As Hillary Casts About For Legacy Fodder…
Many obamacRATic types in the media have been questioning [FINALLY!] what might be Hillary Clinton‘s legacy.  Checking various media outlets, one finds that Mrs Clinton is having trouble developing ANY text of the aforementioned legacy.  Given that Ms Rob’em Clinton has routinely stated before Congress: “I don’t remember, I have no recollection” and “I don’t recall,” fifty-six times under oath.  I thought~with any volunteer help YOU might add~I might help the ‘Ready-for-Hillary’ crowd in her resume’ development.  Some several items I’ve found:
1.  Prior to 1968 you were a republicRAT.  After seeing the partisan graft and legislative financial gains available, you changed your affiliation to DemocRATic [currently: obamacRatic] Party.
2.  As a member of the 1974 [President Nixon] impeachment inquiry staff, YOU WERE FIRED for outright lies, falsifying evidence.
3.  After the Nixon resignation you hired on as a lecturer at the University of Arkansas Law School and Feed Mill [a lil’ (*) humor, there!].
4.  During “the Arkansas years,” you:
a)  …as “Slick-WillieClinton‘s wife, had intimate knowledge of “where the bodies are buried (LITERALLY)” at the Mena Airport in western Arkansas.
b)  …after failing the D.C. bar exam, you finally passed the Arkansas exam [1974-75].
c)  …joined the Rose Law Firm [1977], an organization steeped in the Arkansas traditions of political influence and corruption.  During this period, you developed theories to usurp traditional parental authority, allow children to file frivolous lawsuits against their parents.  You became a Rose full partner in 1979.
d)  …became FLARK (first lady of Arkansas) [1979-81; 1983-92]; exerted much socio-fascist influence over “Slick-Willie‘s” cabinet, judiciary appointments.
e)  …in 1978-79, became the beneficiary of a “cattle-futures” scam [$1,000=$100,000 in just one year!] with having absolutely no knowledge of options trading.
f)  …in the same time period you and “SlickWillie“~with Jim and Susan McDougal~began the Whitewater Development Corp pyramid scheme which later~with your monumental lies and cover-ups~evolved into “WhitewaterGate.”
5.  During the “Slick-Willie” presidential years [1992-2001] you:
a)  …took control of the forerunner of the currently failing/failed obamaKare, aptly named HillaryKare.  With knowledge gained in your previous pyramid schemes, you made this ‘medical-mistake’ in your image, the greatest pyramid scheme since Social Security.  Said fiasco cost the American taxpayer $13,000,000 in wasted funds.
Note: the next election saw the democRATics lose control of both the House and Senate, primarily due to Hillary’s meddling as an unelected co-ruler.
b)  …managed the several “bimbo eruptions” made necessary by “Slick-Willie‘s” dalliances, to wit [admitted to, or denied by ‘Slick-Willie‘]:
1.  Gennifer Flowers, 1992 (admitted);
2.  Paula Jones, 1998 (denied but bought her off with an out-of-court settlement of $850,000);
3.  Kathleen Willey, 1993 (denied, as yet undetermined);
4.  Monica Lewinsky, 1998 (admitted);
5.  Juanita Broaddrick, 1978-80 (denied, as yet undetermined);
6.  Elizabeth Ward Gracen, 1982 (denied, as yet undetermined);
7.  Dolly Kyle Browning, ongoing-intermittent 1974-1992 (denied, as yet undetermined).
c)  …upon hijacking the nomination process, made the following suggestions [mostly failed] for the noted posts in the “Slick-Willie” Regime:
1.  Zoe Baird-Attorney General [Failed];
2.  Kimba Wood-Attorney General [Failed];
3.  Janet Reno-Attorney General [Appointed].  “Slick-Willie” later admitted this was ‘my worst mistake’;
4.  Lani Guanier-Head, Civil Rights Commission [Withdrawn due to Ms Guanier‘s radical views];
5.  Web Hubbell (Rose Law cohort)-Justice Department [later jailed for actions at Justice];
6.  Vince Foster (Rose Law cohort)-White House staff [later murdered {suicide?}];
7.  William Kennedy (Rose Law cohort)-Treasury Department [later forced to resign for actions at Treasury];
8.  Craig Livingstone (close Clinton friend)-Director, White House Security.  Later he~illegally~accessed over 900 FBI files on Clinton ‘enemies‘ which evolved into “FileGate.”  Later proven to be involved in extensive drug use/procurement in the White House.  Both “Slick” and Hillary later denied ever knowing Livingstone. The aforementioned Clinton goings-on induced the FBI to close its White House Liaison Office after seven presidents over thirty years;
d)  …forced the firing of the entire White Travel Office staff to make room for the Clinton friends, Harry and Linda (Bloodworth) Thomason. Potentially, the Thomasons could reap MILLIONS in travel bookings.  The firing~allegedly due to ‘gross mismanagement~destroyed each staffer’s reputation beyond repair.  The resulting thirty-month investigation evolved into “TravelGate.” Billy Dale was the only one charged, later acquitted by jury in less than two hours;
e)  …refused to release Whitewater (Development Corp scandal) documents which led to Special Prosecutor Ken Starr; which led to $80,000,000 American taxpayer funds wasted; which led to “Slick-Willie” permanently losing his law license for lying to the Grand Jury; which led to Monica Lewinsky; which led to the cum stain on the blue dress; which led to “Slick-Willie‘s” impeachment by the House; which led to a Senate acquittal;
f)  …after leaving the White House, you were forced to return $200,000 in stolen artwork, furniture and china.
6.  During your ‘Junior-Senator-from-New-York‘ years, you
a)  …played the “woman-card” during the campaign against republicRATic opponent Rick Lazio, calling him a bully;
b)  …had “Slick-Willie” exert undue influence on The National Archives to withhold many White House documents of the Clinton years~from public view~until 2012, keeping your correspondence, calendars, etc.,~thus your schemes and added scandals~private;
c)  …authored no substantive legislation, preferring to play “The Invisible Senator” to “Chuckie-CheeseSchumer~The Putz of Park Avenue‘s~bombastic ‘socio-fascist blather in search of a camera;’
d)  …did initially support President George W. Bush‘s Iraqi war~the single positive on your resume~but later flipped when it was no longer ‘politically-correct.’
7. Your “most-travelled, less-than-effective” years as Secretary of State, you…
a)  …required “Clown Princeobama pay off your 2008 presidential campaign debt, in the $20-25 Million range;
b)  …and federal regulations required a “Saxby Fix” before you could even be considered for the post;
c)  …were duplicitous~aiding “Clown Princeobama~in subverting the 2012 presidential elections with many other obama Regime dupes;
d)  …blatantly lied about an attack on your helicopter on a Bosnia visit~that bullshit about your chopper landing ‘under sniper fire,’ quote:“There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”~a complete self-aggrandizing fabrication of the facts;
e)  …continued to keep the “Clinton Legacy” alive with the numerous and blatant lies both you and “Slick-Willie” are famous for~with respect to the Benghazi Murders~to wit:
1.  you refused the Ambassador Chris Stevens request for structure ‘hardening’ and added security for the Benghazi facility;
2.  Amb. Chris Stevens was sent to the Benghazi facility so you~YOU~could announce said facility had become permanent;
3.  You and your boss~Clown Prince” obama~FALSELY promoted the ‘anti-muslim video’ narrative for the primary purpose of swaying public opinion on the eve of the 2012 Ruler elections;
4.  On May 8, 2013, it was reported (Katie Pavlich-Town Hall) that Greg Hicks ‘outed’ you on your gross lie of a protest, which he corrected to AN ATTACK on the Benghazi Consulate;
5.  Pat Smith (mother, Sean Smith) contends YOU, “Clown Princeobama, “PlugBiden, Leon Panetta, ‘LilSuzie Rice among many others, have continued to lie to her about details of her son’s death.
Really, REALLY… I actually tried to find positive items to include in this Hillary Resume‘ but alas, the negatives far outweigh any positives I might have found.  I’m amazed the supporters don’t consider anything more than Mrs Clinton‘s gender and socio-fascist bent in promoting her as “the third coming” after “Clown Princeobama, his-own-self!! If you like your president (the “Clown Prince“) then you can keep your president (in Hillary Rob’em Clinton)!!
That’s all I got.
Til Nex’Time….
Justin Case
*Rush Limbaugh has often referred to the Clinton Presidential Library as “The Clinton ‘LieBarry’ and Massage Parlor.”
Reference ‘Lie-Barry:’