women. Because when  women succeed, America succeeds.  We do better when everyone participates, and  when everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead.  That’s what  opportunity means – and it’s why I’ll keep fighting to restore it.
    Have you heard more unmitigated bullshit than my
“…. it will give businesses more customers with more money to spend…” ?
This country prosperity depends on its’ small businesses.  The leading factor in profitability is labor costs.  Every time some government entity sticks it’s big nose in the workings of the private sector, it mucks up said workings!  The United States~since pre-revolutionary times~has worked quite well on the ‘free market’ economic principles.  Relative to pay and earnings, the ‘free market’ principles determine the value of each worker’s labor, his or her contribution to the finished product.  To have government~at any level~arbitrarily determine said value, the ‘free market,’ is no longer free.  As I said earlier on the labor costs, it is one of the first things eliminated/reduced during a downturn in the economy.  My “10-10” plan will do very little for the average worker; entry-level employment is just a rung on the economic ladder, NOT A CAREER!  Few~if any~minimum-wage workers stay at that level for more than a training period; they advance as they take advantage of OPPORTUNITIES afforded them by their training…. See how that works, folks?!?
    “….We do better when everyone participates….”
….but…. only participating in those areas most beneficial to me, your “Dear Leader,” and any future socio-fascist cabals/regimes.  Like voting for the one who assures your “sitting on your dead-ass” while someone else provides the financial wherewithal for that to happen!!  With my rampant application of socio-fascist policies and programs, I’ve assured the ‘takers’ in American society they have my undying support, thus will never have to work another day in their lives.  Another assurance is said welfareRATs will start/continue to vote obamacRATic!  This is absolutely necessary~along with gun confiscation; gun control~in turning this country from the representative republic as it began, to a socio-fascist, third-world RAThole!!
[That’s all I got!]